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  1. High VG content will give a glycerin-bar taste in your mouth sometimes... and can be similar to a "metallic" taste. You've lowered your nicotine, so that will also add to the glycerin flavor because of the lack of "pepper" flavor from lower nicotine. If you're not getting good flavor or vapor... up your wattage in 0.5 or 1W increments until you get a burnt taste... then back it off by 0.5W. That should help to dial in the flavor and vapor production. Another suggestion is to try a different tank (brand, coil style, coil resistance).... Sometimes the problems we have are simply the equipment we use... I have a couple of shoe-boxes full of perfectly good tanks, mods, and coils, which simply did not work for "me", even though others have had much love and success with/for them.
  2. When I vape a 0.8 coil in Wattage-mode, I typically run 15-22W, depending on the juice. The stamps on the side of the coil are reference points, and not a recommendation for Wattage range. You have to start low and keep upping the Wattage until you get a slight burnt taste, then back the Wattage down a few tenths or even a whole Watt. Your juice determines what your setting should be, and if you use a different tank, even if the coil is the same resistance, the setting will likely be different for that tank/coil/juice combo.
  3. It depends on the coil (type of material, resistance, etc) and the factors of juice and power... Some factory coils can last a few days, some can go a month or longer. Dark/sweet juices tend to gum a coil faster, while clear/tart juices are slow to gum a coil. I usually get twice as long from my Stainless Steel coils as I do Kanthal or Ni200. Titanium is hit or miss... "Fancy coils" like Claptons or multi-twist coils usually don't last as long for me because they gum up faster... but that is not a rule, more of an observation based on my experience. Coils I make myself for my RBA's or RDA's... they can last months, but I still have to clean the coil and re-wick every 5-10 days. Using quality Japanese cotton seems to make them taste better and last longer between wicking, too. There is no "standard" life of a coil... my fiance' and I can use the same tank, same coil, but different juices, and we never get the same life from a coil because of juice/power/style differences... my regular-interval-vaping opposed to her intermittent-vaping style (due to work restrictions)... her lower-power vs my higher-power vaping... etc.... etc.... All this being said... MOST factory coils should last a couple of weeks... some longer, some might be less... but I'd (personally) be upset if I didn't get at least 3 months from a 5-pack of coils these days... I know dark/sweet juices are coil-killers... so I only vape dark/sweet juices from my RBA, so I can make the coil last longer with frequent re-wicking and cleaning. If I use a Kanger 316L SSOCC coil (for example) with dark/sweet juice... I expect it to require changing in a couple of weeks.
  4. Regulated mods (ones where you set voltage/wattage/temperature) have a really good track record, but there's also that rare one that has a fault, or one that someone has modified or done something stupid with... Mechanical mods (where you press a button that makes the battery contact and complete a circuit) have a good track record too... IF THEY ARE USED CORRECTLY, and people aren't being stupid... like trying to fire a 0.05 Ohm coil, or using batteries that cannot handle the Amp demands their coil is pulling. Explosions were still uncommon even years ago, before battery technology became better! Like @Tam said, most problems are with cheap Chinese batteries, knock-off batteries, damaged batteries, or where someone pops a battery into their pocket or purse (unprotected) and loose metal manages to make contact between the positive and negative posts, creating a run-away discharge/venting. There's no reason to panic... your mod is 99.9999% safe if used correctly AND you are using a good, reputable battery of the correct Amperage specification for your coil needs. Stick with Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. batteries, and make sure they are at least 20A... and you should be fine for all your vaping needs.
