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    spydre got a reaction from Christopher in FDA Deeming Regulation - What we know so far   
    Chris, I'm sorry, I'm late coming to the forums on this, and I couldn't find the information myself, and only going by what my sister told me that she claimed her new BFF, the owners of "the third largest wholesaler in the nation", that started out as a B&M just two months before we started vaping....anyway, is it true that a) all juice has to be manufactured in labs once this goes into effect,  b ) we won't be able to mix our own, so would nic be taken off the market?.
    Crap.  We had JUST gotten to where I had two flavors that I can vape and still usually taste, even with my neurological tasting damage, and the B&M read the writing on the wall that people were finding it more affordable to mix their own, so they were selling bottles of just the flavoring that you add your own PG/VG/NIC to (so just the flavoring base with nothing else), and we have been mixing it to the strength we want it.  I mean, if they are still allowed to do that, but nic is off the market, we could do it with 0 nic - my mod has become a pacifier as much a nic delivery device, anyway.  But if they aren't going to be able to do that, I don't know what we are going to do.  Probably have to quit when the "ungrandfathered" products have to be taken off the shelves - I can't imagine how much prices are going to shoot up at places that have the facilities and that will be working through this, and we just can't afford it right now, or next year, I guess. I'm sorry, I didn't read the thread, but I'd like hear if anyone knows anything about this.
    EDIT:  Sorry for the ramble.  My brain isn't exactly "on" tonight, and hasn't been the last several days, so this is what you get.
    Comp, I'm so tired of the "e-cig battery exploded" stories.  Nine times out of ten, including on airlines, they are being misused, or shorting the stupid batteries out causing the fires, or leaking juice into the mod, again, causing fires, etc.  Cell phone batteries catch fire more than e-cig batteries, but no one yells about those, right?
    EDIT:  GAH, automatically merging replies in this case probably isn't a good thing - one is the whole deeming thing, the other is exploding batteries.  Who's going to read through my rambling deeming section to get to my response to Comp?  LOL.  Sorry for the 
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    spydre got a reaction from texassmokes in This is insane   
    A family member (a former smoker who quit at least 21 years ago, never tried vaping) took a cousin into a local vape shop (the only time he's gone into a vape shop, ever, the family member, not the cousin), and he was definitely NOT HAPPY. The same shop I was talking about in my previous post. There were a couple of cloud chasers sitting on the couch watching TV just hanging out, and he said it was ridiculous. He's seen us vape, of course, over the last year and a half, and knows that it's not what we do, but it annoyed him that some people were purposely doing that.

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    spydre got a reaction from texassmokes in This is insane   
    I'm not fond of big clouds, but sub ohming can produce it. That said, my SO, I believe sub-ohms, but doesn't cloud chase on purpose, unless he's doing it right next to my head on purpose to annoy me. Nothing I hate worse than going into a vape shop that doubles as a vape lounge and there is as much vapor hanging in the air from the two dudes sitting on the couch watching TV as you would get in a bar on a Saturday night when smoking was still allowed in bars.
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    spydre got a reaction from texassmokes in This is insane   
    Just wondering. Granted, I've heard from, well, everywhere, not to trust Ultrafire, and even Trustfire are so-so, I believe, is what I heard. But the fact that this came off E-bay, and had another label UNDER the brand label could be an example of someone selling bad crap on E-Bay. We've seen how they've essentially sold batteries with very little voltage, or rather, very little capacity, wrapped in a brand name wrapping, selling it as a normal battery that we might use (I think this e-bay seller was using a Sony cover for the battery on the video I've seen).
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    spydre got a reaction from Compenstine in FDA Sponsored Poll Results   
    Okay, I'll give you that - keeping it away from children and pets - because if it's not marked on there explicitly and somehow some person in this country is vaping and doesn't know that nicotine DOES have a toxicity threshold, they'll be screaming they didn't know if their kid or their dog get a hold of it and get seriously ill or die, they'll be all over their local news talking about how no one warns you about things like this, and there will be a lawsuit - which is an expensive way to get a warning sticker slapped on something.  Every item you buy that has a common sense warning label on it is because someone DIDN'T have common sense, and took a company to court because they didn't "warn stupid people" - except for the companies that warn the stupid people (don't put a metal ladder up against a power line!) not to do stupid things (caution, surface will be hot!).
    I'm sorry, I'm totally flipped out about the completely litigious society right now (yes, I used to be a legal secretary, but I moved out of personal injury - the worst of litigation - and was in the legal aid sector; okay, worker's comp is monetary litigation, but I believe in that - I saw workers' comp defense attorneys arguing over freaking $500 in a settlement of a claim, really, $500?).  Read an article about an aunt suing her 12 year old nephew because when he was 8 he went to greet her and jumped up for her to catch him in a hug and he knocked her down and broke her wrist.  Really, our courts are being used for that?
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    spydre reacted to Bebop in New age vaping   
    I call BS
    No specifics all marketing hype. No information. This is aimed at the most gullible market and I will hold that position until I see facts, not red bull marketing BS.
    Sorry. The bop has spoken!    😛
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    spydre reacted to bcartervol98 in Eleaf Istick 50W and What Happened   
    My wife and I have 4 and no issues at all but I did kill one when I jumped in the lake with it in a lanyard and when I fired it the power stuck at 50w and would not turn off. That one sleeps with the fishes.
    I clean my connection at every tank refill and make sure it stays as dry as possible. Like any electronic devise moisture is the enemy.
    Now back no Knocked Up and sleep lol

