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  1. I punched some holes in the cotton with a safety pin. Problem solved. Thanks
  2. I have been using my Alien Kit with the .4 coil for a little while now. Having some issues with Beard 32 (70/30) wicking well... getting dry/burnt hits running low around 20w-30w on a new coil. I am not sure if a new / different coil will solve this issue however I would like to try some of the different coil options. Interested in the .15T8, but open to suggestions. On a side note, can the coils for sale on ebay be trusted? Are there many counterfeit coils out there? Thanks
  3. I chose the Sence Herakles Plus tank because of blog reviews I read from 16/17" which rated the Herakles plus and Crown tanks as the best for flavor. I purchased both and prefer the Herakles. Now regarding the Smok Tanks, I have tried the baby beast many times as it is what my local vape shop uses for vape juice samples. Honestly I am completely underwhelmed with this tank. Yes you can crank it up and blow out huge vapor clouds but that's not why I enjoy vaping..... I want to get the most flavor as possible. IMO the Herakles Plus and even the UWELL Crown both are far superior to the Smok BB
  4. I have a Sense Herakles Plus tank and like it a lot. Thinking about buying another Herakles line tank but am a bit confused by the offerings including: Honnor, Wierdo, Pro, V2, etc. Every web stores description of the tanks says that that specific model is the newest generation. I don't want to buy a tank that's outdated/replaced/no longer supported by new coils. Which of the Sence Herakles line is actually the newest version? Because I already have a Plus I am thinking that the Pro might be a good one to get as the coils are supposed to be cross compatible. Is this the case with the Honno
  5. When I change the atomizer on my K-box mini often it does not stop blinking "9.99" and the message "New Atomizer....?" Does not appear. Some tanks like my Crown 2 seem to suffer from the problem less than other tanks like my TopTank and Sence Herakles Plus. I have tried turning it off and on, taking the battery out, nothing is working.
  6. I tried the RBA once and it was an epic fail. Would like to learn how to do it. Do you happen to know a good YouTube instructional video?
  7. Yep that makes sence. I have the Kanger 75w TC mod and a TopTank (basically same as sub tank) as well. Got a Sence Herakles Plus tank and will never use the Sub tank again. You should try it... amazing flavor.
  8. I am relatively new to vaping, my current favorite set up is a K box mini 75W TC with a Sence Herakles Plus tank .4ohm Clapton coil. I have been looking at other mods out there and don't understand why someone would buy a mod that goes up to 300w , 200w or even 100w for that matter. Mine goes to 75w and I never run it at even close to that high power. With a .4 coil I keep min set at about 27w. Any higher and it starts to taste burnt and the vape is hot. I have tried different coils and tanks (Kanger top tank sun ohm, Crown 2, Nautilus mini) and the hottest I have ever run my was around 50w.
  9. Beard 24 sound really good Carmel milkshake (70/30). Might give that a try...
  10. Thanks for the info. I did not know about "letting it breathe " in the tank for a while. Will try that. I have noticed the best flavor vapes are when the tank has been sitting for a while, typically overnight in my case. I am using two tanks: 1) Sence Herakles Plus 2) UWELL Crown 2 I prefer the Sence and am going to order some new coils when I order juice. Which coils do you suggest for my Sence Herakles Plus tank? The .2 NI, or .4 Clapton? For use with: A) Beard 32 (70-30) super Strudel (max VG). - I have had issues with this juice, in my Crown 2 running a .2 coil I need to keep
  11. I picked up a coil from my local vape shop last night intended for my Crown 2 tank. The coil I received is a Crown coil (which I believe is supposed to be compatible with the Crown 2) however the coil does not fit, it is cleanly smaller than the crown 2 coil when compared side by side. Anyone know What the story is with this? See photos below: (Crown 2 coil on right) Box Crown coil came in:
  12. Thanks Tam. I will try to remember to do a follow up in a week or so if something noteworthy happens or I have other worthwhile insight. One thing I did start to notice today, and I also heard this in a YouTube review is the crown 2 seems to burn through Atomizer rather quickly, more on that to come.
  13. A Vaping Noobs Brife Uninformed Review of Two Awesome Tanks: Uwell Crown 2 & Sense Herakles Plus To get things started I will give you a brief run down on my vaping history. About a year ago I decided to give vaping a go in an effort to quit/reduce my cigarette habit. The first 3 or four months I used Kanger E-Smart kit, which, I will say having tried other products in its class is a good product but I think has been discontinued. Unsatisfied with the low yield of the little E-Smart 510 rig I looked into stepping up into something better but not sure if I wanted to dive into the d
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