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  1. If I buy some flavoring (like you make a DIY juice.) and mix it up how much would/should I put in it? I have no other flavors at the moment sadly.
  2. I'm using an unknown mech cylinder mod with an RDA with 4 wrap 22gauge. I have been getting enormous flavors off my mod and I wonder if they didn't put enough flavor in it. Is there a possible way to bring out the flavor?
  3. I just ordered from juishy e liquids and accidentally got 70pg/30vg and I heard pg is supposed to give more flavor. But sadly I'm not getting anything. Can someone tell me if its just me or the juice?
  4. I recently found Vape Craft and I am wondering if they do the steeping and if the juice is worth the money. What juices are worth trying?
  5. Thank you Tam. To be honest I thought this was only a place to ask questions and stuff. Never knew they had a Store. Thanks!!
  6. I have a friend that has the Sigelei Fuchai 213 with the TFV8 and it works like a dream. My problem is I have looked everywhere for it lower than 80 but i can't find one. Any suggestions?
  7. Trying to find me a good and dependable 200 watt mod. i am trying to step up from my 150. Hoping the price range could be between $50-80. Any suggestions? max dollar is $100. Must be very reliable. Thank you.
  8. I have a few Mech mods. So how would i be able to tell what ohms would work on them?
  9. Hey Vapors, since i know i will be doing this for a long time i want to learn how to Build my own coils. I would like to know what Gauges are and how you can tell the difference and what tools are needed for making these coils. I know some about how many wraps it can have and i know a little about ohms. I also know that Kanthal is the way to go (or from what i always hear). Some tips and pointers would be great!! Thanks for your time!
  10. Right now I have a Three post but i have used 2, 3, and 4 post. Pretty soon I'm going to try and Start making my own builds (coils). Thank you again Adversarious1!!
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