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  1. Yeah, I was not impressed with the subtank. I've not been impressed by most sub ohm tank kits that I've tried. I guess I'm just supposed to stick to plain old RDAs. :P Also, Hi everyone! Seems like I haven't been here in forever.
  2. I suggest checking out the "Original and affordable" subsection of the "Rebuildables" area on www.VaporDNA.com You can put just about anything on an iLeaf. You've just got to build it to a high enough resistance for the mod to fire. I don't know, off the top of my head, what the minimum resistance is on that particular mod. But whatever it is, you'll need to meet that. As far as a specific RDA goes, I can't help you much there. I haven't bought one that I've been overly impressed with since I picked up my Mutation X v3. They aren't available anymore, though. So take a look around. Find something that fits you and give it a shot. I do suggest coming here with questions regarding the actual one you pick (before you buy it). Hope this helps.
  3. I've seen the community come together to do great things. The boys in CCI recently helped a member of the community (who is colorblind) get his hands on the new chroma glasses as a birthday gift. This isn't a birthday gift for someone that everyone knows, but I think it's just as good. I failed out of school because I couldn't be bothered to put forth any effort, but this girl with CF has shown immeasurable effort to make something of herself. So, again, I appreciate all the help you guys have given me in assisting this young lady do what I refused to do. It makes me feel good. But I know it's making her a thousand times happier. Perhaps I've had a few too many PBR's. Either way.
  4. Thank you all so very much. Between the VT community and those I know in real life, I've upped the ante another 50 votes!
  5. Thanks, Comp! Thanks to you as well, Bebop! I really appreciate the help, you guys.
  6. Hey guys. I know this post is out of place. I put it here so that it would be seen by as many people as possible since the "General Vaping Discussion" subforum is the most popular one throughout the entire site. If you guys could do me a HUGE favor, I'd love some help from all of you. Text VOTE36 to 23000 It's not vape related, it's a college scholarship thing for a friend's close friend who has Cystic Fibrosis. Most votes wins a scholarship. Or, if you don't want to text, you can vote online at www.AbbVieCFscholarship.com Her name is Kayleigh M. If posting this here is going to get me in trouble then so be it. I just want to help out someone who deserves it. Thank you to anyone who decides to help. I know it's greatly appreciated. We've already got her a BUNCH of votes (via the vape community) and I think we can help her win this scholarship. - Bush EDIT: Also, I know it isn't exactly "Vape Related" But She's a friend of people in the CCI group on Facebook. That's where this all came from. I just wanted to try and get some other people to step in and help.
  7. I picked up the Snow Wolf 200w at Vapecon. Minus a few issues here and there ( not necessarily with tc), I find it great. Note that I have not used it in TC either. So I'm not fully aware of the flaws that come with that aspect of the device. But with dual 18650's it holds all day. Even when I chain vape ridiculously at work.
  8. Sorry I have been taking a while on the reviews this week, you guys. I wanted to take the weekend off and just vape some of the ones I had already gone over. I was unaware that this week would be h*ll week at work. I'm absolutely swamped. Going in early and staying a few hours late just to get stuff done. I just got home tonight. I sat down with a beer and I'm not even going to be able to finish it before I have to shower and knock out. I may have to push my next post back to this weekend. It all depends on the workload and whether or not it eases up throughout the week. Unfortunately, at this point, there is no end in sight. I know you told me to take my time, Bebop. I didn't want to make this a long and drawn out process. I tried to make it efficient. But real life comes first. On the bright side, I have a couple of new juices to add to the list. So I know one of the guys who works over at "The Vape Kit" here in LA. They make portable building kits that are very high quality. I ride the subway with the aforementioned man everyday. I've been talking to him for awhile, and I meant to stop and see them at ECC so I could pick up their two new juices. However, I missed their booth and by the time I realized it, I was too tired to go back. Anyways. I ran into him this morning, and after talking to him about my intentions to go see him at the convention, he whips two bottles out of his backpack (in my nic level, I might add) and said "I've been waiting to give these to you for quite a long time, now." So I have Coil and Cloud's "Moonstruck" and "Spectrum" to review.
  9. This went around a long time ago. I wonder what ever happened. If they actually changed their flavoring suppliers or not. Hm. I strayed from suicide bunny, though I was in love with mother's milk and one other one I can't remember the name of. Either way, BirdDog is right. Anyone purchasing any product made by this company should tread lightly.