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    spydre reacted to Jeffb in Vaping Voltage Charts   
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Vaping Voltage Charts   
    My lings are slow to heat up sometimes but they never burn. 
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    spydre reacted to Tam in Vaping Voltage Charts   
    Doing this "little chart" involves too many variables that you'll either wind up with so many multiple charts in order to take in each variable or you wind up with one huge chart that will be so difficult to understand that noobs won't use it. If you're doing multiple charts and want it to be accurate, you'll need one for each change in coils, resistance, battery type, tank, juice (each little change in PG/VG ratio will require a whole new chart), etc. That's the only way you'll come out to being close to accurate. Even then, it's no guarantee.
    I'm not being facetious when I suggest starting low and turning it up until you get the slight burnt taste then turn it down. That's how most of us find the optimal vaping spot for that juice, tank, battery. By "slight" I don't mean to keep turning it up until it burns up the wick or blows up in your face (your car crash scenario), just until you barely notice a burnt flavor or get a harsh vape. It's the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to dial in your sweet spot without having to resort to inaccurate charts and take the chance of burning up your wick by starting too high in power.
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    spydre reacted to Compenstine in Vaping Voltage Charts   
    Most of these carts are out dated and have very little meaning with equipment used today. What Tam said is true and is the fastest way to find that sweat spot for any equipment you may own.
    As far as your comment on suppliers I find it ludicrous and inflammatory.
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    spydre got a reaction from jonnoh in How Long Were You A Smoker Before Vaping   
    Rixter, other than first two slip ups within my first, heck, less than a month of vaping, I've had an actual hard to get over craving ONCE. That Thanksgiving, we were at my sister's, and darn near everyone was smoking except my mother and my brother and his family. The smell hit me, and I wanted one. I mean, it hit me hard that I wanted one.

    Occasionally, through the last year and a half, I'll just out of the blue want a cigarette, but it's not a nicotine craving, it's more of a mental thing.
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    spydre reacted to cany in Throat burning & tightness of chest from e liquid   
    ​Really I was just the opposite
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    spydre reacted to Earthling789 in Vaping is water vapor?   
    In essence, YES, it is water vapor. The PG and Nicotine are rapidly absorbed by the body, and on the exhale, trace (but measurable) amounts of Glycerine are found, but mostly it is water.

    There is an older study (which was quite conclusive on these findings), which found the exhale to be mostly water, with trace amounts of Glycerine, extremely low traces of nicotine (1/35th the level of passive second-hand smoke of a traditional cigarette), and zero findings of toxic or carcinogenic substances.

    Also notable in the study:

    No glycerine was detected in air during cigarette smoking. On the other hand,72μg/m3 were detected during e-smoking. This amount is much lower than the threshold safety imit (TWA-TLV10mg/m3)and much lower than
    the threshold for moderate risk. However, it’s important to note that acrolein, a molecule formed by dehydration of glycerine due to high temperatures, was present in the air of the room during cigarette smoking test (20μg/m3). In fact, it is well known that glycerine is often added to moisten tobacco. During combustion glycerine is transformed into acrolein. The fact that no combustion is involved when using e-cigarettes probably plays a fundamental role in the absence of acrolein from indoor air during their use. As everyone knows, acrolein is a very toxic and irritating substance. Moreover it is currently suspected of having a fundamental role in the carcinogenic process.
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    spydre got a reaction from T-Bone in Probably VERY Stupid...   
    I started off by getting different colored glass - and of course, keeping a list. But they only have so many colors of glass, and my blue glass broke, and I had to replace it with clear glass, plus I had a couple other clear glass KPT2s as well. I haven't gotten around to cleaning out all my different colored tanks, and putting each of the three juices in different tanks - but I also have about 4, I think, different drip tips that I had ordered. Well, I think that's down to three now, because oddly enough, at Wal-Mart, got out of the car, took my Zmax out of my purse to take a hit on the way to the store, and the stupid drip tip came off (one of my favorites) and rolled who the heck knows.

