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A KPT2 with extras to TWO lucky people!


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I've been thinning out my KPT2 "collection", six already gone, and I have two left that need a new home.

So, to make it simple... anyone that wants a chance to win, just reply to this post and you'll be entered for a chance! I'll pull two random numbers which will relate to the post you make. It's that simple... :)

Please, no comments or discussion, as that will NOT earn you extra chances to win :) If you have a question, PM me...

Contest will end on Sunday, March 1st... sometime after Noon EST, so everyone will have a chance to enter if they want one. For those of you who would rather have a chance at a Nautilus... stick around... one of those (with coils) will be given away very soon... I want to at least finish out the coil I just put in it :)

The prizes are a KPT2 in near-new condition, one Air-flow-control base, and 7 coils, per winner.... $25+ value at any B&M!

Yes, they will be shipped at no cost to you!

The first winner will have choice of coil resistance for the box of coils (2.2, 1.8, or 1.5), and second winner will have choice of the remainder, unless you want 1.5 Ohm, too, as I have plenty of those.


Good Luck to all! :D

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Okay... I gave an extra hour, but now it's time to draw :)

There are 14 entrants, and you are listed below with your order of entry. Two random drawings (screenshots attached), and two winners. Both will be notified by PM, and the First winner will receive first choice in coil resistance. Let the random numbers generate!


1 Rixter

2 Jeffb

3 shen_long86

4 TugBoat Winner # 2

5 raiderep

6 aufin

7 Mirage

8 gag8tor

9 cany Winner # 1

10 daveo

11 DarellC

12 Eaglewtchr

13 GeorgeF

14 jgross

Congrats to the winners! I'll be contacting you shortly to obtain your address and coil preferences!

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