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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from HawaiiVapestah in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    I just received my Top Vape Chocolate Malt, and it's....
    COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTING! Mmmm.... chocolateISH with a hint of something that isn't right.
    The disposable clearomizer I stuck it in is also a complete disappointment. It's a wickless that only works on one of two supposedly identical batteries - although if I fiddle with it, I can kinda make it kinda work. Bah! What a waste.
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from The Vaping Viking in Bluetooth   
    Ever wish the chatterbox who has you glued to the phone could simultaniously hold your vape hostage?
    Nope, Me neither!


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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Vispera in Sleep vaping?   
    It was a ghost that use to smoke looking for a healthier alternative
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Love2VapeDaily in public vapeing   
    Not sure about your states but in kansas where i live i don't have to vape around analogs. It violates the clean air act by subjecting me to secind hand smoke. So that means in kansas if they ask me to "smoke" outside they have to provide me with a seperate area away from analogs where i can vape.
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from LuckiStarre in Why We Choose To Vape....   
    I hate this statement. What about a toddler drinking my bleach, my 409, eating my bottle of prescription medication, the fatally poisonous chemicals I use with my electronics, eating my batteries, The list goes on!
    What about caffeine? I've ODed on caffeine! (I didn't know you could, at the time. What a trip, don't ever do it)
    What about alcohol? You can OD on that too.
    The world is full of things that if used, abused, or carelessly let fall in to the hands of small children, will cause death.
    I have no children, so I don't do much to "child proof" anything. (Actually, given my love of experimenting with electricity, my home would be a child's death trap. Shock hazards, chocking hazards, poisoning hazards... don't bring your kids here)
    If I did have kids, e-liquids would be secured with my alcohol.
    The FDA loves to "over protect" and ruin good things.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Aquatroy in Bluetooth   
    Sorry that's just stupid...imho
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Compenstine in Collecting data for a paper, would you all mind taking a quick survey?   
    Done. Good luck If you use Google Drive there is no limit for questions.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Mrwaylon in My first complaint.   
    Oh lord lmao
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Jeffb in My first complaint.   
    I find it hard to vape with a ball gag in my mouth
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Joshuab3687 in My first complaint.   
    Lmao! Wow! I'm speachless. I think I just blushed... Lol
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from spydre in Coca-Cola Mod   
    Hahahha.... If somebody was like "You cant use an e-cig in here", I'd be like "I'm not. This is an e-soda. It helps me diet"
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Joshuab3687 in ARE WE STILL CONSIDERED SMOKERS?   
    I see your point sir! Lol
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Bebop in Have E-Cigs helped you quit smoking?   
    I'd probably lose that bet.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to iheartvape in Vaping has become a trend?   
    I really have mixed feelings about minors vaping... Our whole argument to keep vaping from being banned and to fight the argument of vaping in certain locations is that it is safe. So on one hand we say it's safe then on the other hand we say minors shouldn't Vape cause its bad..... I know that is a very broad and generalized comparison. I don't think minors should Vape nic, but if they want to Vape 0mg I honestly don't see an issue. It would lessen the chance of them stealing their parents set up that contains nic, or having to rely on someone to buy them juice which may have nic. It should be up to the parent, and the parent should have to be present when making purchases to help ensure 0mg of nic. Now I realize this would be impossible to impose nor would it go the way it should... You will ALWAYS have minors doing the wrong thing, it is inevitable.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to joejoevapekins in Vaping has become a trend?   
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from Bebop in Have E-Cigs helped you quit smoking?   
    Shellaced butts... I bet you $20 if you put that in Google, you will find a fetish site.
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from spydre in Vaping has become a trend?   
    I agree. What upsets me the most... in every other way, she's an amazing parent to them. If everyone raised kids like hers, I wouldn't be considering getting a gun permit or chirping my car alarm in the middle of the night (when I was in Waterbury) to make sure its still there.
    Like I said, I don't want to see what may happen when the wrong person over hears.
    Part of me hopes the kid asks me for a hit of mine... as that's an open window to say "No, these aren't good for children. Ask me when you're grown up.".
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from spydre in Vaping has become a trend?   
    Last time I explained my vape to a kid, I told them some things are only ok at a certain age, just like your baby brother can't chew an oreo. "Oreos are great, but not for him, they'd hurt him. Just the same as my vape is good, but not for you."
    I fear the day when my friend's kid opens her adorable mouth at school about watermelon "cigarette", as she calls it. My friend is an otherwise fantastic parent to those rug rats. Threw me for a loop to hear her say "Mommy, I haven't had any cigarette today. Can I have some?". Took me a minute to realize, no, my ear problem isnt flairing up. I heard that accurately.
    I wish I knew how to address this. She is fiercely defensive of her kids and people butting in on how to raise them. Every other time she has told me about so-n-so giving her crap for exposing her kids to a certain religion, or what she feeds them, etc, I've agreed with her and been supportive. But I just cant agree on this.

