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    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Ok I have been using Iso to clean coils and tanks since I started cleaning coils and tanks a while ago. I keep seeing people refer to this as "bad" and I am not sure why. If i am doing something that will harm me or my wife I would like to know. When I search on Google there are a lot of people that recommend using Iso for this. What I do is soak the coils-tanks-whatever I am cleaning in Iso. With coils, I keep a cup of it near my filling station and whenever I start to get that gunked up burned taste I drop my coil in there and put a new one in. I let it soak until I get 5 or 6 in there then I rinse them very good, put them back in fresh Iso, let them soak a few days, rinse very well with hot water and let air dry for several days. Then I put them in a cup for "hard times". I havent been using them much, but I did use one to see if it came clean and tasted fresh, which it did. It even seemed to last longer than new out of the pack. With tanks I let them soak overnight then rinse with hot water and let them dry a couple days OR dry them myself with paper towels and Q-Tips if I need to use them immediately. Is there something wrong with doing it this way? Not to sound like an ***, but I would prefer facts to opinions on this one. All I can find anywhere online is a lot of people saying to do it this way, and a lot of people saying to not do it this way.
  2. bcartervol98


    I have always been an allergy sufferer, especially tree pollen. It was awful. I had a 3-4 week period in the spring of complete misery. I took Allegra D at twice the recommended dosage and even got sent to the Dr several times to prove I didn't have "Pink Eye" before being allowed to return to work (before I was the boss lol). This year, one week before being analog free for one year, I have not had the first symptom! I guess in addition to analogs I will save money on Allegra too. Vaping instead of smoking has cured so many ailments I had it is unbelievable. Working on my grandiose "1 year anniversary post" that will definitely be TLDR lol.
  3. I am an old regular that rarely posts anymore but today marks 3 years without tobacco of any sort entering my body. Vaping has not only changed my health, its changed my life! Now up to 62 lbs lost, regularly go to the gym, doing 20 mile + mountain bike rides, active Boy Scout Scoutmaster and am wearing clothes I still have since college. At 46 I feel like I am in the best physical shape of my life. No more high blood pressure, 90% of my allergies gone (damn pollen still gets my sinuses) and off all meds except occasional work induced anxiety meds and too many other health benefits to list or think of. I sleep better, i snore less, Sleep apnea gone etc... I have said it before but thanks to everyone on the forum that made this possible in the beginning when it was hard. Some are still around, some are not and I am sure I will forget a name or two but special thanks to Chris, Jeff, BirdDog, Tam, Troy, Compenstine, Earthling, Bebop and the countless others that have helped make this journey unforgettable, fun, entertaining and for being the support group that have enabled my wife and I to jump start a much healthier lifestyle. It is a debt that can never be repaid although I will try if ever given the chance! Brian
  4. bcartervol98

    Product Request Mega Thread

    The only problems I have had with them were self induced lol. Otherwise they have been rock solid quality wise.
  5. bcartervol98

    Product Request Mega Thread

    I may have to find something different either there has been an insane buying frenzy or there are supply issues. I just vape at 1.6 ohms and 10.5 watts and am happy with that I just want a basic battery that lasts 2-3 days like the 50w. It's not so much not wanting to try something different it's that I am 100% happy with my current setup and don't want to change it or spend a ton on batteries I know we will break or destroy in some way within a few months lol.
  6. bcartervol98

    Product Request Mega Thread

    @ChristopherPlain old Istick 50w 4400mah we are hard on batteries and cannot seem to find any in stock anywhere is something going on with them? Can you get them? Been paying $29.95 at VapeShop and when Sweet-Vapes had them. I really do not want to change batteries. I would buy one in black, one in silver, one in blue white porcelain and one in ripple waves if you can get them.
  7. bcartervol98

    What are you paying for your favorite juice?

    $35 for 125ml. My wife and I use the same flavor from ECblends but different PG/VG configurations. I use 60vg40pg and she uses 80pg/60vg. Usually order 500ml a pop.
  8. bcartervol98

    Sweet Vapes

    Late to the party but I have ordered probably 95% of my equipment over the last 3.5 years from Sweet-Vapes and have never had an issue outside once getting an extra IStick 50w in my order which I offered to ship back and they said to keep it for being such a good customer. Dayna always answers emails quickly and they stick everything I use and always get it to me in 3-4 days even with standard $3 shipping. I think it's important to draw the distinction that there are two site Sweet-Vapes and another without the hyphen that I have heard negative things about.
  9. My decision is made mainly by who carries everything I use in one place and consistently get them to me quickly and without mistakes more than cost or who is cheapest. Most everyone's cost is pretty close. I don't want to get this here, this there and deal with more than a couple vendors if possible. Basically I have one hardware supplier and one liquid supplier unless there are stock issues when I need something on the fly which is rare since my vaping cabinet usually looks like a small store on its own lol. I generally order liquid 500ml at a time, coils 100 at a time and have a drawer full of batteries and tanks I use.
  10. bcartervol98

