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    spydre reacted to Tam in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    I don't know why it didn't occur to me to change the coil on the first one when it wasn't producing any flavor. Both of the stock coils that came inside the Davides were misses. Now I know to change the coil at the first hint of trouble. The jury's still out on these but so far so good. Now, I must get some more coils...
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    Being hard headed and not one to give up easily I decided to try the second Davide Mini to see if that would work better than the first one.

    The coil was DOA.

    No matter what I did it wouldn't fire. Replaced the coil and...wow! So this is what you guys have been talking about. I think the first one had a bad coil in it as well because once I switched it out the thing works fine and I can taste the juice inside. Better than "fine" in fact. I did have to tape one of the holes on the second one but I can live with that.

    The coil that was DOA is getting discected this weekend to find out what went wrong. I may have to try to see if I can rebuild the coil and wick.
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    spydre reacted to Christie in Pay It Forward Thread   
    And as the mother of 17 year old - knowing you wont be sending juice to a random 15 year old would be good too .
    and judging buy the avatar ,Im not convinced .
    fax me your DL kiddo.
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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    Switch is complete! My Red Hots and Fire and Ice from VapeDudes shipped today too!

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    spydre reacted to wizard46304 in **August Contest** FREE E-CAB KIT   
    I'm entered, and may I add that I never win anything! I can't even get one single number when I play powerball.
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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in KangerTech T3S   
    Here is the best price on them I have found. Minis like I got have Ego connection and hold 2ml but there are longer tubes being released to increase capacity. The full size is 3ml with a 510 connection like a KPT.


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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in KangerTech T3S   
    From other people I have talked to the T3S is quite a step up from the Evod but I am not a good resource because I have never used an Evod. I think the capacity is more. When all I used were the T3S I would always have 3 filled in my case and would use them pretty evenly and I could go 3 days between fillups.
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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in let's see your stockpile of juices   
    They were when I took the picture. All but the bubblegums were disgusting lol. They tasted like what they said, I just am so picky when it comes to liquids. I like pure flavors I guess and nothing desserty or too sweet.
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    spydre reacted to Christie in Variable voltage   
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    spydre reacted to Aquatroy in Variable voltage   
    Have a tesla as my daily driver, it has worked for me, but has its shortcomings like all APV's. Thats why mine are female lol! Tessie refuses a few apps without an adapter. And raises a few eyebrows and questions in public

    The best bell is battery indicators, ego batts drive me nuts cuz ya never know batt life, different sizes and ages make them all hard to judge..
    What did ya think of the star wars saber carter?
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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    I like these so much I ordered 4 more. Yep, I am switching to all glass. Its just better imo, and these are affordable

    4 x AnyVape Davide Mini Glassomizer 2 x Drip Tip - 510 - Ribbon - Green 2 x Drip Tip - 510 - Ribbon - Red
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    spydre reacted to Christie in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    None like the present!

    Im not drunken ....just a klutz! my husband calls me mrs magoo! but Ill keep using them I really like them!
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    spydre reacted to Love2VapeDaily in Couple of questions   
    pg is the flavor but vg is sweeter. usually i do mouth hits unless im using juice thats is more vg. i have a few that are 95%vg and those i lung hit like i did stinkies. the dripping nose is from the water in the vapor. wonder if that helps with a stuffy nose to exhale through the nose and then you can blow it out. most of the time i exhale through my mouth.
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    spydre reacted to Christie in Couple of questions   
    ok- You sound like me
    I cannot inhale into my lungs at all -and I cannot exhale through my nose It makes me sneeze and my eyes water and I do not like that lol I inhale hold it in my mouth till im done with my drag then take it slowly into my lungs and exhale through my mouth.
    secondly I definitely do vape more thank I smoked .and I have ptsd and anxiety. thats why I work with dogs not people lol .I buy my nic levels right at around 11 mgs and I have some 6's . anything more than that and its too much for me . because I do like to vape more Id rather go down in my nic than vape a higher level and vape less thats just me . my friend likes to vape higher nic less often .
    I got some levels that were too high for me I got some glyerine from cvs and diluted it a little I also got some loranne flavor from wal mart and added a few drops to my cherry flavor and omg so yummy I diluted 1 part vg to 3 parts e liquid. worked for me .
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    spydre reacted to Bebop in taste buds   
    I recently got hooked on a juice from a local vendor that was essentially a cinnamon roll flavor. Big and powerful I vaped that sucker all week. Strangely, it started loosing flavor. I literally went went taste numb! I would switch flavors and nothing for like 2 days. Everything I had tasted flavorless. I took breaks, and drank a lot of water ( i forget that sometimes) seems back to normal now
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    spydre reacted to Love2VapeDaily in Have you noticed?   
    never tried that, but i have the same problem.
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    spydre got a reaction from Love2VapeDaily in Have you noticed?   
    Have you noticed there are just some patterns of flavors you can't go from one to the other - you have to have something more middle ground in between?

    For example, I was vaping my french vanilla tobacco, which is actually pretty rich, earlier today, for most of the afternoon and evening. I tried to switch to my milk chocolate, which isn't a tobacco flavor, isn't as rich, but is much sweeter, and I couldn't do it. I ended up switching to my 618 blend for a while. After vaping the 618 for a while, then I was able to make the switch to the milk chocolate.

    I think this explains why some days/nights I can't find a flavor that sits right with me after switching flavors. I guess I try to go from one extreme end of the spectrum to another, and end up dissatisfied for a while - but at least while that's happening I'm hitting it less. I'm starting to get worried that I'm hitting it too often. Not having the side effects that smoking too much would give me, but used to be, hubby and I would smoke at the same time, and my anxiety and pain issues, if I was by myself, and was having those issues, if they were there, I would smoke - too much. Well, I've always been the heaviest smoker, at least the last several years. But that's soooo off topic.
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    spydre reacted to kerk in Theres just something about...   
    Off topic, but you do realize, if a newbie reads that post, their head may explode?

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    spydre reacted to Tam in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    Next time, with him nearby to help if needed, you might give it a try. That way, in case something happens and you need to open it up and he's not around...
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    Just a thought because I don't know how severe your disability is, but have you tried wrapping a rubber band around the part you want to unscrew? That might help give you some grip on the right part. I've worked with students with disabilities for years and we've found that rubber band trick useful for all sorts of gripping things. Large, wide rubber bands work great for getting jars open.
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Davide Glassomizer and Mini Davide by Anyvape on sale now   
    Ha! Who rocks harder???

    Thanks for the heads up on Discount Vapers. Darn, should've waited a day or three. Just made a large-ish order with them a couple of days ago. Okay, I have a couple on their way.
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    spydre reacted to Uma in Couple sues over exploding battery   
    vapcigs ? Never heard of em before.
    Why didn't they research before buying? Impulsive purchase? Get it while they're thinking about trying it?
    If it's a knock off, I hope they go out of business. If it's actually good quality, I wish them the best.
    Chargers should have built in overcharging protection.
    So should the eCigs.

    That's one of the things I love about the Provari. Not only does the Provari have tons of built in protection, so does the battery charger I use, the iCore intelli-charger v2. The iCore charger is great for all my IMR batteries for all my Mods.
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    spydre reacted to kitsune in Another fledgling in the vaping world.   
    Never feel about having to smoke. Once you get your kit straightened out, smoking will be in the past. Many people smoke during the transition. the less pressure you put on your self the better.
    as you noticed, smoking doesn't taste the same after vaping....soon enough you won't be able to stand the taste of smoking.

    You will get it all worked out.
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