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    Starre LaBell reacted to hazenyc in Compatible Coils For Mini Super Tank   
    Try thedudevape.com He has authentic Tobecco coils and tanks. Good luck !

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    Starre LaBell reacted to hazenyc in Compatible Coils For Mini Super Tank   
    You can get authentic Tobecco coils and tanks at : thedudevape.com I hope this helps.

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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from hazenyc in Compatible Coils For Mini Super Tank   
    What sites have them? I'm almost out, good thing they last!
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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from hazenyc in Compatible Coils For Mini Super Tank   
    I purchased a Tobeco Mini Super Tank, and read that the coils were compatible with many other tanks. Does anyone know if the Vaperesso C cell coils will work with Supertanks? I'm having a hard time finding Tobeco coils. Any help is much appreciated!
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Adversarious1 in Compatible Coils For Mini Super Tank   
    The Atlantis V2 and Triton coils are compatible and I found a couple of sites with the Mini Super Tank coils in stock.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to DenverDave in UWELL Crown/Crown 2 coil cross-compatible?   
    I picked up a coil from my local vape shop last night intended for my Crown 2 tank.
    The coil I received is a Crown coil (which I believe is supposed to be compatible with the Crown 2) however the coil does not fit, it is cleanly smaller than the crown 2 coil when compared side by side.
    Anyone know What the story is with this?
    See photos below:
    (Crown 2 coil on right)

    Box Crown coil came in:

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    Starre LaBell reacted to FXRich in UWELL Crown/Crown 2 coil cross-compatible?   
    The coil on the left is for a crown 1, and the coil on the right is for a crown 2.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Tam in What vaping gear did you get for Christmas?   
    Well, Christmas has come and gone, we're done for another year. Were you naughty or nice? Did you get any vaping gear or e-liquid for gifts? If you did, share them here. 
    No vaping stuff for me, I really don't need any more. Besides, I've been put on the "naughty" list this year, lol.    
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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from Vapor Guy in Joye eVic VT 60watt Temperature Control Mod   
    You're right, and I'm loving the new vape tech, too. There's been much talk of the government legislation that could eventually make the sales of electronic mods illegal. It's really bad in California, but even my home state of Texas is looking at a bill that would prohibit online sales to people. I'm definitely going to buy another mech mod soon, just in case, and stock up on coils.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to walkteem in Joye eVic VT 60watt Temperature Control Mod   
    Joyetech launched the newest mod called the eVic VT 60W temperature control box mod yesterday. It has a 5000mAh internally charged battery with 8.0 volts and even offers temperature control that supports both Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti) wire. It looks to be a small form factor and some interesting color choices. Just googled and found the details at <removed spammy link>       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsCbAU4Vo4w
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Rixter in Rixter's Review Of Clockwerks Custard   
    I'm not going bore you all with a long, drawn out review of yet another eliquid today. I'll just tell you that if you like custard-flavored juice, I doubt you'll find anything better than Clockwerks Custard. When you get a chance to try some for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it tastes exactly like a great vanilla custard, and you'll be hard-pressed to put it down. This isn't one of those juices that sort of tastes like what it says it is...vaping this juice is just like eating a big ol' spoonful of the best vanilla custard you've ever tried.
    From the product page:
    "Clockwerks Custard is the culmination of nearly 6 months of work, testing, adjusting, and testing again in an effort to make the best Proper British Custard flavor in the industry.  We approached this task considering flavor and flavor alone when crafting this e-liquid and the end result is a rich, creamy, and oh-so-pure, TRUE Vanilla Custard!  In Clockwerks Custard we didn't include other flavors like Caramel, Butterscotch, or additional sweeteners.  When you vape Clockwerks, you taste the smoothest, purest, finest Custard flavor you can possibly get!  Simply put, there just isn't a better Proper British Custard out there!!