  5. Wattage is just the amount of power applied to the coil... Temp control limits the power applied by cutting the power once the desired temp is reached, then re-applying/balancing the power to the coil to maintain the desired temp. In Temp Control mode, if you have the power set to 200W, and the temp only requires 50W, it will heat up fast (applying 200W), then turns the power off/on rapidly to maintain the temp. If you have it set at 50W, then the heat-up will be slower, but the controller will not have to pulse the power on/off to maintain the temp. Does that make more sense? In Wattage mode, the power you select (20W, 50W, 200W, etc) will be applied to the coil... and over-powering the coil will cause it to pop at worst, or burn up your coil/cotton at the very least. This is why I suggested you start low and use trial-and-error to find your sweet-spot. The same applies to TC mode... start at a low temp and adjust your temp higher and higher until you find the desired level. If it heats up too quickly, or you see the mod is having to work hard to maintain the temp, back off the Wattage. If you find raising your temp has no effect, then you may need to apply more wattage in order to reach that temp? The stamps on the coils are just for reference... like a guideline, and make no difference whether in TC mode or Wattage mode. Most of those stamped ranges are determined using zero-nic and an unknown PG/VG ratio (or just arbitrarily given, based on the Ohm-rating of the coil), so they will not be definitive ranges for the juice YOU are using. Like I said, I have one coil that says 30W is the recommended low/minimum, but I find my juice is great at only 18W... 30W would burn it to a crisp! Another coil I regularly use says 15W-40W as the recommended range, and I've used it at 50W with a high VG juice for fantastic flavor and vapor...
  6. The "Best Wattage" is the one that gives you the best vape with your juice. Those ranges are mere suggestions from the manufacturer, and they don't take into consideration the Nicotine levels, PG %, or most importantly... personal taste! I regularly use a coil that suggests 30-60W on the side, but I only use it at 18W because that is what makes my juice taste best and still gives a decent cloud, without any harshness or burnt-taste. To find your juice's Wattage-Sweet-Spot... start at a low wattage (like 10W) and vape... if you don't get flavor or vapor... turn it up a little higher (say, 2 to 5W increments). Once you start getting vapor production, start making your adjustments in 1W (or less) increments. Keep repeating this process until you get a slightly burnt taste, and then back the Wattage down a half-watt or so... that is your sweet-spot for THAT juice, THAT coil, THAT tank, and THAT mod combo! A different coil/tank/mod may make the juice taste totally different at that same Wattage? So, pay no attention to the stamp on the coil... I've known far too many people that gave up on vaping because they used those suggestions on the coil and overpowered their juices... they tasted burnt or like wet socks... and they didn't get the pleasurable taste/cloud the rest of us enjoy. In Temp Control mode, most mods these days don't allow you to adjust the Wattage... it will automatically ramp the wattage up until it reaches the temp you have set. Some of the older mods and some that have more "control" allow you to set the Wattage and temp... but if you have the Wattage set too low, the temp will never be reached... and if too high, the mod will pulse the Wattage (like rapidly pressing/releasing the fire button) to cut the power because it reached the temp. For those mods, you have to play with it to find the point where you give it enough Watts to reach your desired temp without causing it to click on and off like a machine-gun
  7. Christopher hit the nail on the head with the two things that determine TH (throat hit / harshness). Since you're sure they are the same Nicotine strength and same PG/VG ratio's... the only other factor is the flavorings. Fruity juices (like your watermelon) tend to be a little more harsh, and bakery flavors tend to be a little more smooth... usually due to vanilla or custards in them. When I vape bakery flavors, I tend to turn up my wattage just a bit because they have a lot of vanilla in them, and that requires more heat/power, more-so than my fruity flavors... Fruity flavors do require less power/heat... This is "normal", so I'm guessing this may be exactly what you're experiencing?
  8. That's great Chris! Like you I started high nic... 24, then down to 18 in a month... where I stayed for over a year. Now I make determined, slow progressions to reduce to zero (or at least as close as I can get). I like to mix big batches, which last about 6-months, and each new batch, I drop the nic strength by 1mg... My last batch (which I mixed two weeks ago) is at 3mg, and so far, I'm quite happy with the flavor... and the lower nic. I honestly feel that once you get down into the <6mg range, dropping to zero isn't a hard thing to do... although that final step may be the hardest?
  9. Yes... that little oval button at the top is the fire-button. The whole unit is very small... roughly the same size as the Kanger 50W or 75W single-18650 mods without a tank attached...
