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  1. OK, Just to clarify myself in case no one was reading, or got swept up in instant prejudice. I attacked an idea. Its my opinion that adding a competitive component to chasing in the public arena is a bad idea. I may have illustrated that in a way that those that have a stake in the idea took offense too. I knew it was going to start a fire, but it was based on sound facts. If it is`nt discussed with all the facts put on the table, you can bet your best juice the other side is not listening to the facts. If I personally singled out any single person for a personal attack, I`d like it quoted please? Just suggesting someone should listen is not a personal attack. Attacking an idea is discourse, nothing more. If you take it personally, I guess maybe I don`t know, out of my control really. If i`m too sensitive, well, I`m not the only one. And my feelings will grow back. All feeling grow back. Feelings ar`nt facts. But I do grow tired of swimming up stream, so I`m out of this discussion.
  2. OK, So I had an opinion and I expressed it. All the left is going to remember are two things, cloud blowing competition and accident. You all can ma-line that all you want. You all can attack me for just stating the fact that something is dangerous to the point it could easily be used against the community`s freedoms. Have a great Vape day.
  3. Fishguy, Yes, politeness goes along way in getting the message across. Please have a google at whats going on in the UK and vaping. Their government is really trying hard to get it banned across the board. Those people are scared, and with good reason. This could be coming to America. If we let our comfortableness continue on to complete complacency, they WILL win the argument. All is good, as long as Iv been able to elucidate the consequences in this matter. :?) R
  4. Joe, you make a good argument for freedom of expression, I get it. And I personally wont give up one once of liberty for added security, I get it. What I`m really trying to convey is that your argument will never hold any water whatsoever with the anti vaping establishment that has already formed around us. It may be different in Bama, Maybe you don`t pay attention to the rest of the union. But here in California, we are fighting for our rights with every once of reason we have. In New York, they want to ban all ecigs period. You would be breaking the law if found vaping in public. This aint my tin foil hat talking, this is the reality in New York. Try advertising a cloud comp in the city of NY, see how many do gooders you get to come out and shut you down. In Iowa, absolutely no ecig juices or anything ecig is allowed to be sold on line, I cant buy a damn thing from Iowa. Your can argue passion all want, but you cant argue the facts as they are right now. You have a good set of facts, almost no one blows themselves up. But every now and again, someone goes kaboom. You can argue with every once of passion that I am dead wrong, and every now and again, someone will prove me right. I would be willing to bet the average vaper has absolutely no interest in these competitions, and can understand logic when its put fourth reasonably. But let natural selection take its course, of course. :?)
  5. Anyone try this? As always they claim its the best. They don`t sell to the public so I would have to make a 100 mile drive just to try it. But I hear their name mentioned in many a video. Anyone tried Baker White ejuice? TIA, R
  6. Umm, there`s an ointment for that bud. Try it. Having read some of your other posts, Im going to suggest to you, There is a point where you really should just "listen".
  7. You want to compare apples to oranges go right ahead. Pssst, your comparing apples to oranges dude!
  8. 6 months your counter says, :?) Right on! 3 months for me here. And they say vaping is not an alternative to smoking, WTH are they talking about?! Do they even know what they are talking about? Once I wrapped my mind around the possibility that vaping was a thoroughly enjoyable alternative, I easily forget how long its been also. Who cares, LOL. Its all about the VAPE now. Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, or something like that. Ya, I`m ready to do the same thing, kinda of. I`m going to be giving the KFL to my better half and I am going for a Fogger. This fogger will be sitting on a straight up mech, probably a Panzer for now, but I`m fancying a Big Ugly 26650. I`m so tired of the worry that comes with the high end expensive electronics, too much to fail for me. I figure it should be simple simple simple. If the contacts are good, the battery is good, it should work. And the Fogger looks right, its basically a dual coil kayfun with more airflow (YAY!). Now that I`m building duels on the KF they don`t scare me in the least bit,they used to, LOL. But this hobby is all about learning and growing and enjoying it to the fullest. And with all the innovation, you can stand still and enjoy what you have, or you can branch out and try new things. Its like whatever YOU want to do. :?) Man, smoking was such a drag, but vaping is an experience! Cheers, R
  9. Get a spring! Magnets no good. Cool and all, but really not good. They can break as you can see, and they can lose there polarity when pushed too hard. The last thing you want is for the firing button to get locked up in the FIRE position. I shake my head every time I see magnets in a mech mod. Good hardware stores have good selections of springs, the firmer, the better. You might have to cut one for length, or something like that, but you should find something that will work. Best, R Edited to add: Hardcore cloud chasers all use springs.