    I sure will miss flavors when watermelon and the rest get banned. I swear to god, I will take a pull from my crappy, "tobacco" flavored, $15 dollar disposable, far cry from my ego, last thing left not banned e-cig and say to her "Mommy, I haven't had any watermelon cigarette today, Can I have some? Oh... wait..."

    Makes me wonder if she'd give her kids non-alcoholic beer, lol. Well, maybe not lol, just loling to cover up my actual reaction.

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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from spydre in Vaping has become a trend?   
    There is also the matter of the other ingredients. I have fully grown adult lungs, and made the informed decision, but no, I don't fully know the long term effects of dowsing my lungs in a near constant bath of PG, VG, and flavoring. I'm pretty confident it's safe, but have accepted the fact I'm only 90% sure. (Mind you, I'm only about 40% sure about the food I eat, but choosing not to eat is deadly) A kids lungs, and 0 knowledge of what they're doing, not good.

    Not to mention my friend vapes VERY high nic levels. She gave me some of her juice and it knocked me on my ***, in plain English!

    Is that 0 nic juice in a clearomizer she vaped from herself? If yes, I have strong doubts that all her high nic stuff was completely cleared and the kid is truly getting NO nicotine. Especially since my friend did not know you can actually take apart and clean a clearomizer.
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from WillBlack in Top coil   
    To be honest, I'm too lazy for dripping. I want to fill and vape till its empty.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Joshuab3687 in Vaping has become a trend?   
    I'm gonna have to agree with Spydre on this one. Even though the one she tried was 0 nic, it sets a bad precedent and image of what we're all about. Being responsible adults and vapers. I have 16 y/o twin daughters and have NEVER let them try alcohol or any other substance.
    They had to see my addiction to cigarettes first hand and are happy that I've stopped. I have explained to them the health benefits of my choice to vape, but have not gone into detail with them about how delicious the various flavors are. I don't wanna entice them into it. Just my 2 cents. FWIW
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to spydre in Vaping has become a trend?   
    But what happens if she leaves the room, there's juice in there with nicotine in it, and the kid goes for it because she remembers it was yummy?
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    HelloMiakoda got a reaction from Bebop in Another Study.   
    I'm more worried by what crap is in my food than what crap could, maybe, in cheapy juice, possibly in trace amounts, be in my vape.
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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Jeffb in California Internet Sales Ban   
    Not at fadora vapor bahahahahahahaha

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    HelloMiakoda reacted to Compenstine in California Internet Sales Ban   
    There are ways of stopping this without banning anything. It is called an ID check. The Internet has ways of checking IDs and can eliminate this issue without banning sales. There are companies that verify a persons age and then allows them access to adult sites. This technology has been around for a quite a few years now. Why punish everyone for outdated ways of controlling an issue? I don't get it. I would be more than happy to add the verify code to my site if it meant no banning of sales to people of legal age. It is little bit of a hassle the first time you sign up but once a person is registered to an ID check site they are good to go. Customers only give the Verifying company their information. Webmasters put a simple code is on the web site, the customer won't see any delay.

    These dumb assed politicians need to get their heads out of their stone aged ***!

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