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  1. I don't watch many movies lately, but would be interested to know which movies have characters that vape... some of them might be worthy of my $
  2. Congrats Edna! One year seemed like it would take forever, but now that it's passed... it will be 3 years in just a few days
  3. Here in Eastern Kentucky, they were often referred to as a "fancy crack-pipe" A few years ago, cops in the area were pulling people over left and right, when they saw someone with an eGo or similar device... thinking it was drug-related. My ex-brother-in-law is a detective in an urban area, and he said they had to go to a mandatory class offered by the State Police, which taught them how to spot Nicotine-replacement devices, to avoid unnecessary traffic stops (and possibly a law-suit). He said they were taught about Nicotine, PG, VG, flavors, different devices, how they all worked together, etc.... and the amazing thing is that over half the smokers in his department switched to vaping after the class and many more followed over the next year or so.... Sadly, about the beginning of 2016, thanks to the nannies in gov't and the health-department, they are no longer allowed to vape at the precinct, in public while in their uniform, or in their squad-cars... yet they are still allowed to SMOKE in their squad-cars, as long as it is an unmarked car, and they are still allowed to smoke in plain view of the public, while in uniform...
  4. Welcome to VT! Back then I used an 1100mAh Ego-T, I could get about two tankfuls (of a Ce4) before needing a recharge... which could be anywhere between 4 and 10 hours. Time is not the relative factor, as everyone vapes differently. I think if you're getting two tanks per charge, it is about right. Perhaps you should look to upgrade to a larger battery mod, and perhaps a more modern tank?
  5. I'm loving this little AIO... it's better than any of the others I've tried from 'big-name' makers. I agree with everything said above... the fit and finish left out no details, and it feels good in the hand. I'm even enjoying the light-show in the tank as you take a puff It is actually a nice conversation starter when you use it around non-vapers... My fiance has been the primary user, and she prefers it now over her Nautilus for work and in the car, because of it's 'pocket-size'. She's even loving the nice, thick clouds she's getting... says they are more satisfying! She LOVES the purple accents too :D Suggestions would be for replacement coils available in 0.8 and 1.2 Ohm for those that prefer a cooler vape? Also, possibly come out with a V2 updated model with a couple of pre-set Wattage/Voltage settings, or a little bigger battery, for a little more life?
  6. Hmm, it is... it's part of a marketing analysis to determine what (politicians and nannies) needs to be banned from packaging, advertising, posters, flavors, names, etc.
  7. On pre-made coils like Kanger and Aspire... I have gotten days out of some, and some have lasted a month before flavor went south. Since I've been using temp-control and SS wire coils, I've been getting 3+ weeks out of each pre-made. When I make my own coils, I can get about a week before I change the cotton, and the coil is good for several weeks (4-5 minimum) if I clean the coil when I change the cotton. I agree with everyone above... I think if you're burning them up, you have the Wattage too high for your juice/air-flow?
  8. Congrats on 5-years Tam! This place wouldn't be the same without you... and many of us "old dogs" wouldn't have hung around on this forum if not for you (and a few others) being here to encourage and assist Now, break out one of those old CE4's and pretend it's 2012 again
  9. Yeah @Walt, I said that tongue-in-cheek, with a hint of sarcasm... I have full faith that every politician with a vested interest in upholding their cash-cow of tobacco taxes, will fully rebuke this study and tout it as tainted or bias... and sweep it under the rug! The author of the study will likely be drawn-and-quartered on the capital lawn... or at least fired.... Which is why I forwarded the link (and text) to my Representatives and Senators at the state and Federal levels, as well as my state Attorney General, local and state Health Departments, and a few hundred of my friends. CA says breathing causes cancer, so a study from CA that says second-hand vape has NOTHING in it that is harmful (moreso than normal air)... is HUGE info, and must get out there!
  10. Yeah, all these states that ban vaping (the same as smoking) in public places, outdoor venues, and even in your car (unless you're alone in the car or it's a convertible with the top down)... will need to re-evaluate their logic and reasoning behind such totalitarian edicts that restrict FREEDOM of AMERICAN CITIZENS!
