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  1. Parallels are way easy once you get the hang of it. The quad build took me about 15 minutes. Dual parallels take 5-10
  2. They are recommended to be ran at 30w or below. Not sure about the sub tank but several have had problems with the Atlantis coils when exceeding 40w
  3. HUMP DAAAAAYYYY!!!! http://tinypic.com/r/o0cyah/8 Video^^^^
  4. Did somebody say something about chucking vapor?
  5. Simple fact is, if you have heat, you have resistance. So whatever is getting hot, figure out why there is resistance there and remove it.
  6. Use a vtc4 or 5 Both of the batteries mentioned are not true 30/40 amp batteries and fall very short of their maH rating as well. If you are running anything below .6 on an Efest it WILL get warm, period. They are dollar store batteries.
  7. You would think that someone who is so responsible and so quick to blame everyone else would do more research on his batteries and not expect someone else to tell him everything he believes. Not singling anyone out, just speaking in general. It gets hot because a battery has internal resistance which causes it to produce heat when discharging high amperage.
  8. Np They have a sweet deal on the 4nine as well. May pick one of those up.
  9. Bulldog vapor has an excellent vanilla/chocolate called Vanilla Swirl
  10. If it were me, I may be convinced to order supplies there, like the meter and torch and what not. But Personally I would shop elsewhere for the mod/rda
  11. And just to put it out there. Fasttech is known as the dollar general of the vaping world. Never know what quality you will get and never know when it will get there. I've heard they have stepped their game up a bit lately though.
  12. I could give you a VTC4 with it for...$45?
  13. I believe what you have in your cart is 32g.
  14. Walgreens, get a whole bag for $3. Make sure it is 100% organic. Cotton provides much better flavor IMO and is also easier to work with. Here is a calculator you can use to determine what the gauges are of the wire. http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/wire/awg-to-mm.htm
  15. You may want to go ahead and get 1 or 2 different gauges of wire as well. I used several different wires before I found what I really liked and stuck with. You will most likely want to experiment as well.
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