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  1. I've got a lovely bunch of clearos! There they are a-standing in a row! Pink ones, silver ones, some are even glass! Give 'em a twist, a press of a switch - That's what the vape girl said! Ohhh... I've got a lovely bunch of clearos.....
  2. So.... yet another top coil shat the bed. So... I was in a vape shop today, and got myself an eVod for my Maple & Brown Sugar juice... Yeah, that was worth loosing some of the warmth. Oh my GOD, not sure I'll still need the extra flavor next time I get a bottle!
  3. When I went to bed, my maple and brown sugar was nearly full. When I woke up, it was nearly empty. No evidence of it having leaked out. Is it possible to sleep vape? People sleep eat, sleep drive, and sleep sex, so I guess it's possible. LoL
  4. I didnt dry burn. It was a fresh head, so I let it soak up my juice for a while, andgot to vapin
  5. I replaced the atomizer head in my Kanger mini pro tank 2 because the old one started leaking horribly. Now, the leak stopped, but I have this hint of rubber flavor. What's going on? I even put the original drip tip bacm thinking there might be something wrong with my tip (which I got the same day as putting in the new head).
  6. Yep, precisely what she's looking for. Thank you!
  7. I picked up another CE5 in a pinch when my clearo broke... and no, no no no, why did I do that?! It's been a few days, already problems with it. Damn thing in the middle is somehow now too short to meet the drip tip! HOW?! I got it to KINDA stop leaking by banging it against a table till it was high enough, and then tapped the sides till it was straightish... God, How was this POS $7?! I feel like it's something I bought at a dollar store! If this was bought at a dollar store, I wouldn't be so pissed that it's having issues. I'd be willing to throw away $1 for a few days of vaping till I could get my hands on a better replacement. CE anything just SUCKS *** SO BAD! I should have drove the extra miles and at least got an evod or something, this is not worth the warmth of a top coil! AAUUGGHHH!!!!! If the gov wants to stop vaping so bad, just pass out the CE5s for free - This headache would drive anyone back to analogs!
  8. Awwww... I wanted to answer the question! :p Yeah, I can't do anything over 60% PG.
  9. I vape openly. No smoking? Cool, I wont. Somebody around here gave me crap for that, asking why I would think I can vape where I can't smoke. Umm, same reason I think I can use headphones, wear perfume, or drink water were there is no smoking. No smoking is no smoking, not "No doing these other random things". If I decide to actually smoke, I'll actually go outside. Up until a month ago, nobody had ever told me to stop. Now, when it comes up, I find somewhere else to do business. As far as "bothering people"... I can't stand heavy perfumes, obnoxious cell calls, screaming kids, that god awful hispanic music that plays from so many cars around here (no offense to any hispanics, I just can't stand your music. I'm sure mine sounds as awful to you.).... but I accept and tolerate these things that wont actually harm me as part of being in public, with other humans. And if somebody would just nicely say "Hey, mind turning that off for a while" instead of whining to management and getting it outright banned, I'd be more inclined to just turn it off for a while. Case in point, one person in a restaurant asked me to swap seats with my friend if I'm going to vape. I was happy to oblige and actually vaped very little for the rest of my meal. I do, however, turn my VV down for a smaller cloud and refrain from using my funkier smelling flavors, like chocolate or coconut.
  10. My CE5 just started pouring **** from the tip... I bought another in a pinch (I just cant be without my Maple and Brown Sugar juice). I didn't really have the money, but stressed is not a good state of mind to be without my vape. I'll probably get a T2 when I can. I'm getting tired of cheap parts. Once I have some cash, definately stock piling some spares. Everything is quite half assed lately.
  11. Where might I find an inexpensive electronic pipe in green? I was trying to help somebody find one, but google keeps interpreting "green" as environmentally healthy.
  12. One of my last 2 survivng CE5s is giving me headaches. Its a pain to get the drip tip to meet the cap on the atty head. It leaves a little gap, letting juice pour out through the drip tip. Ive taken it apart probably 2 dozen times to orrect this, the best I can get is barely usable. It's also not tasting right anymore and throwing droplets of hot juice on my tongue. Its become, quite frankly, a miserable vape. Any way I can salvage this thing? I can't really afford a new clearomizer. A new atty head helped with the flavor a bit, but still poor and weak. If I'm forced to replace it, any suggestions on a new top coil? This juice is plastic safe. I cant do bottom coil on this, I need this flavor hot or it seems flat to me. I vape it a hair below burnt. Im also not a big fan of dual coil clearomizers.
  13. No reason to ban it. I encounter my allergy triggers all the time. I"ll talk with the person, or stand away from them, instead of just asking for stuff to be banned. Although, some states are trying to ban gay people (as in not straight. Still pissed *** is a dirty word here), so it seems I have bigger issues to contend with.
  14. If it's working fine and tastes ok, you're good. Most mine are a little burnt.
  15. When, oh when will my shot glass and coffee cup get e-mail?!
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