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  1. Hey all Hope this lands in right forum but I’m struggling to find a super large 810 fir my DeathTrap 30mm RDA. The one it ships with is perfect but had the switch stick (twice now :/ ) on my Cthulhu series mech and burn out and completely melt the driptip (and my second biggest one from the Goon 1.5) Original driptip probably around 24mm overall and anything smaller just looks kinda funny and doesn’t feel right. Cheers everyone. [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️
  2. You really are an evil genius Walt. Good to seem still using that wicked skull fruit for SOME good (along with all the evil too ya dirtbag [emoji6] )
  3. Righto guys always been a dessert fan but a few juices if late have me turned around (Tortoise blood, pinkman by VV and Bathtub juice - Summer Fruits) Hit me up with your favourite (simplish) fruit blends [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️
  4. First of all- check out my new toy... oooh so purdy. So- few builds on it since I got it earlier in the week. Fused claptons, meh, round wire, parallel, meh. Got a set of my fav aliens coming early next week ( .13 ohm pair Ni80 - sooo good!). Anyways, in the meantime I found a set of Geekvape Staggered Stapled Fused Claptons- they smash it out once they ramp up but the year it takes to get there is also meh (Single 18650- got. Couple of 20700s coming with the Aliens too...) So- Was thinking of poppin coils out, lose half a leg each side, space them out a bit and parallel some round n80 in
  5. Pretty pleased with today’s chapter of my vape chronicles. Woke to one of my 3 incoming Vapemails, mixed up a few brews, re-wicked all my rdas and done a much overdue cleanse of the cloud cupboard. $11 worth of stackable storage to sort out my juices into heavy rotation, weekly swap outs and desperate measures and clean up all my concentrates. Keep it cloudy all you cool cats [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️
  6. Right guys- got my bday coming up Monday and have a bit of cash to throw around. Looking at RDA’s - either the recoil rebel, riot anarchist or goon. Which one? I mainly squonk but also have a couple of hybrids that get a fair run at home. Recommendations? Cheers.
  7. Yeah it is. My bad. Still arcs up a lot quicker than ss and Kanthal
  8. Sorry bit late to reply on this thread but I’m all for fused claptons over single cores. Ni80 has very little ramp up time and I throw these on my mechs happily (just check resistances first as nickel ohms out pretty low). I don’t really bother with SS or Kanthal claptons on single battery mechs as I’m not huge on the ramp up time but will happily throw the SS in a VW mod as I can add preheat to get them up to temp quicker. As Walt says it’s all personal preference. Play and see what your happy with but just check resistance if your using mechs.
  9. Happy New Year Walt. And thank you- you’ve fielded my qs from early on, improved my fav recipe and steered me on a good path too. And congrats on the year without cancer sticks mate. I’m at about 8 months now and probably wouldn’t have done it without blokes like yourself (and the blokettes of course) on forums like this answering my qs helping me along the way too.
  10. Lol no cause for alarm- I’m the dirtdog. Just didn’t want to give you all the credit. I give all my juices kinda inappropriate names like smurf ****, blue balls etc. was thinking of starting a line called Juice Knuckle and names all flavours something ****** up. Don’t worry u can still be a dirt Dog too if you want lol. Dirt Dog for liiiiife!!
