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How Do You Feel?


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Depressed! I miss spending $20 a day on cigarettes. I also miss the tired feeling all day, the winded feeling from walking flight of stairs. The thing I miss the most about smoking is the wonderful aroma of stale ashtrays.( insert sarcasm)  :evil:


But, not nearly as depressed as my brother who hung himself 6 years ago while taking Chantix. :mad:


Next question. :wallbash:

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anesser mite be looking for opinions ta get some kinda response on how vapers on forums reacts to that question??

from CA??

their going thru all kinds of political bs out there & maybe they want opinions to make their own defense against the non-vapers that much stronger???

nothng like societies opinion to influence your decision to do or not do something you think is right/wrong...

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Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to ask a quick question and sort of get everyone's opinion. What health concerns do you have, if any, about vaping? 

I posted this a while back and I think it's relevant to your question.


When I was smoking cigarettes...I would not be able to go a day without one (actually close to a pack).


The jones that I feel for vaping is nowhere near as close to the jones I would feel from smoking analogs. I have no proof but there has got to be more than just nicotine in analogs to keep people addicted...because I can go days either not vaping or vaping 0mg nic level juice and feel perfectly fine.


I think these are a Godsend. I'm not paying Big Pharma, I'm not taking a pill...I'm freely partaking in nicotine, a legal substance that I feel (while either justly or unjustly deserving of a bad reputation) is something I should be able to do without government intervention.

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I think we're gonna a need a bigger boat chief

I've heard terrible things about Chantix. You have my heartfelt condolences for your loss...


My Dr. mentioned it when I approached him about quitting smoking. I already take an anti-depressant and I guess you're not supposed to take them both.  When I told him I was taking Wellbutrin, he closed that subject almost like I was asking him for laudanum.  Is Chantix still on the market? Because they know something about that drug they aren't telling us.

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Chantix is still going strong in California.

At least I think it's Chantix.....I don't remember to well because 50 seconds of the 1 minute commercial is spent giving you all the horrible and deadly side effects....

Truly sorry, George.

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