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  1. Yeah, the K3 is like a large eGo... 1200mAh battery and 1.8 Ohm coil (with 2ml tank).... I suspect it vapes like a Nautilus with 1.8 Ohm coil (MTL only) Since you don't have any real adjustments, and I don't think coils of any other resistance are available... the only thing you can control is the juice. @VapeMama suggested moving to a thinner juice, and that will be my suggestion as well. Most of MTL all-in-one devices prefer juices that are of a specific thickness... The Templar AIO likes 50/50 (PG/VG) juices, but can handle 30/70 if you don't chain vape it. I'm willing to guess the K3 is more like the vape of a Nautilus (the coils even look like the Nautilus BVC), which works best with thinner juices... 70/30 (PG/VG) to 50/50 max. Some "clear" juices can be a bit thicker, but 60% VG is about all they can handle (most likely what your problem is being caused by). Try a thinner juice, or add a few drops of PG to your existing juice (a few drops of distilled water in the tank also will thin a thick liquid), and see how that works out for you?
  2. Congrats! Yes, living alone is very expensive, but also can be very enjoyable. Don't be lured by the cost of fast-food... eating out for one can be cheaper than cooking for one, but cooking is healthier (and fun), and leftovers are a good thing Congrats on getting engaged, too! Once June rolls around you'll find you'll be moving into the best time of your life Just don't stress over wedding plans or over-extend your budget... you can be married for free or $100K wedding... but the end result is the same... you're still married... so put that into perspective and save some $ for the two of you AFTER the wedding, rather than a big show for family and guests.
  3. My gal really likes the Juppi, too... It does have a leakage problem if the Juppi coil is not wicked perfectly, but the best part is the fact the mod works perfectly with the subtank mini or nano. The mini fills the "seat" fully, and the nano is the right height to be even with the top of the mod. My only complaint on it is the placement of the fire-button... not fond of it being on the side, but then again, it's hers now, so it's not something I have to deal with anymore
  4. When are politicians going to realize that taxing something to death is just putting it to death and driving consumers to alternative sources... online, out of state purchases, etc.?? Those proposed estimates on revenue are pure assumptions, based on continued sales at the same level, and growth (which will never happen) as more move from smoking to vaping. Just ask NYC how well it worked to tax soda and limit sizes of drinks from fast-food.... But, you hit the nail on the head... "Democrat Governor"... that says all I need to hear :(
  5. Ahh, yes, we have several where we live in the woods... and they are quite the little thieves too, lol... I just put out new solar sidewalk / driveway lights and noticed the "heads" started going missing. The other day I watched one climb down from the tree, run over to the driveway, pull the head from the stake, and run back into the tree with it! Now there are several of my solar lights about 40' up in the big Hickory tree at the bottom of my yard They also clean out my bird-feeders regularly, and are quite vocal when it's empty... I've not put anything in the feeders since mid-summer, so I think stealing my lights is their way of retaliation?
  6. The smallest batch I make for personal use (my favorites) is 300ml, and the usual is 600ml up to a full liter at a time. When I mix... I MIX I don't like having to get all my supplies and glassware out (and have to clean everything) more often than necessary, so I usually mix several flavors at the same time, in large batches. I have two magnetic stirrers and plenty of glassware (beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders) for measuring and mixing, so mixing many flavors at once is an afternoon/evening of fun. I will needle-mix in a small bottle if I'm making a specialty flavor or trying a new recipe, but if it turns out something I really like, the next batch will be a big one, lol... Also, for needle mixing specialty flavors or things I vape on rare-occasion (like Chocolate-Mint or Peanut-Butter-Fudge-Brownie)... I keep a few 60ml bottles with 30ml or 36ml of VG and Nicotine pre-mixed (1.8ml 100mg VG based Nicotine and the balance pure VG) ... so all I have to do is add in flavoring and PG to reach 60ml, and I get a 3mg, 50-50 or 40-60 mix... with far less mess, because I only needed one needle to extract the flavors and PG
  7. So, if you spin it too fast, it just slams against the outer wall and doesn't actually mix... how slow do you have to go to actually reach a rolling/mixing action in the bottle (like in the clothes dryer)?
