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I got my order from Medic the other day and I finally emptied a tank of my other stuff... it took me about a day to decide which one of his juices to try first! So now I am vaping Medic's Winter S

I'm more the Gene Wilder type. There will be plenty to go around LOL

Ma, its not me you have to worry bout. But, I'm looking forward to Sis puttin the hurt on Fish and Joe! I got your back if you need it Sis!

Misty BJ / Unicorn Blood mash-up. The minty blueberry mixes very nicely with the Skittles tasting Unicorn Blood. I wasn't very fond of having just the BJ by itself. I decided to take it all the way. :blush: What's the deal with these names Lush comes up with?? lol

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Custard's Last Stand by Nicoticket (my new favorite) 6 mg nic, 50/50 blend..yum!

We actually had someone come in and tell us about Custard's Last Stand yesterday. The guy just raved about it and said it was absolutely the best vape he'd ever had. Definitely something I'll have to try...

Thanks for sharing that.. :yes

PS.. After posting I happened to remember that the guy referred to above pulled up a pic on his cell of his collection of juice and mods... It really was funny as this guy almost had more on shelves in his bedroom than we have in our store front..lol..

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Choco banana hiding in my office. I am on antibiotics for bronchitis infection right now and if she caught me might do violence to me.

Just a couple of puffs! (blow blow blow!) Nothing dear! Be right there!! (snicker) :)

Did you know that PG is used inside asthma inhalers? Vaping might actually be good for what ails you. :)

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I wish it got to a low of 85 here! And now that it is fall I will start to see some of that here I hope soon. 60 to 75 would be ideal for me.

Today I am seaking some halo Peppermint 16mg. Tasty, clears my sinus, and doesnt gum up a cart. Nice.

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