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  1. Good point tam I remember you
  2. Joined these forums back in 2013, when vaping was still new. Took a long break from vaping but have started back up vaping CBD. I no longer vape nicotine but love vaping just the juice. What's the best vape liquid now? Nicoticket was my favorite but it took a down turn.
  3. Nope I'm warm and snug with my wife in bed laughing to myself how hypocritical some of you are. Very tight group that thinks it's only their playground..
  4. String? Nope I think you get the picture.. I don't think you're that daft.
  5. The only chemistry I see is the same people thanking each other
  6. Steak is good anyway you cook it.. it's a steak... I'll enjoy my rebuilds and you can enjoy your steeping method..
  7. Switch out the wick with cotton in the kpt mini..
  8. Actually the process is the same.. Ever notice all the condensation after vaping? That's why we have wicks to create that and allow us to vape without the heat of the coils burning our throats. Ecblends may have a steep process, but I can assure you fast steeping method , isn't gonna change the taste that much compared to dripping..
  9. Very simple do you know why leaking occurs in the first place? Cranking your watts up instead of volts will heat and increase wicking production slower but keep up enough so your leaking is not an issue.. Could leaking still be an issue ? Yes but adjusting your watts higher may work .. Try it out yourself..
  10. You just said how to steep faster.. Throw juice in heat and repeat.. Isn't that what's happening to your juice when it hits the coil and the wick? You rebuild your own coils to heat up faster , you will get the same result as your steeping process.
  11. Depends on the build I make and airflow .. on a kanger mouth to lung, on a rta lung to mouth.
  12. Keep them out of extreme temps you will be fine..
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