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Show Us Your Mechanical Mods


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Photobucket works great too for posting pics on forums


Upload the picture and once it's finished it will automatically create the code you can use to post it here.

My Stingray and the Stillare v3 RDA.



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No its a clone from ebay..

Guy bought it & likes it a lot & I'm eyeball'n one also..

Talk about battery ventalation,, its got it..

Wont roll off neether when I lay my tanks down.

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I have a AR clone myself. Yes, plenty of vents...lol Hits like a beast also. Just gotta put it together and adjust it the right way and absolutely zero problems.

The only thing I want to change is to put magnets in the fire button. Nothing wrong with the spring, just want to try them.

Just don't put it in your pants pocket. They don't have locking rings and will auto fire.

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heres my incognito rig,, ALL the talk on RTA thread got me wanting ta toot on this lil puppy...


I have a real affection for micro/mini mods.  Here is my shortest mod.  It is a 4Nine in 18350 mode with a Tobh on it. (They are both clones)  I can't vape that one very low as the battery is probably only good for about 8 amps.  It is sitting in front of my iStick 20 which is in front of my IPV 3.  Heck of a difference.


What type of Mod/Battery is that Hooker?
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I mainly pre-bought it fer this years Disc Golf outings...

I'd throw bout 3 holes & tell the guys SMOKE break,, & met them on the back 9 fer 9-12 then met'm at the cars...

huff'n & puff'n ALL THE WAY.....

this year will be a lot different!!!!

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