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  1. I'm just getting into this new "obsession", lol, and I'm thinking I have enough tanks to keep me in business for a while (yeah, right), but the only batteries I have right now are four eGo-T (1100mAh), pen-style. They work well for me as they have kept me off the analogs, are portable, hold a charge all day and then some, but my dual-coil tanks just don't seem to be benefitting from their power offering. I have Ce4's, single-coil EVOD's and a Pro Tank 2 Mini, and they seem to do well on the batteries I have, and honestly, the Ce4's seem to produce better vapor... but that could just be the juices I've been trying? Or, perhaps the Ohm rating of the BCC atomizers is too high (think they are 2.2)? I have a couple of the EVOD2 Glass and a Pro Tank 3 Mini's (all using 1.5 Ohm dual-coils), and they do work on theses batteries, but seem to have intermittent weaker hits and obviouslly they put more strain / drain on the batteries as well. I've been looking at some of the VV/VW batteries like the MVP 2.0 to take better advantage of my dual-coil tanks. The MVP 2.0 seems to have really good reviews and I can pick one up (kit with i30 tank) for < $40, but I also wanted to get an opionion and suggestions on some of the "round" VV/VW options out there... which won't break the bank! Honestly, I like the idea of the MVP 2.0 "smart" battery, but not exactly crazy about the bulky "box" style (guess I'm being a bit picky?)... Then again, I'd be using the VV/VW battery primarily at home, and the eGo-T/EVOD or Ce4 combo when out-and-about.... So, any suggestions are WELCOME!
  2. Hello eveyone... I thought I'd join up for info sharing and hints from the pros... do's... don'ts... and learn from other's successess and failures. I've been a cigar smoker for 30 years, and as of 4/1/14, I officially gave up on my daily analogs (Swisher Sweets Little Cigars), but still hanging onto a few premiums in the humidor :P I started my journey into alternatives to smoking with Swisher's disposable e-cigs nearly a year ago, but they just weren't cutting it for me in flavor, vapor, nicotine, or throat hit, so a little over a month ago I decided it was time to move up to a more "respectable" kit. I purchased an eGo-T 1100mAh starter kit with two batteries and four Ce4 Clearomizers and have since added two EVOD MT3 tanks (really liking the bottom-fill and replaceable atomizers). But, I've no complaints on the Ce4 Clearomizers either I also picked up a Pro Tank 2 Mini (2.2 ohm?), and a Pro Tank 3 Mini (1.5 ohm) - Both on sale at the local B&M store ($30 for both tanks and 5 coils for each). I've not used the PT2 yet because it's so much like the EVOD tanks (single coil), and I'm afraid I'm going to lose the drip-tip, lol... but I've tried the PT3... I really like the taste and vapor it produces, but not loving how it really drains the eGo-T battery twice as fast as the EVODs and Ce4s... I'm guessing that is normal because the PT3 is dual coil? Finding the right e-Juice has been FUN, to say the least I really missed my cigar flavors, and have found several versions that seem to hit the spot (Cuban, Havanna, etc), as well as mixed my own batch of Swisher-Sweet-ish flavor... Can't wait to continue experimenting with other flavors and brands.... Being Smoke-free for more than a month now has me feeling SO much better! Physically as well as Financially... I'm guessing I'm already $100+ richer, and hopefully a bit healthier!! Well, that's my story....
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