  10. Hi Comp, Not singling you out, I`m sorry you came to that conclusion, a bit premature on your part maybe? But in all honesty, that is your prerogative. I really don`t know how you would take it personally, but that is beyond my control. I tend to abbreviate, that`s just me. I am NOT JUDGING people, that`s your opinion only and I wont own that. I AM however JUDGING actions. You like Vaping in public places? Even in dedicated lounges? Well, every anti-vaper now has the power of the internet to prove to others why you should not have that freedom. To be able to tell you not to, to pass laws prohibiting you to do so, to even pass laws making the ownership of such devices completely ILLEGAL if they get enough dumbass`s to believe their argument. All in the name of public safety they`ll say. The internet never forgets, and now the radical self righteous know it all`s have the ability to pull this up and show it to all the "Unbelievers"! FOREVER! You think we are the only people talking about this specific case? Each and EVERY time this happens (and it can only happen more if this is encouraged), the anti vaping agenda will get a little more proof that they should be in control, you want that? A little more proof that anyone even having such a device on their person while in a public space is a serious danger to all the other nose led sheeple. Realize that even with the bestest most fantastic gold plated clergy blessed battery, it can be inherently dangerous. And to encourage young adults who in some case`s may even be children to do this is counterproductive to the rest of us vapors. I am not against cloud chasing, we all like to see that big cloud, but to ENCOURAGE an inherent dangerous activity in a "competition" setting, just for "balls" sake, well, Iv made my argument. Final comment. I`v personally been treated like a child beating scumbag because I chose to vape instead of smoke, encouraging this "competing" attitude will only ensure that I`m treated even worst. I`ll stick by my logic. And no harm no foal buddy, :?) Best, Randall
  11. Man, I was looking at the price of 5`s on that big auction site the other day (looking at another dripper, the Veritas), and I decided they could keep their 500 more Mah. I mean they are easily double the price of the 4`s. 20 bucks each for the 5`s? WTH??? Read something about Sony discontinuing them, maybe that is causing the insane price increase. Also saw allot of feedback on fakes being sold, from multiple sellers. So for right now its the 4`s for me. Less then 10 each and what the hell is 500 Mah`s worth anyways. :?)
  12. You know, as a dedicated vapor that loves the hobby, I would encourage anyone and everyone to frown on cloud comps. Make then the bane of the vaping world. Oh ya, you cloud comp? What a dumbass! Lost any teeth lately? They are simply childish. Its like handing out dynamite to children then telling them to have some sort of competition with it. Its all very subjective anyways, and in no way does it improve the public opinion of the vaping community. Especially when this happens, and it will always happen when you are trying to control a stick of potential dynamite. Just saying is all, :?)
  13. Yap, they can stress you out. But persistence is the name of the game with these things I think. Iv not had big issue`s with leaking, Unless Im being lazy or stupid. If I space out and lay it on the side that`s got the air hole facing down, i`ll get it starting to bleed out, but otherwise its leak free. But it was always having a hard time with the way I huff and puff. I like the sinus burn and did the same thing with cigars. Could`nt do that to much as it would eventually dry hit, Yuck. Well, last weekend I got into Rip Trips Double barrel build and tried it. I`m running it on a Vamo so I had to shot for 1.3 Ohms, and after putting another wrap on the coils I got there. So its 2 coils, 11 wraps each of 33g on a 1/16 drill, both fitting perpendicular to the mounting screws, just like Trips. This gives me four wicks, which are pretty tight in the coils, and then they go out crossing each other in a "U" shape and get locked in to the bell this way. That was last weekend. Hits like perfect, best hit Iv ever gotten from it, vapor is immense for a kayfun, best vapor ever. I can huff and puff through 5-6-7 hits, keeps on given it to me, LOL. And the flavor is right up there with my dripper. I have`nt had a single dry hit yet, run about 4 tanks trough it so far. I mean to take pics of it as soon as I can and get them in the coil builds thread as soon as I get the time. Cheers, R
  14. Mt. Baker Vapor come highly recommended, and I can attest that after steeping for some time their tobacco juice is pretty good. But I`v never been a menthol guy so I don`t have personal experience on that. But, MBV does have a few menthol flavored tobaccos. As has been mentioned, and this is the kicker, you`ll find that your taste buds go through so many changes in the first few months its not even funny at times, so there is no telling what you`ll wind up REALLY, I mean REALLY liking.