  8. I'm with @Tam... I can't wait to see what you come up with... Coming from a Chemistry background, I've always found a magnetic stirrer to be more than adequate for mixing and even aerating... I've got a couple of them now, and suggested a really good one for @Walt, which he apparently is getting good use out of it, lol... The paint shaker idea is a really good one for large batches (like a quart or gallon)... The vape store I use to go to years ago use to mix custom bottles for people, and they had a miniature shaker version which had clamps to hold different sized bottles... it shook a bottle up and down about 12-15" in rapid motion (like a sewing-machine-needle-arm) for about 2 minutes, and did an amazing job at mixing. I think it was the same apparatus used by pharmacies to rapid-mix liquid meds that require water added... like Amoxicillin?
  9. My VT store order arrived last weekend... My gal broke the chimney on one of her Nautilus tanks last month, so I snagged a new one for about the price of a box of coils locally. I also ordered many more coils and a TopBox Mini kit.... because they are awesome, a great price, and my preferred all-day device
  10. First of all, it is normal for different mods to read different resistances of the same coil/tank... the e range can usually be 0.1, but can be more or less, depending on the mod. Secondly, the Voltage showing on the mods is showing how much Voltage is being applied (not the Voltage of the battery) to the coil, based on the settings and resistance of the coil. If the mod is only applying 1.3V, the resistance is reading HIGH, or the Wattage (or temp) is set way low. I would try the coil/tank on your Kanger mod, dial in the Wattage or Temp settings that work best for you... then set the OBS mod to the same settings and try the coil/tank there. It should be close to the same vape, but may require minor adjustments up/down based on how the mod reads the resistance? If this does not work... chances are there is a fault with the mod (bad post, bad circuitry, poor battery contact points, etc.)
  11. I've yet to have an eLeaf / iStick product make it a year... most have died within 6-months or less... usually it is a battery failure (failure to charge, failure to hold a charge, circuitry problems), or outright hardware failure, usually with the buttons. After my 6th one, I finally learned my lesson and went back to 18650 mods... and won't buy eLeaf products anymore Oddly enough... I recently ran into the person I gifted my MVP 2.0 (purchased in April 2014), and she said it is still working (she gave it to her mother)... No, it doesn't last all day like it use to... but it still WORKS!
  12. Add it, shake well, and it should be good to go. If there is not enough room in your 60ml bottle to add 4ml of Nicotine base (without overflowing or topping it off)... you may need to dump the contents of your juice into a glass/beaker/container, then add in the Nicotine base... stir with a flat blade (butter knife works well) for about 5 min (until you see lots of little bubbles in the mix), and then transfer the new mixture into two containers.
  13. 72 * 2.5 / 62.5 = 2.88mg strength... so your mix is actually a little under 3mg. Adding 2.65ml of your 72mg base will give you 3.05mg strength The OP stated the strength earlier.... As her Nicotine base is weaker than yours, it will of course take more of the base to reach the desired strength.
  14. @Walt is right on the money... reading through this thread, I was about to chime in and say 1ml would not be enough of 48mg strength base, but Walt beat me to it It is always good to use a juice calculator, even just for confirmation. 1ml of your base diluted with 47ml of any juice mixture would yield 1mg strength... Quick formula to determine strength... Base-strength * Base-volume / Total volume = Final strength adding 1ml base to 60ml of juice would further dilute the base-strength down to less than 1mg (actually 0.787mg)... 48*1/61 = 0.787 adding 2ml base to 60ml (48*2/62 = 1.55mg)... adding 3ml base to 60ml (48*3/63 = 2.286mg)... adding 4ml base to 60ml (48*4/64 = 3mg)
  15. I got a Juppi for review, which the wife has confiscated, lol... I really like mods that recess the tank (VTR-style). Wismec made a 75WTC mod like that, which recessed a Subtank Mini perfectly, but I guess it sold great or they didn't make that many because I could never snag one. If I could find one, even used, it would probably be my everyday carry, partnered with a Toptank Mini.... I picked up a Joyetech Penguin several weeks ago because it was CHEAP... I'm really enjoying that for simplicity and 9ml capacity for "away from home". I used it tonight on a 3 hour round-trip bike ride and sitting through 2 soccer games. Back home with half a tank and still plenty of power left, too. I started with eGo's with a CE4... MVP with KPT2/Aerotanks, and moved up to RDAs, RTAs, mechs, high-power mods, sub-ohms... and I'm finding there's a certain Zen to simplicity these days... AIOs (Templar), Pod-style (Penguin), and a basic Subtank/Toptank mini topping a single-18650 TC mod...
