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    Chug Beer, Smoke Vape, Hail Odin.
  1. The Vaping Viking

    Thoughts on vaping around children?

    Every time I vape in front of kids all I hear about is how much they want cinnabuns.
  2. I'm always curious as to what other folks follow sports wise. So I figured I'd make a list of my own teams (which is rather lengthy as I love watching most sports) and see how they compare and who I can mock/cheer with. NFL: Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings (Duh) Baltimore Ravens (Also Duh) NHL: San Jose Sharks Colorado Avalanche Detroit Red Wings NBA: Charlotte Hornets (now that they're finally back) MLB: Detroit Tigers Cleveland Indians (don't ask) College: Michigan State Spartans(Alma Mater) Ohio State Buckeyes Soccer: No. . . just no Rugby: I play rugby but have zero understanding of it I grew up in Michigan, always favored Colorado teams because I want to end up in the snowy mountains where I belong, and the rest are either some random childhood event that sparked my interest or its viking themed. I do everything viking. . . . everything.
  3. The Vaping Viking

    rebuildable for my brass nemesis

    TOBH makes a nice brass atty that looks good. Solid cloud production. Also I just got a Raiju that I like minus the face that the cap is so small some drip tips stick out the bottom and hit the screws. But it knocks out massive vapor production with a .15 build.
  4. The Vaping Viking

    Sub Ohming has gotten ridiculous.

    I'm always sub-ohming. Most of my builds are in a range from .8 down to .14. My sub .2 builds get hot if you drag them repeatedly and flex the button over and over, as is to be expected, but it gets too warm let alone hot, I put it down. You have to be smart about it. A lot of people (not all mind you) have the common sense when the thing by your face is scorching hot to put it away for a bit. I like clouds, a lot. Its my dumb guilty pleasure. As long as you play it smart and don't chain vape the piss out of a .2 ohm coil, you should be fine.
  5. The Vaping Viking

    What are you GASing for?

    I'm the epitome of a "look shiny new toy" personality. $5000 in tattoos, 9 mods, 34 guitars and a disgusting amount of video games later. . .
  6. The Vaping Viking

    What are you GASing for?

    For those of you not familiar with the term GAS, it does not involve your bowels or automobiles. It stands for Gear Acquiring Syndrome, which is an actual condition. It's very common in the musical instrument industry. Anyway, what are you GASing for? Myself, I really like that Copper Mutant cone but then I saw the King II 26650 mod. This will be ordered in the next 72 hours. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a Sir Lancelot and I sort of want a Crown atty.
  7. The Vaping Viking

    26650 Mod: Copper Mutant

  8. The Vaping Viking

    Suicide Bunnies Mothers Milk

    I can't get into Mother's Milk, but my local shop does give 10% off ODB if ODB comes on Pandora.
  9. The Vaping Viking

    26650 Mod: Copper Mutant

    I just like a chunky mod. Feels good in the hands. Like a battle axe or something. Plus if you attach a 26650 atomizer, it looks like a giant robot stoagie. The battery life is just wonderful as well especially with low builds.
  10. The Vaping Viking

    26650 Mod: Copper Mutant

    I have two, a Stingray and a Hades and love both. Probably because they're friggin huge.
  11. The Vaping Viking

    Share Your Vapor

    http://www.intagme.com/vapeviking/732845748494265781_1303642554/ Theres a video of my vikingness
  12. The Vaping Viking

    26650 Mod: Copper Mutant

    This, just 100% this. My bank account just cringed again. They just need to open the preorders already. Its out in a few weeks. http://www.ultravaping.com/product-p/h-gu-chmutantco.htm
  13. The Vaping Viking

    which should i use 100% cotton or silica wick?

    Organic cotton is easy to get, cheap and comes in huge bundles. I haven't seen anyone use silica before.
  14. The Vaping Viking

    Question for drippers

    And don't make your first build some braided quad dragon stovetop coil. Just start with singles.
  15. The Vaping Viking

    Share Your Vapor

    I'll contribute. . .

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