  10. So I've been stuck vaping some of the stuff I've already reviewed here. :P Sorry guys. I will resume tasting and testing soon. I'm just hooked on a few of these.
  11. My god... A soft kitty mug. I need it to be about twice the size. Then I would want it even more than I do right meow.
  12. Tonight's post will consist of three juices. This is because one of them comes from Boardwalk Vapor. A company that I won a full line in 120mls from a while back. I've been vaping their juices for a while. So I'm pretty well familiarized with their whole juice line. They've been very good to me for all the pictures I posted of their stuff. But, as normal, I will not let that affect my opinion on the juice. I truly like the juice I'm going to talk about. So let's start off with the juice I was just mentioning. Boardwalk Vapor's "Cpt. Crusty" - Captain crusty is a cinnamon oatmeal with a bit of honey thrown into the mix. I chose to dumb down the description, because all of these flavors seem to blend together rather than stand out on their own. However, I get more of some on the front end as well as more of another on the exhale. When I get a bottle, I always give it time to steep. This is because honey always seems to start out as a dominant flavor. And with time, it will fade out. (At least in the case of eLiquid) So after about a week, I end up with a nice blend of the three. I get a toasty/sweet inhale (oatmeal/honey), and a nice exhale that tapers off into more cinnamon. It also tends to leave a bit of cinnamon behind for a few seconds after every drag. The flavor is full bodied and strong. I have no issue vaping this all day. The flavor doesn't seem to drop off. I continue to buy Cpt. Crusty now. 8.5/10 Bad Drip's "Ugly Butter" - This is the last of the Bad Drip line. I'm not quite as fond of this one as I am of the other three. It's a bit harsh. It almost feels like it wasn't properly mixed. I'm sure that's not the case. It's their brand new flavor. It's described as a fried-dough treat covered in cinnamon sugar, and slathered in banana pudding. That sounds to me like a churro covered in banana pudding. Which doesn't really sound appetizing at all. Whatever. All I get from this juice right now is a churro. It's a sweet cinnamon inhale with a doughy exhale. The dough is faint, but it's there. It legitimately tastes like a churro. I'm not sure where the banana comes in at this point. I'm sure that will come with steeping. Which it will have plenty of time to do, because I'm not very impressed at all. And I'm not sure I will be impressed when the banana shines through, either. This one may end up on the shelf for a long time. It's not just the fact that it's so harsh. It's just not a flavor that sounds good OR vapes well. I will definitely not be buying this one again. Coincidentally, it's the only flavor from the line of four that I didn't try AT ECC before I bought the whole juice line. 3/10 Charlie's Chalk Dust "Head Bangin' Boogie" - This one is really nice. It's nothing too "out there", but it brings a new twist to a fairly simple flavor. This juice is supposed to be a blueberry popsicle. A lot of people describe the flavor as that of a Bomb Pop. I don't necessarily disagree, but I think that's only one way to look at it. It's a very nice blueberry flavor. I mentioned in one of my previous reviews that I am not a huge blueberry fan. I like it, I don't love it. But this one has made me a blueberry fan! Unfortunately, this isn't one that changes drastically from inhale to exhale. It tastes like a nice sweet blueberry that's been mixed with some sugar. I get a strong flavor throughout each drag, and a nice lingering flavor that reminds me of consuming a bomb pop and being left with a mouth coated in sugar and artificial blueberry flavoring. Just without the stickyness. Which is weird, because the flavor I get through the actual drag doesn't remind me of an artificial flavoring at all. In fact, it's pretty spot on (in my opinion) to the flavor of an actual blueberry. But that aftertaste leaves me feeling like I just finished a popsicle. It's interesting. I like it. I may or may not buy more of this. I don't think it's out-of-this-world. But I still like it quite a bit. 7/10
  13. Thanks man! I appreciate all the positive feedback. There's plenty more coming. And if the people want it, there can be more in the future.
