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    Lung or mouth?

    Thought you might find this video interesting.: http://youtu.be/qXP2Ojc0w4c


    I have to concur....Halo has an excellent variety of menthol juices. In fact, Menthol Ice is my staple. I occasionally mix other flavors with it, but Menthol Ice is the base. It's a cool, clean refreshing menthol flavor. Doesn't leave a minty or lingering aftertaste.

    Lung or mouth?

    How you inhale is personal preference. I've never considered whether one type of inhalation was healthier than another. NEITHER is "good" for your health, since you're introducing a foreign substance to your body, but a far cry healthier than smoking.

    hello and help

    If you're considering an electronic cigarette as an option, I would suggest purchasing a disposable brand (Blu, NJoy or whatever's available) from your local convenience store or gas station. Doing so will allow you to experience an ecig without investing a lot of money.
  5. In all honesty, it's not necessary for your co-workers to understand. They don't even have to know you vape unless you choose to share with them. You don't need their understanding or approval to do what you feel is right for YOU.

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!


    What delivery system does this definition refer to; nicotine delivered via traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes? I ask because I've read e-cig sdeliver nicotine to the system differently, though I'm not sure of the specifics. Or does it matter?

    Veteran Smokers

    Congrats on discovering electronic cigarettes! I too cling to my preferred menthol, though it's not as if I haven't tried other flavors. I guess being freed from the limited taste restrictions imposed by cigarettes encourages vapers to enjoy many different flavors. I find that even though my "go-to" juice is the fresh, clean taste of Halo Menthol Ice, switching occasionally to a different flavor refreshes my taste buds, allowing me to appreciate my favorite that much more. Even at that, though, I never venture past one or two alternate flavors. But after experimenting for almost 4 years (I'm 55, by the way), it's very apparent that the one remaining aspect I've carried over from smoking ( beside the hand-to-mouth ritual) is "menthol". Whatever I vape must have a noticeable menthol base. With that, I find that adding menthol to a coffee or vanilla juice improves the flavor for me. I've yet to find a coffee or vanilla, though, that's satisfying enough for me to commit to. Anyway, keep it up...a pleasure reading your post.

    Shaking My Head At Mall Vendors

    I find it's best for me to avoid those kiosks entirely because I can't stand seeing people being fleeced. What's really sad is...and this is just my opinion...those sales people really believe that what they're selling is the "real deal". Some are like robots, for lack of a better term. I visited a kiosk back when I was using an eGo. I'm standing there looking around and the guy made a pitch. I respectfully declined, showing him my eGo. Acted like he didn't see it! He then proceeded to try to sell me one of those $125.00 starter kits. It became apparent to me then that being there was rather pointless.
  10. Yeah...I've heard the "switching one bad habit for another" from a few people. Strangely enough, it's usually said by smokers. Non-smokers I've come across seem really fascinated upon learning about vaping; delighted I've been able to find a healthier alternative. But I don't get mad upon hearing this. I find myself agreeing, while countering with something like "at least I'm not spending a small fortune for cigarettes anymore". That effectively ends the snarky remarks.

    Is There Any Point In 0Mg Eliquid?

    Interesting question. I ran across a fellow vaper recently who shared something with me I hadn't considered. Didn't think very much about it, but your question brought it to mind. This fellow switched to vaping for health reasons. He said he vapes 0 mic juice because he fears having nicotine in his system may void his insurance policy since he states he's a non-smoker. I have no idea whether the insurance company performs such tests on a body after death, but this guy wasn't taking any chances. It would be interesting to find out if there's any validity to this speculation. The only other thought concerning this is maybe some vapers are serious about being addiction free, but still enjoy the act of vaping. Kind of like using a hookah (I think that's what they're called) or something.

    Time To Fess Up

    No question about it...I'm a nicotine addict. I've heard it said, though, that we don't get as much nicotine from vaping as we would from smoking. There's a pretty good video I ran across from an addiction counselor who states we could vape nicotine for the rest of our lives and it wouldn't harm us. That's quite a relief considering I vape continuously, just as you described.

    Is There Any System That Works Consistently?

    First off, I know virtually nothing about "systems"; I've found what works for me and I'm satisfied. I HAVE noticed over the past 3 years that not all juice is created equal. It might TASTE great, but you pay hell trying to vape it. It just seems to me that its possible the juice is more of a problem than what you're vaping with. I don't KNOW, as I've said, but its worth considering.

    Informal Health Survey

    I daresay it's more than a bit ironic that soon after I posted this query... ...I came down with a cold. (Guess that'll teach me to keep my big mouth shut.)

    Thinking Of Getting An Ecig


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