    Anyway, I had one of those very same mix ups happen to me today. Or maybe it was last night. I've been having trouble tasting one of my juices, for days and days and days it tasted burned, it was horrid, and since I am ALMOST out of Cactus Juice (maybe 5 mls left, that won't last a day) and I'm waiting on my order, I was looking to see if still had anything in tanks that I could stand to vape anymore. Well, the drip tips on the Cactus Juice tank and the Smurfs Blood tank got mixed up. I KNOW that when I washed out the smurfs blood tank and refilled it last night it had the stainless steel looking drip tip on it, and the grey drip tip was on the Cactus Juice. I didn't notice until today that the drip tips got switched when I was messing around last night - and my taste buds are so messed up right now, I ALMOST couldn't tell the difference. I had to open up each tank, get a good whiff of the juice in the tank, and then put a drop of juice on my finger and see which one it smelled like. Looking at the color of the juice wouldn't help me either, because the juices are ALMOST the same color.

    Did I mention I have a running list? I had so many tanks going at one time, I had to. But right now, the list is just grey drip tip - Smurfs Blood; Stainless drip tip, Cactus Juice; Davide, Honey Wood; Kayfun 3.1, Cactus Juice.
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    spydre reacted to cjbritton in Study done shows using an e-cig with juice can damage healthy cells   
    Oftentimes what is reported in the media about a scientific study doesn't accurately represent what the data truly showed. It definitely didn't talk about the details of the methodology nor give the raw data collected. Just the fact that correlation vs causation has become so muddied that the average person easily mistakes the very important difference between the two, is significant. So all scientific studies should be looked at with a skeptics eye.

    Having said that, it's my hope that if science does highlight risks related to calling that it may also lead to ways of mitigating that risk, making what we feel is a reasonable risk even smaller.
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    spydre reacted to Jeffb in What about my teeth?   
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    spydre reacted to Earthling789 in What about my teeth?   
    Wow, I've heard some strange things in my time on this planet... but that one is pretty far out there.

    Propylene Glycol is in toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. etc. etc....
    Vegetable Glycerine is a natural sweetener, found in thousands of foods we eat every day....

    But just remember... water is the leading cause of drowning... and 100% of all deaths occur right here on Earth, because living is the #1 cause of death
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    spydre reacted to Bebop in What about my teeth?   
    I may have been to hasty in my reply.

    The correct answer is yes, it will rot your teeth but it will take 147 years.
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    spydre reacted to jasonculp in What about my teeth?   
    I have heard this and many other misconceptions about vaping. The niece that got me started...quit vaping and went back to smoking because vaping causes cancer.... (she is not too smart and neither are her friends)

    I am pretty sure that vaping will cause your babies to be born naked though, sorry.
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    spydre reacted to WillBlack in Chrome problems   

    For one Chrome's spell checker puts all others to shame. It doesn't just check individual words, it checks them in context, e.g. there vs. their, where vs. were vs. ware etc. I can also easily keep track of my 2 separate Google Voice accounts/phone numbers from my main account. And the fast voice search works well.

    Don't need you to tell me which browser I should use. No is this forum area meant for your browser, fanboi insights.
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    spydre reacted to Earthling789 in VTR Power Consumption ?   
    I rarely turn off any of my eGo's, MVP, iSticks, IPV, etc., unless I'm traveling with them and fear buttons may be pressed in transit (like if in my pocket).... I'm sure there is some type of minimal drain on the APVs (due to circuitry), but it is negligible in the grand scheme of things.
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    spydre reacted to fishguy1123 in 2 day old EMOW battery failure   
    Sorry to hear this happened right out of the gate for your daughter. It's good to see you and her haven't given up over it. These things can/do happen sometimes. As you mentioned, having a back up or even more than one is important to have to keep things on the right track. Doesn't mean it has to be expensive, just something to get her by until she can get another to replace what she likes.
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    spydre reacted to Compenstine in MVP won't charge   
    if you have a spare wall wort try that then a different cable and or outlet. If neither of those work it may be the charging chip inside or battery.
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