    This flavor was created with 100% Diacetyl Free ingredients."
    There are a couple of options available, so since I prefer sub-Ω RDAs at the moment, I chose the 30ml dropper bottle of 3mg dripper formula (my Kanger Subtank has absolutely no problems wicking it, though).
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    Starre LaBell reacted to The Weatherman in MECH SAUCE - THE MOST EXTREME VIDEO   
    This is what I think of a new juice I ordered from Mech Sauce,
    The e-juice review forum is "protected" for some reason.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Adversarious1 in PBFB - Not just a flavor, an experience   
    Got my bottle of PBFB today. Based on all the great reviews I have seen of this juice thus far I had high expectations. Very high expectations, indeed.

    I decided to make my first taste into a little ritual. I opened the bottle and gently let the aroma waft to my nostrils. Enticing. I wolfed down dinner in eager anticipation of the "dessert" that was to follow.

    When it came time, I grabbed a nice, cold Guinness Draught and took a swig. I double checked the coils on my Mutation X to make sure it was reading my currently preferred .5 ohms. I rewicked with fresh organic cotton and checked the ohms again. I put the Mutation X on my Limitless mod, popped in a fresh 18650 and prepared to have my tastebuds overjoyed.

    I opened the bottle, gingerly dropped a few drops on my atty and fired it momentarily. Oh...the scent. I don't know what paradise smells like, but I'll bet the scent met by my nose is close.

    I placed the cap on my mod, brought the mod to my mouth and fired the mod again. I inhaled deeply. Oh my...was I in Heaven? I exhaled and took another hit. And another. And another.

    I prepared to drop a few more drops on my atty when I remembered my cold stout. What to do? WHAT TO DO?!?! I only have two hands! I couldn't hold the mod, and the bottle of juice AND the beer, could I? Of course not! I did the only sensible thing I could think of at the time...I filled my Herakles, upped the watts on my Sigelei, grabbed the beer, took a seat and vaped. And I vaped. And I drank. And I vaped.

    And the skies parted, the Heaven's opened up and angel's decended. And I knew all was right in my own little world, if only for a few minutes.

    Oh yes...PBFB certainly exceeded my expectations. From the "fresh out of the oven" flavor with warm vapes to the "thick milkshake" experience of a cool vape...there wasn't a bad hit to be found.

    I will certainly be purchasing more of this in the near future, along with some others I want to try from Fadora Vapor.

    Well done, Comp. Well done.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Adversarious1 in Bump Everytime You Buy Something New   
    Okay...this is either turning into a hobby, a disease, or a hobby that acts like a disease. Spent more money yesterday and today.

    Top: Horizon Arctic sub-ohm tank and Sense Herakles sub-ohm tank.

    Bottom: Aluminum Limitless Sleeve mech mod with extra sleeve. The arctic digital camo on the right is the one that came with the mod, the black one on the left that says #TUGLYFE is the extra.

    The other side of the black sleeve has the Tugboat logo.

    My brother, who happens to be a master machinist, has already taken precise measurements of the sleeves and will be making me some more...including sending them out to be anodized. He is going to have me drive up to his factory later next week so he can laser scan the mod and make me a copper one on the CNC machine at work.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Rixter in Bump Everytime You Buy Something New   
    I just bought a 40 watt KangerTech KBox from My Freedom Smokes on sale for $25.95 ($25.79 shipped using reward points from previous purchases and coupon code "ECFDISC14").