    Davide BCC vs BDC

    Ok once again I find myself having a hard time finding what I like from where I want to buy it from. Anyone know the difference in the Anyvape (Aspire) Davide BCC vs BDC? I was going to order 3 or 4 extras to put back as it seems tanks that use KPT single coils are getting harder and harder to find and I have tried almost everything else and cannot get close to the same experience. I will not use anything subohm or with dual coils. Any advice? Discount Vapers has the BDC version but has a lot of disclaimers about how you have to remove part of the base to use it with KPT singles and with the ones I have now that is not necessary making me think this is a different tank than the one I like. I DO NOT like Kanger Pro Tanks with or without the Aero base either lol. The only tank I have found that I truly like is the old 2.5ml Davide Mini and the 3.0ml Davide full size and its just my luck Sweet-Vapes does not have them any more and the ones Discount Vapers has look and sound different based on Erics description. Those are about the only two places I will order hardware from. Maybe its time to change once these finally are ready to be replaced, I just have no idea what with. This is the one DV has: http://www.discountvapers.com/anyvape-davide-bdc-glassomizer-aspire-version/ Read the description about removing the larger base. I DO NOT have to do that with my current tank. I may just order a dozen of these and be good if they are the same ones I am using now.
  11. bcartervol98

    Stock Updates

    These are what my tanks use: http://sweet-vapes.com/aspire-bvc-coils-organic-cotton.html
  12. bcartervol98

    IStick 50w hunt

    Ok my wife killed not one but two of hers at the lake over the weekend and is into the backup and I cannot find them in stock anywhere so a couple questions. 1. Are they still making these or has something better came along for a standard person vaping 1.6ohms at 9-10 watts. I really only use them for the great battery life they are easily broken and we are very hard on them especially in the summer between beach and staying on the boat every weekend. But they last 3 days on a charge and I like them. All the old timers know me I am a standard guy when it comes to vaping and like ease, long battery life and the way the 50w feels in my hand. 2. Both the vendors I usually only deal with are out of stock. I usually pay $34.95 for the base kit battery only. I have not ordered hardware anywhere but Sweet-Vapes in a very long time.Where do you buy your hardware? I need a few backup vendors for situations like this or maybe Chris can start to stock the stuff I use lol now that he is back at the wheel lol.
  13. bcartervol98

    IStick 50w hunt

    Thanks Tam just ordered a couple!
  14. bcartervol98

    Stock Updates

    And I use Davide tanks that use Aspire BVCs (not Nautilus coils the standard Aspire BVC) I usually get 1.6ohms for $7.95 a 5 pack or $7.00 a 5 pack if I order a box of ten Other than our liquid that's about all the hardware we order but would love to order them from you.
  15. bcartervol98

    Stock Updates

    Currently trying to find two IStick 50w and all the vendors I usually deal with are out of stock I have been paying $34.95 for the base kit (battery only, got chargers). This has never happened Beth Ann managed to kill two of ours at the lake over the weekend. I have a couple backups that sometimes turn themselves off and you have to turn them back on she is using until I can find replacements. You know me well and know we are hard on batteries. Saltwater on the beach all day, floating in the lake getting splashed and my clumsy but loving wife would drop herself if that were possible lol. Do you have any on the way?
  16. bcartervol98

    What's your favorite Online Vape Shop?

    Mt Baker has been around forever. I don't like their liquids but many do.
  17. bcartervol98

    FDA Deeming Regulation - What we know so far

    Sounds like good news at least heading in right direction http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/white-house-pulled-fda-restrictions-e-cigarette-flavors-n583841
  18. bcartervol98

    No juice flavor,helpppp

    Probably the cold and it will take time for your tastebuds to heal from the damage smoking does to them. When I put down the stinkies in early 2013 there were flavors I loved but after a few months they tasted totally different. Im not sure I believe in Vapors Tongue. I vaped one flavor exclusively for almost 3 years before switching to another exclusive flavor about 4 months ago and I never lost the ability to taste the flavor. People say you get vapors tongue from not switching up flavors but I don't buy it. I'm an"find what works and stick with it" guy. Since a couple months into my 3+ year vaping I have used a total of two flavors lol.
  19. bcartervol98

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    I gotcha but even Comp can't replicate their peppermint and I doubt they will give me their flavor formula lol plus I'm just not into it. DIY and rebuilding are not for me. At this point if find in the future I can't order what I need I will just step down the nic and quit all together.
  20. bcartervol98

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Not sure I could DIY for much less. They hopefully are big enough to make it through vapocopolypse but I'm sure the prices won't last 😞
  21. bcartervol98

    Four years ago today...

    Congrats Tam! Thanks so much for all the advice and help over my 3 years + vaping and a member of this community!
  22. bcartervol98

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Well my wife and I use the same flavor same configuration so it's relative lol. It's about a 6 month supply but we have a little over 500 on hand now. Peppermint would probably be easy to DIY but every Peppermint other than ECblends tastes like a candy cane where their is more like an Altoid lol. With their ongoing coupon code 10020 getting 250ml for $28 is pretty good I think.
  23. bcartervol98

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    1000ml of my flavor 20 5packs of Aspire BVCs Just in case.....
  24. bcartervol98

    Local vape shop idiots. ..a rant

    www.sweetvapes.com for hardware www.ecblendsflavors.com for liquid No dumb advice, good prices and excellent service for me now over 3 years. Why pay markup when you don't have to?
  25. bcartervol98

    Local vape shop idiots. ..a rant

    Over three years vaping and smoke free and have still yet to spend one cent on a vape shop. VT has been my place for advice and I have saved a ton shopping online only. Not paying B and M prices or listening to their advice. Mostly it's sort of like asking an electronics associate at Walmart tax advice.

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