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  1. Yep. That's how I initially got it. Was always dealing with mild depression anyway and wanted to quit. It helped a bit for smoking but it never stuck. I still take it for the depression but nothing ever helped like vaping.
  2. I've heard terrible things about Chantix. You have my heartfelt condolences for your loss... My Dr. mentioned it when I approached him about quitting smoking. I already take an anti-depressant and I guess you're not supposed to take them both. When I told him I was taking Wellbutrin, he closed that subject almost like I was asking him for laudanum. Is Chantix still on the market? Because they know something about that drug they aren't telling us.
  3. I posted this a while back and I think it's relevant to your question. When I was smoking cigarettes...I would not be able to go a day without one (actually close to a pack). The jones that I feel for vaping is nowhere near as close to the jones I would feel from smoking analogs. I have no proof but there has got to be more than just nicotine in analogs to keep people addicted...because I can go days either not vaping or vaping 0mg nic level juice and feel perfectly fine. I think these are a Godsend. I'm not paying Big Pharma, I'm not taking a pill...I'm freely partaking in nicotine, a legal substance that I feel (while either justly or unjustly deserving of a bad reputation) is something I should be able to do without government intervention.
  4. It's got a nice cream taste on the front end blended with a bit of...nut, perhaps. Exhaling it all comes together perfectly with the initial cream/custard on the inhale to what I taste as a "vanilla bean" mixed with a cream soda. An Ice Cream Float without any of the "pep"...imo. Very, very smooth.
  5. bcart, yeah it was awesome. I don't remember a show that kept me so interested in what was going to happen next as much as that one.
  6. Remember the infamous series of numbers? 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Well, today was 4/8/15 And at 16:23:42 (4:23:42 PM) it was officially Lost!
  7. Seriously. That's a really nice setup. You have all the rigs George...I'm jealous!
  8. Did you know that the actress who played Robb Stark's wife, the girl who was a medic, is Charlie Chaplin's like...great-great-great-great granddaughter?
  9. Vapemama, they are good stuff for sure! I mixed them together and dripped the mixture and it was a whole new flavor in and of itself.
  10. I just charged my cell phone with my ecig. That's pretty darn cool.
  11. I heard that reading the books makes you want to eat...that he describes all sorts of foods in awesome detail. Oh man, I wish I could go back and be experiencing it all for the first time over again. Each season gets more and more intense...I don't think I blinked or breathed during the last half of season 4... I totally recommend it my man...very, very good stuff.
  12. Man! Get this week over with! Bring on season 5!
  13. Good thinking...but it's literally right out of the box. It comes with an MVP 2.0. I've noticed that coils and tanks and other stuff that usually come with the main purchase are usually a little sub-par. Plus, I usually end up modifying my air holes on most tanks, drilling them to make them bigger so it may just be a matter of my particular taste. I may end up doing that.
  14. That's usually what I do, but it's brand new.
  15. Just wondering if anyone else that's used this tank finds it has a very tight draw? I think this is a great tank and gives out some nice clouds and the taste is fantastic...but the draw is very tight. Like I said, it still hits like a truck but just much tighter than I'm used to.
  16. Yep. Vaping that in my MVP with an Aspire Nautilus and vaping Hydraphoria in my iStick with a Protank II. Two, very, very good liquids my friend.
  17. This is one incredible juice! The color alone is awesome, very unique looking and it looks very cool in my tanks. Also, most importantly, it tastes incredible!
  18. Some delicious liquids from the one and only supplier you need, Fadora Vapors!
  19. Picked up some juice and some 20 gauge wire from Comp as well. I can't wait to try that Hydraphoria flavor!
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