  10. Our friends at Health Cabin sent me a white Kangertech Juppi for review a couple weeks ago, and I think I've used it enough to post up an informed review... Stock photo... I've not taken one with my camera, sorry... First up, I like the size and recessed-tank design. It is very compact and fits nicely in your hand and pocket. The top-fill makes it very easy to keep it topped-off without having to work so hard to remove the whole tank (which isn't difficult, but isn't easy either, if you have large hands). Keeping it's 3ml tank topped-off is a chore... it does burn through juice quite rapidly due to the large cotton area and large coil design, but it does produce great clouds and flavor! The unit takes a single 18650 battery, which is something I do like... for me, it is more convenient to replace a battery quickly, rather than wait for it to recharge, or be tethered to a charging cable while I'm using it. The kit does come with mod, tank, charging cable, and spare o-rings for the tank... but no spare cotton or spare coil.... this is a bad thing in my opinion. Even the top-tanks and older subtank minis came with spare cotton and extra coils. I would think ALL starter-kits should and would come with at least one extra coil and some spare cotton, considering the design requirement of this tank? The coil design is unique as it is just a coil... a long coil in a casing to keep its shape, and you have to wrap a piece of flat cotton (Japanese cotton or cotton-bacon) around it, then slide it into the center tube. The design is simple, but very prone to leaking if you don't get the cotton just right or fully seat the coil unit. I found that out the hard way during the first week :( Another drawback to the design is that it does not like high PG juices, and even 50/50 over-wicks to the point of leaking if you don't use it for a day or two. It's sweet-spot for juice is 60% VG or higher, and works very well with max-VG juices. I've had the unit for 2-weeks, and am on my 3rd piece of cotton, but the coil is holding up very well to my "clear" sweet-tart juice in 40/60 PG/VG. The unit itself is 75W TC, and has settings for Ni, Ti, SS, and TCR in standard temp ranges (200-600F / 100/300C), and seems to work well using a Toptank Nano with Ni or 316L-SS coil. The TCR mode using Kanthal coils is a bit strange... it ramps up slow, then blasts you with warm vapor which is hotter than the temp on the dial, but it is tolerable if you dial it down. Two major nit-picks on the device... ONE, the coil (and paperwork) do not indicate what it is made of, but I was able to determine through trial-and-error and a bit of research, that the included coil is 316-L Stainless Steel, and it works very well on the SS setting for TC. The second gripe is the position of the fire-button (see picture above)... it's on the side of the unit's battery compartment, not the edge! It is also very small and difficult to hold comfortably with large hands. I find myself holding it awkwardly to use my finger or thumb to fire it, or just palming it like squeezing a ball, hoping it fires... it is NOT a great design placement for the button... much like the old MVP 2.0... Overall, I like the design characteristics of the device... small, protected tank, robust TC function, top-fill, unique tank/coil design... but it would not be my first choice for a "starter kit". Price is the biggest drawback, when you can get a 75W Platinum Toptank Mini kit for $20 cheaper... HealthCabin has them listed at $70. Another drawback is the coils... none of my local shops have Juppi coils in-stock, and they are also not available from every online retailer, even ones that sell a Juppi. It is very prone to leaking until you figure out the quirks of wicking (not a beginner skill-set), requires higher VG juices (which not everyone has), and is awkward to hold/use for larger hands. I think this device is better suited for experienced users with smaller hands, and that is proven in the fact that my 5'2" fiance says she has little problems using it So, she will be the primary user of it... just as soon as I finish this bottle of yummy juice
  11. I've been told when I smoked that I would rattle windows with my snoring... even when I was on my side or face-down... Now that I vape, I do still snore (usually during allergy season, or if I'm really tired), but it's not an all-night snore, more of a random snort or light gurgle snore that stops if I roll over. So, yes, I snore considerably less after I started vaping Also note that I use 50/50 and 40/60 PG/VG juices these days as my primary... and only use 20/80 or 30/70 in one device (which is not my ADV).