  14. Good to see that this was met with positive response. I'm always a bit scared to give my opinion on juice because every time I tell my brother about a juice, he immediately buys it (Even if it's not a flavor he likes, which is incredibly annoying), and then I catch flak for it. He's also kind of a hard ***. So I'm sorry if anyone (Bebop, Jeffb) goes out and buys a juice based on my review and ends up not liking it. I tried to add disclaimers in the beginning. Sometimes you just can't help it. It just happens. Anyways. I've decided to start killing two birds with one stone. I've begun bringing both of my set ups with me to work. I take turns with them on my vape breaks. Both get their own clean wick. I won't mix flavors. And, this way, I can taste/vape two juices all day. But without overdoing it. As we all know, most juices will fade in flavor by the end (or about 3/4) of the day. This way, I can get through two juices without compromising the integrity of each review. If it becomes a problem, I'll revert back to my original method. Today, I went through two more Bad Drip flavors. Bad Drip's "Farley's Gnarly Sauce" - This juice is really weird. Not in a bad way. I think the mix of flavors is actually genius. And without knowing it, they created a masterpiece. The description is as follows. "Based off a recipe older than Bob Ross' paintbrush! We pile-drived Tangy Kiwi (The fruit, not the bird) into the heart of psychedelic strawberries dipped in a light bubble gum nectar." I don't know what any of that means, except for there's supposed to be mainly strawberries with some tart kiwi and a light bubblegum flavor. I have to say I dig it. It's interesting, because all of these flavors mix perfectly. The strawberries are a great front end flavor that's up in your face. The Kiwi mixes in behind that quite nicely without standing out too heavy, and bubble gum is such a light flavor that it tends to take on the taste of whatever it's added to while creating a unique note on the back end. These flavors all blend together, rather than standing out individually, for one heck of a fruity vape that is reminiscent of a "Fruit By the Foot" roll. (Which I ate through most of my later childhood and I continue to eat now as a man in my twenties) Either way. The flavor hung on all day. It kept on strong, though I vaped almost 6ml of it. There was absolutely no drop off. It stayed just as tasty and tangy as it was on my first drag this morning. It won't last long enough to steep. I'm quite impressed. I will definitely be buying more of this. This was one heck of a surprise. 9/10 Bad Drip's "Cereal Trip" - I've tasted so many cereal flavors that it's become a chore to continue doing so. This one is good, don't get me wrong. It's a fruity cereal "on top of a gooey frosted donut" (really?) and "drowning in a sugar-rich milk bath". I have to say. This is by far the dorkiest juice description I've ever read. It was a bit off-putting the first time I read it. When I first vaped the juice, I was pleasantly surprised by a change up from the typical fruit loops flavor. It's got a bit more fruit to it than most. It's not all sugar coating. And the Bad Drip guys seem to have done something I've only seen once before. They accurately recreated the sugary coating of a fruit loop. But they did so on the exhale. You start with fruit, and you get a nice sugar coating afterwards. Which, of course, is backwards from the actual cereal. But that's a silly point to argue. Anyways, It's a good juice. It's up there on the "cereal flavors" list. But I think I'll stick to ANML's Looper. I think this one is good. But if I were to go for a juice like this, I'd rather go with Looper. Which is basically just this, but done much better. I suspect that it will behave much like Looper does with steeping. My guess is that over time, the fruit will fade out and the milky background will step up and make itself more noticeable. 7/10 Thanks for reading through the books I produce when I talk about juice. I hope I don't bore you all too much.
