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  1. Get a flipping ohm meter!!! There cheep!!! Welcome to the forum BTW...lol Oh, and good battery's!!! Jesus mister preacher man let's not forget the battery's!!! Good ones!!!
  2. Welcome... Search this site. There is a online store right here.
  3. Lmao, I go thru 4 vtc4's every day. I guess I'm in the issue club myself...
  4. It happened to me in mobil about 30 minutes ago. I felt someone was working on something so I went and got food!!! Working fine on this end now...
  5. Perfectly fine to use in a mech. it's all I use...
  6. Mirage


    Your build and airflow will determine the clouds imo
  7. Yep, 5 cents per ml started June 1st here.
  8. Is that smpl mod a hybrid? If it is, never put a tank on it...BOOM
  9. Damn Jason, that sounds good!!! Like, really good!!! It's 7:40am, I'm laying here in bed, watching GMA, and now wanting to get up and start cooking all the stuff everyone posted from this past weekend...lol
  10. My weekend was wonderful. But, if you keep posting those pictures of the boat, fishing, cooking, food/drink!!! Nevermind, I'm not gonna say it. Just remember, I'm only 1 1/2 hours away from you...lmao
  11. There's sure as HELL nothing wrong with it. A little large, but if you can deal with that, go for it.
  12. I'm with Gag8tor. If I can't rebuild it, I ain't buying it...
  13. What Earth said... Think of it this way. We spend stupid amounts of money on mods, tanks, rda's and juice. (All that nice looking crap.) The bottom line is the damn batterys. Buy the best batterys and chargers out there. Without power, all that cool/neat looking stuff is nothing more than flushing your money down the flipping toilet. Sorry for the slight rant. I guess I harp over battery safety a little to much.
  14. I'm just gonna sit over here in the corner and keep my mouth shut. Lmao at Tug...
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