  11. I'm with @Tam... I like the first "VT" logo, not the distressed one, too... they'll be "distressed" after a couple years wearing it anyway . The large logo on the front is good, but perhaps also offer one with a smaller logo on the left breast and the "Vapor Talk" logo (3rd image) on the back? The gals like their totes... and guys like their hats (I'd love a hat with Velcro adjustment or "one-size S/M, L/XL" solid back). Other good swag might be water bottles, battery cases (the zippered ones like eFest), and vinyl stickers (like window stickers for the car) ?
  12. The vanilla bean ice cream tastes like it sounds... like creamy vanilla ice cream. To me, Bavarian cream is the same flavor. As for putting VG in the freezer, it won't hurt it all all, and it will not freeze solid (unless your freezer is set for -40), nor separate out. It will be thick as molasses, though if you try to use it while cold
  13. Yeah, they keep you coming back with store credit, gear-bucks, points, etc.... The last couple of things I ordered from them were purposely chosen because they were shipped from their US warehouse (and weren't any cheaper than other US vendors, but like you, I had over $20 in credit/points), and I had them in a couple days, not couple months
  14. The NY Times is reporting that Dr. Murthy resigned, but others report he was "dismissed". His replacement should be more pro-vaping, from what I've read... She can't be nearly as bad as Murthy... he was anti everything (no vaping, no red meat, no salt, no water, no breathing... unless you're drinking and breathing FDA approved water and air, lol). https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/04/21/surgeon-general-dismissed-replaced-trump-administration/100767454/
  15. The "practical" difference is the amps a battery can safely discharge without venting or failing. Most quality batteries are 20A, but some are rated and tested higher. It is their tested value for continuous discharge that is important. Their pulse value is usually higher, but means little since you are not using them in a pulse capacity, in other words you are holding the fire button longer than one second [emoji4]. Typically, batteries with lower capacity (mAh) have higher discharge ratings, and those with huge capacity have lower amp rating... But it's a generalization, not a rule. The batteries I listed above are proven and tested to 20A ratings, and most of us here on VT know and trust them daily! Sent from my XT1094 using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  16. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/biotech/sd-me-vaping-conley-20170415-story.html Sent from my XT1094 using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  17. Welcome! You are correct, the tank is getting warm because of the heat generated by the heating of the coil at high watts... think of the heat of a 100W light-bulb, and you're going hotter than that... in a very confined space... As for batteries getting warm, yes they do that as they produce power (discharge). I do not know the brand "Avatar", and probably would not trust them to be true 20A batteries. If it were me, I would invest in a QUALITY pair of Samsung 25R (green wrapper) or LG batteries (HE2, HG2). The ones I mentioned are TRUE 20A batteries and larger capacity (2500mAh or 3000mAh). I regularly use (and trust) these batteries and never have them get warm on me, even when pushing a single battery over 60W... or dual batteries over 120W.
  18. First of all... WOW TAM! You pulled the trigger on a Baby Beast! Congrats! Yes, there is a difference in heat produced from sub-ohm coils. Honestly, If I'm going to go below 0.3 Ohms, I drop to 3mg Nicotine or less, and use Temp Control. A 0.25 Ohm Kanthal coil is much hotter (to me) than a 0.2 Ohm SS coil at the same Wattage. And some tanks I've used (The Arctic comes to mind) would set me on fire even at the low power of 16-20W using their 0.2 Ohm ceramic coil. When all things are equal (type of col), lower Ohms and higher Wattage do tend to maintain the same vapor/heat sensation, although you do have to open the air and reduce your Nicotine because Nicotine absorbs faster as you lower resistance (heat it faster/hotter). 1.8 Ohm and 18mg Nicotine are virtually equal to 0.3 Ohm and 3mg... although to get the same vapor and heat, you do have to increase power to the lower Ohm coil... obviously Nicotine absorption and heat are not exactly linear progressions, but they are close enough for gov't work I don't have a Baby Beast (yet), so I can't give better advice, but my first thoughts are the usual... longer drip tip, lower Nicotine, higher VG, more air, slower/faster draw... and the best advice is to use TC! Dialing down the temperature is a real key for me when using the Subtank Minis. When I'm using 0.15 Ni200 coils, I can crank up the heat to 500F (prefer around 450F), but when I use 0.2 Ohm SS coils, I find the exact same heat and vapor can be achieved at 380F. I've wrapped my own SS coils at 0.15 Ohm and can push those above 400F, but not much more before it feels like I'm drinking scalding hot tea If your mod has TCR mode, you can use TC with almost any coil. What type of wire are the Q2 coils made from?