  15. Personally, I would never have started vaping if I had`nt already smoked for 30 some odd years. Id much rather put my money into a built 350 or my rock crawler, or ???? There`s another thread around here talking about this very situation, it might make a good read. Good luck.
  16. Yap, FDA regulation don`t mean squat. People die every day from USDA inspected Beef, toxic toothpaste, and otherwise spoiled food. No need to mention the car recalls and failing banks and falling buildings, LOL. I personally would`nt buy that liquid due to no info on the bottle, that does`nt mean I would trust the FDA to make sure its good. "Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?": Thomas Jefferson
  17. Thanks I quite, that`s a cool handle, :?) Ya, I want to do point 4 or point 5. Seen some videos where peeps are using .4 with no problems. Basically It would be bad arse if it could take every atty/head I use on a daily basis and then the ones I have`nt bought yet, :?). It sure sounds like it would be the cats meow. Ya, there is supposedly a V4 out that took care of every ones issue`s with it, and the cheesy autobot (?) logo has to go! Otherwise I can deal with its form, looks like it would fit the hand really well and I do like that its completely metal. Oh, and I do want it to stand up on its own, I`m a bit of a klutz enough, LOL. I am waiting on a email from Chris to find out which one they have, it would be a done deal if its the latest version. Tanks again, R
  18. The Wifie wants a Vamo (and a KFL!?!), so I`m thinking may be time for me to upgrade. I`m liking that they say you can subohm on the DP, I`m dying to build a subohm on the kayfun but the vamo wont allow me to do it. If you have one I would be very interested in what you use on top of it and how you like it. I see VT has them about as cheap as anyone, so that`s what I`m thinking. TIA, Randall
  19. Congrats on the great achievement! Some more music, DC Talk, free at last. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moud8SVj45I I`m Happy for you Carter, :?) R
  20. Me and the miss`s got up the other day, and I remarked that our house smelled like a candy store. She agreed, :?) Lots of other changes, as Carter said, the change in our taste buds is just phenomenal. Most everything tastes better and has more flavor. My chronic acid refluxe has gotten much better, and our general productivity and healthiness has improved a great deal. But what`s really the kicker is that the act of getting our nic fix has been greatly improved. Its fun now, and so exciting. Its not just feeding a costly habit, its a more of a hobby with all the technicalities of the equipment and the excitement of the new juices. Those people that say its not a legitimate cessation alternative, well, I`d just like to punch them in the face for being so high and mighty know it all`s. They don`t know crap, and it shows in their uneducated opinions. :?) Happy happy.
  21. I hear ya. They do make some heat, LOL. By the time mines hot, its a really good indicator that I should set it down. B4 I turn green, Ha, ha. R
  22. Made this as soon as the VTC 4`s landed, actually made it before I went to collect the VTC 4`s from the posty, :?) The slightly aged Gold Member (just like me, LOL) Twisted 28 gauge on a 7-64`s. She chucks............ With a cotton wick its like putting your mouth on the exhaust pipe of a pro fuel funny car. BUT, I`v since wicked it with rayon and it really smooths it out, by a huge factor it makes it much smoother with the rayon. Dont know why, its kinda sad really, but the flavor with rayon is so much better, and with no cotton pre-taste at all. Cheers, R
  23. What kind of batteries are you using Smith? I come up with about 21 amps on that sucker and thats a bit outside of a safety zone? I`m curious, I might want to go below the .4 I`m using now, LOL. R
  24. Right on, looks like you got it, :?) welcome to the forum. R
  25. After putting more thought into this, I got to thinking about the facts............ We ARE discussing a government that could`nt even control marijuana use, LOLOLOL. They got really big stones to think they are going to control this!! Edited to add: "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." Thomas Jefferson
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