  12. I agree... That judge has a reputation for siding with gov't over-reach and big corp lobby... She makes the Ninth Circus Court look sane in many of her decisions :(
  13. Ask and ye shall receive! Sent from my SM-G950U using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  14. Well... SHE HAS ARRIVED!! Lara Marie Neal... born 7/11/17 at 14:13... 8lb 14oz, 20.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great!
  15. Hey gang... I've not been posting much lately, but I've been keeping up with the posts of others... I've been a bit busy helping my daughter get things ready for her first child to arrive... my first grandbaby! Her husband is in the Army, and due to the nature of his MOS and current deployment, he may not make it home in time for the birth... but we are hopeful!! She called tonight around 6:30 and said she was on her way to the hospital because she wasn't sure if her water broke I always figured that was something that was kinda obvious, lol... but what do I know? I'm just her dad... Anyway... She finally called again around 9pm and said it was confirmed... her water has broken and little Lara will be here soon... well... probably another 12-20 hours... if she follows the norm for first births, anyway. I'll update as we progress, if I get a chance... and post some pics as soon as I can!
  16. Like @Walt, I use a magnetic stirrer, which gives my juices a thorough blending, generates heat through agitation and general chemical exothermic reaction, and greatly reduces a need for steeping. Mostly, I mix my juices weeks before I will use them, so they do get plenty of "aging" time on the shelf before they are used, but they tend to taste the same the day I mix them, as they do months later.... Recommendations on heat work well, but be careful not to overheat them as they will become dark and the flavor can be harsh. Chocolates and custards do tend to get better with age, regardless.
  17. Orange Stained Teeth - Orange tooth stains typically occur near the gum line and are caused by the presence of chromogenic (photographic) bacteria or food buildup. Children are especially prone to orange tooth stains, usually as a result of improper or infrequent brushing. If vaping were the cause of any staining, the staining would be over all of the tooth, much like coffee or red wine. Way too many times NORMAL hygiene, or lack thereof, are the cause of our problems... and sadly, vaping is often considered the root of the cause... because vaping is "evil"... sad... very sad...
  18. I'm not totally familiar with that device, but it could just be a glitch in the software, or the fact that the battery hasn't been cycled a few times? A lot of these internal packs charge to 4.2V, but if the software reads them at 4.1999V, they show 99% full, when in reality they are as full as they can get. I would not worry about it, as long as it functions correctly... and see how it does after a few recharging cycles?
  19. As @Tam mentioned... those should not be used together in the same mod because they are two different batteries (amp limits, and capacity). One looks like a Samsung 30Q, and the other could be a Samsung 25R, but could also be a Sony VT series (4, 5, or 6)? Using them together will cause one to eventually fail, catastrophically. As for the fraying wraps, they can be re-wrapped, but I would honestly recycle them and pick up two NEW pairs of matching batteries. Label them A1, A2, B1, B2, and use them in matched pairs, rotating their position in the mod each time you change batteries. They will last longer and be more reliable that way.