  19. I went from 24 to 18 in the first month, and was hovering at 12 by the first vaping anniversary. Right now I'm bouncing between 3 and 9, depending on the tank/coil I'm using, and even the 9mg is strong enough that I take a few hits and don't touch it for hours at a time. My fiance isn't willing to come down from the 12mg I have her at right now... but she's only been vaping almost 2 years. She "thinks" she's vaping 15mg, but that's only because I've not changed the labels on her bottles... Bwahahahahaha Personally, if she's happy with her 12mg, she can stay there as long as she wants I don't think either of us will quit vaping anytime soon... we both enjoy the flavors and we both enjoy the little bit of nicotine...
  20. I've bought them from CVS and Walgreens before. They don't always carry "good" batteries... brand-name, quality, high Amp batteries... but they do occasionally have LG HE2 or HG2, and more often have Samsung 25R (green wrappers). Stick with quality batteries and you'll be fine. Your Koopor mini2 can handle 80W, so I would stick with a battery that can handle 20A loads, and never use any cheap battery in it. Your battery is the life-blood of your vaping experience... don't cheap-out or trust your life with a battery of unknown origins...
  21. You can find them on sale, but expect anywhere from $4-8 each to be an average price, depending on the brand and where you buy them from. I've bought most of my batteries online, but I also picked up several LG HE2 from my local pharmacy (in the medical supplies section - they are commonly used in C-pap devices and other things that require battery back-ups or portability). When I find them on sale for $8-12 per pair, I try to stock up a few extra pairs... at least once per year. Their life-span is measured in charging cycles, not years, so expect most every (quality) battery you buy to last 300 cycles, minimum, before they begin to show longer charge-times and begin to hold less and less charge. Many of the newer batteries boast 500-1000+ cycles, but they've not been out long enough for anyone to have proven they last 2-4 years of daily use, lol. Be wary of buying batteries from eBay, or overseas online stores. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Batteries are a huge target for knock-offs or re-wrapped crap. Sony batteries (for a while) were the worst... for every 10 you'd buy, at least half would be clones/re-wraps/knock-offs. The batteries sold by the VT store are guaranteed to be authentic. As mentioned above, always label your batteries so you know when you bought it, as well as a letter or number so you can maintain rotation. All of mine get a date of purchase and a letter-code so I know which one to use next. If you use a mod that require 2 or 3 batteries, they should always ... always... be kept married, and rotated inside the device. For those, I label them with a letter for the married sets, and two numbers.... first number tells me it is a 2 or 3 battery set, and second number tells me the order... A31, A32, A33, B21, B22, etc. (you'll never find a B34 or X23) so I can keep the A's together, B's together, and rotate their position inside the device after each re-charge cycle.
  22. Number one... did they also give you a battery? If so, what brand/model is it? If they didn't give you one, I would suggest you buying a pair (at least) of Samsung 25R (green), LG HE2 (red), or any of the other "good" batteries out there from Samsung, LG, or Sony. There are other good ones, but those are the ones I trust. As for tanks, a perfect starter, that will grow with you will be the Kanger Subtank Mini or Toptank mini... they're the same tank, but the top-tank can be refilled without removing it from the box-mod
  23. I've cleaned drop-in coils using pure-grain alcohol such as Everclear, moonshine, or Vodka over 100 Proof. The higher and purer the alcohol content the better, though. Let them soak overnight, repeat as necessary, then air-dry for another overnight period, and they are rejuvenated, but not quite good-as-new. This is mostly to remove flavor from wicks, but it will do a decent job cleaning the coil of crud. Seriously though, with the coils I use being so cheap (and rebuildable), I don't even bother cleaning them anymore... I just grab another and toss the old one into the "rebuild later" pile.
  24. I agree with @cany, it looks cool, but at 800mAh, and 4ml capacity, I don't think the battery would outlast a full tank, especially if the device is 25W only. Some (maybe most, at least most of mine) juices just won't tolerate 25W, even at 0.5 Ohm coil resistance... so I see this as a no-go in my book, even for a new vaper. If a noob started with one of these, they'd be back on analogs by the end of the day....
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