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  1. @Earthling789 thank you! I luckily have enough for the rest of my trip, but they have some great deals at a local shop. I figured I couldn't because I imagine it goes for anyone, but it was worth a shot. I found out it actually isn't all of MO either - just some of the cities and unfortunately the one I'm in has the 21+.
  2. @BirdDog I've been in plenty of vape shops before so I know they ask for ID. I usually don't buy online since I have many shops around me that carry what I desire. I still might give it a shot, since the law in the city I'm in might just be for residents here and not in other states. I probably can't, but it doesn't hurt to ask them since I have proof on my ID of residency in a state where selling tobacco is 18 and up.
  3. I was wondering if I would be able to purchase vape gear and e-liquids with 0mg nicotine in a state that has a different age restriction than the one I am a resident of. I live in a state where you can be 18 to purchase tobacco products and vaporizers, but in the state I'm visiting the age is 21 and I'm not yet. I'm sure I can't, but since I'm not a resident of Missouri, would I be able to purchase anything? Slightly dumb question, but this is my first encounter with a different age law.
  4. @Bebop thank you! I don't blow clouds in public anyway, and the airport I'm flying out of luckily allows vaping in all terminals when I checked earlier. I don't know about the other ones, but I'm hoping they do too. @Tam thanks for the advice! I checked with where I'm flying out of so far, and they allow vaping in all terminals. I usually don't blow clouds in public, I try not to bug anyone with it or make it noticeable. @BirdDog thank you! I'll have to check out their guidelines. I didn't think it would be a problem, and I'm glad to hear it isn't. TSA is a ***** at my airport so I hope they won't stop me just for the hell of it. It's happened before because I have metal rods drilled into my entire spine and the person had some weird thing against me being disabled.
  5. I'm flying in less then a month, and I was wondering how flying with vape gear goes. I know you can't bring the battery in your checked bag, but a friend told me that you have to bring everything in your carry on now (as of 2015), which I was planning on doing anyway. I'm assuming you have to take the vape apart during the TSA security check. I already know any liquids I bring has to be under 100ml, and I'm only bring three or four 15ml bottles (one 150mg CBD and two or three flavors) so I'm not too worried. Has your gear ever been confiscated? Can you vape in the airport (I'm aware you can't once on the plane)? I've got medical conditions the CBD helps so I wanted to vape while I'm waiting to board. Any other advice on flying with gear?
  6. @Compenstine that's what I was thinking, although they vape too. I've been vaping CBD oil for my medical conditions. It's a legal alternative to medical marijuana, which is $1000 a month where I live. So far it's the only thing that helps
  7. @Bebop @Earthling789 thank you! I figured it was BS but I still wanted to make sure. I know of some high quality e-juices sold at a few shops close to me and I trust that there is no nicotine in there.
  8. It may seem like an obvious answer but quite a few of my friends that also vape had told me that the majority of 0mg e-juice has 1% nicotine, even though it is not on the label. I vape CBD oil and was looking to mix it with some flavors. I don't smoke so I would never switch to one that was not considered "0mg". I was wondering what your opinion is on this, or if you know if the 0mg has a small percentage of nicotine.
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