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Gonna Be a Papaw REAL soon!

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Hey gang... I've not been posting much lately, but I've been keeping up with the posts of others... I've been a bit busy helping my daughter get things ready for her first child to arrive... my first grandbaby! :grin:  

Her husband is in the Army, and due to the nature of his MOS and current deployment, he may not make it home in time for the birth... but we are hopeful!!

She called tonight around 6:30 and said she was on her way to the hospital because she wasn't sure if her water broke :rolls_eyes:  I always figured that was something that was kinda obvious, lol... but what do I know?  I'm just her dad... 

Anyway... She finally called again around 9pm and said it was confirmed... her water has broken and little Lara will be here soon... well... probably another 12-20 hours... if she follows the norm for first births, anyway.

I'll update as we progress, if I get a chance... and post some pics as soon as I can!

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I have 2, my grandson just graduated from High School and my Granddaughter is in her second year in college!
Damn I'm old! LOL

Sent from a galaxy far far away

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6 minutes ago, Earthling789 said:

We just got back from visiting them over the holidays... she's getting so big and is starting to want to play and trying to crawl! IMG_8076.jpg

What a doll!   Love the smile!!!

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