  20. I agree, it sounds like it's had some juice leak into it, or the fire-button is damaged/stuck. As suggested, clean the connection for the tank and clean around the fire-button as well. If you're handy with taking things apart, these do come apart quite easily (several screws holding it together), and once apart, you can check for contamination from juice. Circuit boards can be cleaned with an alcohol swab, just be careful around the battery connections if you try to go so far to take it apart
  21. AMEN! This is why I keep my "in-use" bottle of VG and VG-based Nicotine in the fridge, rather than the freezer. It is a little easier to work with when chilled, rather than frozen, lol... I try to keep at least 120ml of my Nicotine base, and a liter of pure VG in the fridge at all times. It keeps just fine, and is easier to work with if I don't have time to "thaw it out" before I start mixing. I measure my bulk-purchased Nicotine base (VG) into 60ml and 120ml bottles. There's always a little air-gap from the shoulder to the neck of the bottle, so I top that off with pure VG to prevent oxygen degradation, and it only takes 2-5ml of VG to top them off. Measuring VG when mixing 1000ml batches is never precise, so an extra ml here or there doesn't affect the overall mixture in the end... and when using glass graduated cylinders, there is always a couple of ML that just WON'T come out of the cylinder, anyway, lol. Special note to those of you using graduated cylinders... I've found that VG doesn't adhere to the plastic cylinders nearly as bad as the glass ones, and there is less chance of breaking plastic during washing or if you knock it over... they are also CHEAPER! A 60ml bottle of my Nicotine base is enough to mix 1000ml of my juices or 500ml of my fiance's flavors, so if I'm making a large batch of one flavor (ADV), then I know I can just dump the contents of my 60ml bottle into the batch, and I don't have to worry about sucking it into a syringe, or pouring "cold molasses" into a graduated cylinder If I know I'm going to mix juices this evening, I'll set out my VG and Nicotine base a few hours before-hand, so they'll have time to reach room-temp before I start mixing... it saves a lot of hassle! Another thing I've learned is to use a syringe without attached needle (wide opening) for mixing small batches, or pouring into a graduated cylinder for large batches, makes handling thick VG MUCH easier! Those medicine-dispensing syringes with the wide-mouth-cone-ends are fantastic for measuring VG for small batches... they measure up to 10ml or 20ml, and some have "stops" where you can pre-select 2.5/5.0/7.5/10/15/20ml so you don't get too little or too much.
  22. I've not bought a commercial juice in about two years... although I've had several given to me I just put another order in with Wizard Labs AND Heartland Vapes... Heartland's Nicotine is cheaper, and so are most of their flavors (and they offer 16oz flavors, too), but they don't carry some of the flavors I regularly use, and Wizard does... That's my first flavor and Nicotine order in over a year! The only other things I've bought for mixing in the last year was some PG and VG gallons... because they were on sale... and a few plastic graduated cylinders and beakers to see if I liked them as well as glass ones... which I do! VG doesn't adhere to the sides of the cylinder, so less time is spent mixing and cleaning, lol +1 on the mini-fridge! I have one in my office (the 3' tall, efficiency-apartment-size ones), and it is used only for my vape stuff and a few cans of cola in the door. I store my bulk VG and Nicotine in the chest-freezer, and bulk PG in the mini-fridge... trying to only keep a gallon of over-stock on hand, as I don't use that much PG these days. PG doesn't go bad as fast as VG, so there's no need to freeze it (IMO), because it has a room-temp shelf-life of at least 5-yrs, 10-yrs if kept cool and dark... and I've been using about a gallon every 2-years. I use about 3 gallons of VG in the same time-period? I keep all my mixed juices and all my in-use PG/VG/Nicotine/Flavors in the mini-fridge. All of my mixing equipment is in the cabinet above the mini-fridge. It's all out of sight, but easy to get to if I want to mix a batch of something... We're in need of more room in the house, so I'm in the process of moving my office out of the bedroom it is currently occupying, into an external 14x28 building I bought recently. It has a high-barn roof, 12x12 loft storage, and is un-finished inside... I'm planning to add a small bedroom and bath under the loft area, and turning the rest into a LR/office area with a wet-bar (for mixing drinks or mixing juices), etc. It can be my office... man-cave... guest-house... or for entertaining friends/family without having anyone tracking through the main house... at least that's the plan!
  23. Yup... eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes are the ones with the highest nicotine content... and we eat the most of at least two of those Nicotine is a natural insecticide, so nearly all veggies and many fruits have a natural occurring amount of nic in them...
  24. "Smoke" can be colored because it is created by the act of something (a chemical additive) "burning" Vapor cannot be colored. The vapor (even if it could be colored) on the draw into your mouth/lungs would be absorbed by the body, and any coloring would likely be very bad for you to inhale. If any juice manufacturer is attempting to create juices that provide a "colorful exhale", I would NEVER attempt to try it!
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