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This is insane

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I'm going to sticky this topic with a title change because as has already been said, battery safety is a serious issue. One I think some of the newcomers don't take seriously enough. Great video.

I couldnt agree more with this Chris. It is a disturbing trend to see some of the questions that are asked. I do not chime in because I have vaped for about a year and a half now and never even considered anything I have to build or rebuild because its not in my forte' of skills lol. It really should be an activity practiced by the top few % of vapers that have an honest and true understanding of it.

Like I have said many times, the misuse of Mechs and batteries by noobs not ready for advanced PVs are in my opinion the single biggest threat to the future legality of vaping.

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It is not unlike the Government to think they are protecting everyone from the ignorance of the few. A good example are Fireworks, also became heavily regulated and just plain banned in some states.

That was also due to a lot of really BAD fireworks as well though, LOL. Can't count how many rockets have ended up in the field because they couldn't get 10 feet into the air!

Never the less, good point.

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The only reports I have seen about Texas are a some eGo's that blew when charging. Most were people charging them to long or not using the charger that came with the battery. Do you have a link? If so please post it. :)

Guy blew his 26650 mutant up at a cloud comp at the big convention in texas. P Bsuardo did a vid on it about two weeks ago. It literally blew a hole in the floor. If I can find link I will post it.
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The only reports I have seen about Texas are a some eGo's that blew when charging. Most were people charging them to long or not using the charger that came with the battery. Do you have a link? If so please post it. :)


Heres a link to an article about it. I couldn't find video. But I saw the after math it was about worse case scenario as far as mod failing hole in floor and ceiling.

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You know, as a dedicated vapor that loves the hobby, I would encourage anyone and everyone to frown on cloud comps. Make then the bane of the vaping world. Oh ya, you cloud comp? What a dumbass! Lost any teeth lately?

They are simply childish. Its like handing out dynamite to children then telling them to have some sort of competition with it.

Its all very subjective anyways, and in no way does it improve the public opinion of the vaping community.

Especially when this happens, and it will always happen when you are trying to control a stick of potential dynamite.

Just saying is all, :?)

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Oh ya, you cloud comp? What a dumbass! Lost any teeth lately?

Ummmm You referring to me? A lot of people call me Comp here... :rtfm: BTW Yes I do CC from time to time so that makes me a Dumbass? I think it is lame to insult and Judge all for the stupidity of a few.


"Though the explosion occurred during a cloud competition, the mod that blew up was not owned by any of the competitors in the contest."

"the rest of the evening was hushed and subdued as conversations focused on the importance of safety"

"(added 08/20/14) A NOTE FROM THE SHOW ORGANIZER: Please note that as a precaution; we, the event organizers decided to cancel the second cloud comp that was scheduled for Sunday. In light of what happened on Saturday, we used the time to have a battery safety class. It was very well received and I believe better attention was paid due to the events of Saturday evening. The entire rest of the day’s give aways focused on encouraging people to ditch bad/unsafe batteries. Many exhibitors stepped up with valuable prizes for surrendering bad batteries."


Those that do this and ignore the safety precautions are not too bright, that I agree on. The ones that think this is toy for amusement are the ones that should think twice about those around them. This is why when new people come on the forum we emphasize safety! Most friends I have that do these competitions are extremely safety conscious. It is the few that don't do the home work and follow ohms law that blow their face off and can harm others around them.

I'm glad no one got hurt and hope this person learned a valuable lesson. Seems the people running the event were also doing the wise thing and teaching safety. Maybe what these events should have is a class in safety at every event, spot lighting things like this to show how dangerous it can be. Also add the old standby warning "This can be dangerous and should not be attempted without proper training."

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Hi Comp,

Not singling you out, I`m sorry you came to that conclusion, a bit premature on your part maybe? But in all honesty, that is your prerogative. I really don`t know how you would take it personally, but that is beyond my control. I tend to abbreviate, that`s just me.

I am NOT JUDGING people, that`s your opinion only and I wont own that. I AM however JUDGING actions. You like Vaping in public places? Even in dedicated lounges? Well, every anti-vaper now has the power of the internet to prove to others why you should not have that freedom. To be able to tell you not to, to pass laws prohibiting you to do so, to even pass laws making the ownership of such devices completely ILLEGAL if they get enough dumbass`s to believe their argument. All in the name of public safety they`ll say. The internet never forgets, and now the radical self righteous know it all`s have the ability to pull this up and show it to all the "Unbelievers"! FOREVER!

You think we are the only people talking about this specific case?

Each and EVERY time this happens (and it can only happen more if this is encouraged), the anti vaping agenda will get a little more proof that they should be in control, you want that? A little more proof that anyone even having such a device on their person while in a public space is a serious danger to all the other nose led sheeple.

Realize that even with the bestest most fantastic gold plated clergy blessed battery, it can be inherently dangerous. And to encourage young adults who in some case`s may even be children to do this is counterproductive to the rest of us vapors. I am not against cloud chasing, we all like to see that big cloud, but to ENCOURAGE an inherent dangerous activity in a "competition" setting, just for "balls" sake, well, Iv made my argument.

Final comment. I`v personally been treated like a child beating scumbag because I chose to vape instead of smoke, encouraging this "competing" attitude will only ensure that I`m treated even worst.

I`ll stick by my logic.

And no harm no foal buddy, :?)



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