  15. Thread is up in the "E-Liquid Reviews" Sub forum.
  16. Bebop wants a full report on all the juices shown in my picture (the picture will be at the bottom). I thought this was a good challenge and it would give me the opportunity to add posts to my count so I don't look so shady in the background anymore. LOL Alright, Bebop. You want it? GAME ON. These will be trickling in over the next couple of weeks. I need to take the time to rewick before trying each one. I also need to vape it for a full day before I give my opinion on it. So I'll start with the ones I have done this with already. I seem to have a fairly sensitive palate, and can often pick flavors out of foods and e liquids better than most. I often puzzle my friends with flavors I find in juices they find bland. Bear in mind I am not at all picky about the juices I vape. I love most everything from coffees and tobaccos, to fruits, custards, and candy flavors. These will all be rated high because I like them. But these are only my opinions. You must also remember that each bottle of juice is going to come out different than the last. Even if it's the same juice. These are just my opinions on the flavors I got out of the bottles I received. Steep Vapors' "PopDeez" - Steep did a really good job on this. I've strayed from any e juice that is caramel flavored in any way because Caramel tends to be a really harsh flavor when it comes to inhalation. However, these guys hit it out of the park! PopDeez is a caramel corn flavor that really delivers. It's a really soft and flavorful caramel that doesn't burn and ends with a very light popcorn note. The flavor is really light, though. And I found that by the end of the day, the flavor had seemed to fade. I wasn't able to taste the juice very well anymore. I know that this happens when vaping something all day. Especially when you don't use ANY other juice throughout the day. So this is expected. I just wanted to note that it happened a bit more with this juice because they flavor is so light. This was a little upsetting, as I would have loved to have vaped this all day. But I found myself unable to. I'll be buying more of this in the future. 8/10 Samurai Cotton's "Nobu" - Nobu is a fantastic strawberry sour belt. It's a nice strong Strawberry flavor that comes on a bit tart and ends sweet. This is by far my favorite flavor from the new Samurai line and I will definitely be buying more of this. I didn't run into the same issues I had with PopDeez. This flavor was strong and held on almost all day. By the time I got home it began to fade. But that's expected. I am a big supporter of the guys over at Samurai. I love the products they make. And they have been very nice to me. However, I will not talk their juice up just because they treat me so well. I genuinely love this juice and will be buying more of it. 9/10 Bad Drip's "Bad Blood" - I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I am not typically a big blue berry fan. But this juice threw me for a huge loop. Blue berry on the front end with light notes of pomegranate on the back end. There is supposed to be a bit of vanilla in this juice, but I did not find any. I'm going to let this one steep for a while and hope that it will sweeten up and that I will be able to pick up some vanilla in this juice at some point. I will probably buy more of this. It's tasty. But it's not super high on my list of premium juices to re-purchase. 7/10 Nick's Blissful Brews' "Smoked Custard" and "Smoked Custard Plus" - This juice is incredibly weird. I do enjoy the (at first, seemingly) awkward blend of flavors. This one is supposed to be a cigar tobacco blend mixed with a vanilla custard. I'm intrigued. Before I go any further, I want to say that these two are the same juice. The Plus is just made with a higher VG blend and added flavor. They add extra flavor to combat the higher VG mix. Which most of you know will mute flavor by a substantial amount. ANYWAYS. I get very deep toasty cigar notes throughout every drag. And rather than having the custard come in at the end, which is what the description claims, I get it all the way through. This juice is absolutely fantastic. It's a bit overwhelming at times. But it's an awesome flavor overall. I'm also going to let this one steep for a while to see how the two flavors further intertwine. I want to know if the tobacco blend will shine through a little stronger. I used to smoke cigars on a regular basis, so this one piques my interest. The flavor is way too strong in the standard blend, though. So I will have to give it a 6/10. It almost makes me sick after a few drags. HOWEVER! The PLUS version is much more mellow. I could vape it for a much longer period of time. So I will give it a 7.5/10. More will be on the way soon. I will be adding to the thread every day (Time permitting). So for those of you interested in any of my opinions on the juices shown, stick around. There's more to come. Hope my rambling wasn't too boring.
  17. Few things are as good as free/cheap vape stuff. And I liked this expo much more than VapeCon. Vapecon was small, hot, and obnoxious. This one had a little bit of everything. Kanger and Innokin were there, as well as a bunch of other normal companies. It wasn't just an elite show for your standard vape elitist. There was also lots of buzz about being apart of the political side of vaping.
  18. I spent way too much money. Between food, gas, parking, and all that stuff, I think I blew through 300-400 bucks. But most of the stuff I got (In terms of juice/hardware) was free or very seriously discounted.
  19. My haul from ECC this weekend. Snow Wolf 200w LE, Standard Functions Carbon Chin Bone set, Juice from Boardwalk Vapors, Steep Vapors, NJOY's Artist Collection, Cosmic Fog, Samurai Cotton's new line, Bad Drip, Lost Art E-Liquid, Nick's Blissful Brews, Charlie's Chalk Dust, CCI, Timebomb, Jetfuel, etc etc. Batteries, Cases, Cotton, Wires, etc. Too much to count.
  20. I would recommend something with a lock ring. I personally dislike all these mods that do not have them. We push the idea of safety so hard, yet we make mods that don't include one of the most important safety features? I have been out of the mechanical game for a while now, so I won't be too much help. But that's what I've got for you. Look for something with a lock ring.
  21. I did! Thank you! After all this time. It's hard to post now with work. I rarely have time to sit down at my desk.. Although I'm good and sick for the two days leading up to ECC. So I'm here now. *sigh* *sneeze*
  22. Someone noticed me Also, I'm not exactly new.. "Joined: Jan 2, 2013" LOL
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