  11. My last mix of it had a splash of custard too for body - helped round it out nicely imo http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1987871/Dirt+Dog+Walt%25E2%2580%2599s+Apple+Pie
  12. Nice one bro. Here’s a little hand check from a few weeks ago with my little betsie in the background. Was teaching my 9 yr old Stepson how to cook briskets and pork ribs. He done well [emoji106]
  13. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20171124/b7611eaabdc7064e75fed450c6db15a4.jpg[ Righteo- I'm done playing for the night. Put a few different builds thru both attys. Leaving to for now with just straight 26g 9 wrap Dual on the Athena RTA (3mm ID - meh- tried a couple different ideas on it but I usually need time to learn to build on a new RDA anyways. Can't just look at it ypet and figure what will work best. Tried a slightly larger single coil Ni80 fused claptons in the dead rabbit at first but I think running a single straight down the guts puts it too far away the airflow. Went dual spaced
  14. Cheers man that's pretty much what I was asking for- ideas not a tutorial. I generally run 316l fused claptons on my regulated mods but they usually hit about .18 area - might just start off with some 24g Kanthal parallels or even twisted pair for duals in the Athena and a single ni80 fused clapton in the dead rabbit. Confident the parallels will hit around the .28- .3 mark and the single fused around .3 Anyways my vape mail didn't hit me today so got another day to think it over :/ Cheers lads
  15. Hey guys- decided it's time to look into the squonk and mech world - so I have a Geekvape Athena arriving later today- what should my first build be? Not really overly phased by blowing huge clouds (seems like somewhat of a pissing contest tbh) more after flavour. It comes with the Athena RDA and although the build deck would allow me to fit a single coil in the guts the airflow would be off as you can't rotate it away from the coils (or where it thinks the coils should be). Also have a Dead Rabbit I can load up a bigger single coil if I want to (have some pre made SS and N80 fused clapton w
  16. Funny you came up with a neat little rap. I came up with a few lines of fire last nigh. But quite random. I did just get out of hospital and heavily medicated straight back I to night shift... "Have the seen the new movie, starring Whoopie Goldberg and Bruce Lee, I think it was called "excuse me", 2 hours of them both sneezing profusely" Yeah I should probably lay off the medication while operating heavy machinery...
  17. Looks like the boys at worked liked the tweaks Walt my man. I did end up adding 1.5% Vanilla Custard and inadvertently bought Vanilla Bean Gelato instead of ice cream so slight sub there. But that bottle was full at the start of the night. That's 2 * 30mls sold and 2 "can I pinch a tank" and now I need to make more again. Think I need to whip up bigger batches. And a little shout out to you for the help with the recipe. How did u go with Smurf Cakes?
  18. Righteo- been wrapping my own coils for a while now- played around with some claptons, fused, parallels tigers etc. Anywho, I splashed out on some quality premade alien coils and straight up kinda underwhelmed. Think I get better flavour out of my own fused claptons (admit I cheat and use geekvape ss pre-claptoned but still). Anyone else's thoughts on alien vs Clapton or fav coils for flav?
  19. That sounds like my cup o chai. Let me know how the cakeyness goes. Love tpa toasted marshy in mixes
  20. Yeah as I said I've only just mixed it- had a splash on it but needs more of a steep. But isn't quite VapeWilds version of it YET.... Sorry to hijack your post too lol. If you have instagram there's a dude on there called Fumonoid and all he posts are these diy clone recipes. Worth checking out.
  21. Hahaha since I tried smurf Cakes I've bought 3 other blueberry cheesecake juices and none have come close. Hope the recipe works out...
  22. Have you tried Smurf Cakes by VapeWild by any chance? Probably one of my fav juices I've ever tried. I stumbled across a clone recipe for that. Just mixed it seems pretty close but need to let it steep about a week before i know...
  23. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1872850/Colonel%20Custard http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1905393/Jewberry+Pancakes
  24. Yeah cinnamon is strange- biggest vape shop in Melbourne does a jam donut and everyone says all they can taste is the cinnamon- I get nothing but the jam from it. About to have a crack at my own jam donut I'll let you know how I go. Got my blueberry pancakes kinda poppin but have a killer simple custard if your keen?
  25. Nice one! Finally mixed up another batch so tried it with your additions of apple and sweetener. Nice but had to pump the cream back up as it was a touch over cinnamon (added a splash of custard too seems to round it out nicely) Yeah the govad is a beast but you kinda have to run huge coils in it and when you still have to run it at like 75w almost defeats the purpose of a single coil but flavour is amazing on it!
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