    Perfect fit for my 25mm Subtank
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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from tazl37 in New rta   
    Good choice; I love mine. It holds plenty of eliquid, and the 22' diameter fits on most Mods. I really don't use the RDA, and would have gone with the Nano, but didn't like the 18' size. I've been vaping several years now, and this is the best tank I've ever had...the occ coils last a long time, too.
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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from gag8tor in Bump Everytime You Buy Something New   
    I just ordered Mr. Cookie eliquid...it was hard to choose with so many delicious flavors available at Giant Vapes. I do like the free shipping...wish my vape budget were bigger.
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    Starre LaBell got a reaction from jasonculp in Kangertech Subtank - Coils lasting 1-3 days   
    I should add that I'm using a .5 ohm coil at 24.1w while vaping this tank of The Virus with Custards Last Stand added. Honestly, I've not had a coil become bad, yet, but do notice that they swell where the coil screws in...I had the end break off of one.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to tazl37 in New rta   
    The Atlantis is not really rebuildable, but I do love it. I just purchase a kanger sub tank mini though.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Tug in Question For The Cloud Chasers   
    Personally 30w is just fine for producing plenty of vapor it all depends on your coil build and ratio of juice, and yes to answer your question I highly recommend dropping your nicotine level down to about 3mg and 6mg at the most (6 is what I drip) and its just fine.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to Tug in Kangertech Subtank - Coils lasting 1-3 days   
    I have the nano and my coils have been lasting me way longer then what you guys claim.The flavor does get less and less prevalent over time but it doesn't bother me
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    Starre LaBell reacted to GeorgeF in What tank/battery?   
    There is an Aerotank mini that is also available. Unless of course your looking for more juice capacity.
    Also, for your battery upgrade might I suggest an iStick 50w by eLeaf. you don't have to use its full potential but the thing lasts for days on a full charge at low wattage settings.
    I get about 2 days on mine at 12w. Probably even more at a lower wattage.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to GeorgeF in Best juice suppliers online?   
    One I have used that is good and has a lot of different juice manufacturers is http://www.giantvapes.com . They have a wide variety of PG/VG ratio juice.
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    Starre LaBell reacted to SABOTEUR in Menthol Question   
    Ditto what's already been said concerning the difficulty of matching the flavor of an analog. But being a longtime Newport smoker, I've recently found and have become quite impressed with the selection of various menthols offered by Halo (http://www..com/). Perhaps you can find an acceptable menthol flavor there.

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    Starre LaBell reacted to JohnnyFog in Potential Success Converting a LONG TIME Heavy Smoker   
    My girlfriend's dad has been smoking for the better part of 50 years. Not only a long time smoker but he smokes those "Santa Fe" little cigars/cigarillos or whatever they are called. Just hardcore stuff. 1.5 to 2 packs a day... He suffers from COPD. He gets out of breath very easily and it takes him a while to recover when he gets worked up. He's not on permanent oxygen but he's probably not far from it. Last week he was out shopping with us and after dinner, the walk from the restaurant door to the car got him very out of breath and he was breathing heavy for at least 10 more minutes after the 2 minute walk to the car.

    After we dropped her parents off at their house, I talked with my girlfriend about it and suggested that we try to get him on vapor instead of smoke. She said he'd never go for it because he'd never shell out the money for the equipment to get started because he's tight. He smokes those Santa Fe smokes because they cost less than $20 for a carton.

    That being the case, I decided to buy him some gear to try out. I got him an eLeaf iStick like mine and a Nautilus tank. I got him a 30ml bottle of Space Jam "Eclipse" at 24mg to get him started. We dropped by his house about 430pm this afternoon and I showed him how to work it. He had seen me using mine before and was a bit curious about it. I showed him how to refill the tank, fix any 'gurgling' that might occur, showed him how to not get juice in the wrong places when he fills it, how to hook it to his phone charger at night to charge the battery and got him puffing on it before I left. Since I'm making my own e-juices, I think he's interested in making it work for him since I told him he could essentially smoke for free because I'd keep him in the juices. I also discussed with him how I have switched from analogs to vapor and worked my way down the nicotine chain from 18mg liquids to 4mg liquids in just 2 months time. He knows I'm breathing and feeling better because I have started dieting and exercising again, which includes running that I could never do when I was smoking with 'smoke.'

    We called my gf's mom about 9pm to see how it was going. She said he hadn't smoked an analog since he started puffing vapor and he would have normally had 10 or more during that time.

    I'm hoping this will be a success story!
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