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  1. I punched some holes in the cotton with a safety pin. Problem solved. Thanks
  2. I have been using my Alien Kit with the .4 coil for a little while now. Having some issues with Beard 32 (70/30) wicking well... getting dry/burnt hits running low around 20w-30w on a new coil. I am not sure if a new / different coil will solve this issue however I would like to try some of the different coil options. Interested in the .15T8, but open to suggestions. On a side note, can the coils for sale on ebay be trusted? Are there many counterfeit coils out there? Thanks
  3. I chose the Sence Herakles Plus tank because of blog reviews I read from 16/17" which rated the Herakles plus and Crown tanks as the best for flavor. I purchased both and prefer the Herakles. Now regarding the Smok Tanks, I have tried the baby beast many times as it is what my local vape shop uses for vape juice samples. Honestly I am completely underwhelmed with this tank. Yes you can crank it up and blow out huge vapor clouds but that's not why I enjoy vaping..... I want to get the most flavor as possible. IMO the Herakles Plus and even the UWELL Crown both are far superior to the Smok BB when it comes to flavor.
  4. I have a Sense Herakles Plus tank and like it a lot. Thinking about buying another Herakles line tank but am a bit confused by the offerings including: Honnor, Wierdo, Pro, V2, etc. Every web stores description of the tanks says that that specific model is the newest generation. I don't want to buy a tank that's outdated/replaced/no longer supported by new coils. Which of the Sence Herakles line is actually the newest version? Because I already have a Plus I am thinking that the Pro might be a good one to get as the coils are supposed to be cross compatible. Is this the case with the Honnor or a other tanks in the line? Thanks
  5. When I change the atomizer on my K-box mini often it does not stop blinking "9.99" and the message "New Atomizer....?" Does not appear. Some tanks like my Crown 2 seem to suffer from the problem less than other tanks like my TopTank and Sence Herakles Plus. I have tried turning it off and on, taking the battery out, nothing is working.
  6. I tried the RBA once and it was an epic fail. Would like to learn how to do it. Do you happen to know a good YouTube instructional video?
  7. Yep that makes sence. I have the Kanger 75w TC mod and a TopTank (basically same as sub tank) as well. Got a Sence Herakles Plus tank and will never use the Sub tank again. You should try it... amazing flavor.
  8. I am relatively new to vaping, my current favorite set up is a K box mini 75W TC with a Sence Herakles Plus tank .4ohm Clapton coil. I have been looking at other mods out there and don't understand why someone would buy a mod that goes up to 300w , 200w or even 100w for that matter. Mine goes to 75w and I never run it at even close to that high power. With a .4 coil I keep min set at about 27w. Any higher and it starts to taste burnt and the vape is hot. I have tried different coils and tanks (Kanger top tank sun ohm, Crown 2, Nautilus mini) and the hottest I have ever run my was around 50w. What's the use for these hi wattage output mods? I know this is a noob question and appreciate the input.
  9. Beard 24 sound really good Carmel milkshake (70/30). Might give that a try...
  10. Thanks for the info. I did not know about "letting it breathe " in the tank for a while. Will try that. I have noticed the best flavor vapes are when the tank has been sitting for a while, typically overnight in my case. I am using two tanks: 1) Sence Herakles Plus 2) UWELL Crown 2 I prefer the Sence and am going to order some new coils when I order juice. Which coils do you suggest for my Sence Herakles Plus tank? The .2 NI, or .4 Clapton? For use with: A) Beard 32 (70-30) super Strudel (max VG). - I have had issues with this juice, in my Crown 2 running a .2 coil I need to keep the wattage low, in the 20w-30w range or I get a burnt taste with it. Thanks
  11. I picked up a coil from my local vape shop last night intended for my Crown 2 tank. The coil I received is a Crown coil (which I believe is supposed to be compatible with the Crown 2) however the coil does not fit, it is cleanly smaller than the crown 2 coil when compared side by side. Anyone know What the story is with this? See photos below: (Crown 2 coil on right) Box Crown coil came in:
  12. Thanks Tam. I will try to remember to do a follow up in a week or so if something noteworthy happens or I have other worthwhile insight. One thing I did start to notice today, and I also heard this in a YouTube review is the crown 2 seems to burn through Atomizer rather quickly, more on that to come.
  13. A Vaping Noobs Brife Uninformed Review of Two Awesome Tanks: Uwell Crown 2 & Sense Herakles Plus To get things started I will give you a brief run down on my vaping history. About a year ago I decided to give vaping a go in an effort to quit/reduce my cigarette habit. The first 3 or four months I used Kanger E-Smart kit, which, I will say having tried other products in its class is a good product but I think has been discontinued. Unsatisfied with the low yield of the little E-Smart 510 rig I looked into stepping up into something better but not sure if I wanted to dive into the deep end (or spend much money). That landed me with a Nautilus mini tank and a VAMO V4 or V5 (cant remember) VV/VW mod. Big improvement. Everything about it, the adjustability, flavor and clouds (relative VAMO only goes to 12/15 watts). A few months later I decided I was going to do it right and get a state of the art (for those 10min) but still not too pricy, set-up, so I got a Kanger Sub Top Tank. Obviously it goes without saying that the extra power brought things to a whole new level. Finally, a contraption that could satisfy my rather heavy smoking habit. However I felt it lacked in one major area, flavor. I tried all the different coils (except the RBA set which I am yet to try my hand at). I knew what seriously good flavor was like from the Nautilus, but I found that the TopTank only with the Clapton coils came into the acceptable realm of what the flavor should be like. After dropping it, replacing the glass, which I still cant get to stop leaking I decided to try out the current highly reviewed tanks. So a little over a week ago I placed an order with DIRECTVAPOR for a Sense Herakles Plus and a Uwell Crown 2. I can saw without question that these two products have delivered far beyond expectations. Uwell Crown 2: Built like a tank . I mean this thing is solid. Like the Herakles It came with two atomizers and an extra glass. I found it Vaping really well in the 50 watt area with my favorite juice, Beard 32. The airflow had nice tactile clicks when you open/close it. Simple, well made, delivers great flavor and plenty of vapor. Sense Herakles Plus: Once I got this things humming all I can say is wow. It can really output some serious flavor and huge clouds. This tank has three points of adjustment. A bottom airflow, top air flow, and juice flow restrictor. Now I am not %100 sure what the top airflow does, the bottom airflow seems to work as it does on the other tanks I own so I normally leave it opened all the way and adjust the bottom. Now here is the kicker, this thing drinks juice at an unbelievable rate. On top of that, it destroys the battery in my K-Box. The tank was certainly designed for a more powerful mod set-up. To sum things up, both these products are great. The Herakles however, if you have the hardware to handle it and don't mind buying juice by the gallon takes the cake. It should be noted that the Crown 2, when comparing its efficiency to the Herakles is an outstanding performer with really not that many concessions. I hope that some of you found this write up informative. I am obviously not very interested in the technical aspects of vaping but from a practical standpoint I hope to have provided some insight.
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