  16. That's me... I have three Kanger 75WTC mods in regular rotation, a couple of Kanger 50W mods, as well as two Wismec Pressa TC, a couple Cloupor Mini+ TC, and a Vaporesso Target Pro TC that has been a great auction win My Wismec RX200s and other multi-battery mods rarely get used... and the only built-in battery mods I regularly use are my VT Templar or Joyetech Penguin (great for motorcycle rides or day-trips with large battery and 9ml capacity)... I, too, prefer a (single) replaceable battery mod for day-to-day vaping!
  17. No problem... glad to help you out (and give you some facts). Misinformation is everywhere... and one thing you'll get on this forum is good people and no BS. We try to keep it light, have some fun, and pass along as much education as possible
  18. Alcohol is frequently found in flavorings, so it is not uncommon to find eliquids that have alcohol listed as an ingredient. Alcohol doesn't dry out your lungs... it burns-off quickly and doesn't hurt anything. I frequently soak a coil in Everclear (pure-grain 150-proof) alcohol to get the flavor of a bad juice out of a new-ish coil so I can use another flavor. If the alcohol hadn't completely dried (evaporated) by the time I use it, it will give the new juice a "flat" flavor for the first few puffs, but hasn't given any ill effects. PG is Hygroscopic (absorbs/attracts water), and is therefore a humectant (used to keep things moist). PG will readily absorb moisture in your body (lungs) and gives you a dry mouth/throat feeling. This is why vapers should drink plenty of WATER to combat PG robbing you of moisture as you exhale. Alcohol in eliquid (which is usually very small amounts, like 1%) does not cause this problem, compared to the much higher concentrations of PG (ranging from 10-80% of the total volume of the liquid).
  19. That's been my experience with eLeaf's products... they just don't "last" :( I've gotten more life from my Cloupor Mini and half-dozen Samsung 25R batteries I bought two years ago than I've gotten from any of the iStick products... The 20's sucked... the 30's were a bit better... and the 50's were even better, but none of them lasted more than a year (most were having faults or outright failures after 6-months). The little lady has an iStick 40 TC that she picked up locally, and it collects dust... She said the fire button was intermittent pretty much out of the package :( I hope this one lasts longer for her, but unfortunately, my faith isn't that strong, lol... I'd like to think I just got a couple of lemons, but after six times throwing good money to eLeaf and getting garbage in return, I'm pretty sure my luck hasn't been that bad?
  20. Nicotine is usually detectable in a blood test for 1-3 days after the consumption. However, the length of time that nicotine stays in your system may vary based on how much or how often you consume, the volume you consume, and may also be affected by your age and general health. In general though... a light vaper (a few ml of <9mg strength) will not show Nicotine in their system after a day or two vaping 0-Nic. If you are a 10-plus-ml per day vaper of 36mg strength (with poorer health or beyond middle-age)... it may take an additional day or two, possibly a week to work Nicotine out of your system. A couple of weeks may have been over-kill, but that is one way to guarantee your blood-test was clear of Nicotine NOW, Urine tests can detect Nicotine 15-20 days after your last ingestion.... Testing of your hair can easily detect Nicotine consumption 1-3 MONTHS after consumption or passive contact, and in some cases, it can be detected up to a year later (but usually only in those with thick, dark hair, or red-heads). Most insurance and health exams only test for Nicotine using a blood sample, and trace-amounts are ignored as passive ingestion (second-hand smoke) or someone who eats large quantities of eggplant, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. You can ask your insurance company how they test for each type of "toxin" prior to your physical. They have to disclose it to you... but don't just ask "how do you test for Nicotine?", you have to ask for their full testing process and a list of all things they are looking for... acceptable ranges, etc.
  21. My insurance company (and employer) changed "smoking" to "Nicotine Use" several years ago. So, even though you don't smoke, if you have Nicotine in your juice, you are a Nicotine user and subject to their 25% surcharge on premiums :( Like @FXRich, My Dr does not consider vaping the same as smoking, even if you are a high Nicotine user, so my paperwork on my annual physical shows NO check-mark next to "Nicotine use", and my premiums aren't subjected to their equivalent of a "sin-tax". Oddly enough, also... my last blood work for my physical did not show Nicotine in my blood-stream, beyond the trace-amounts a heavy vegetable eater would have, anyway. I had my blood work done at 8am... but I hadn't vaped anything with Nicotine for about 12 hours before the test (I use 0-nic juice before bedtime), but my regular daily vape was 9mg... I think that also helped?
  22. Throat hit is a product of PG, as well as some flavorings and high % Nicotine, too. PG is the primary though. If your mixes are 50/50 PG/VG or higher VG content, get your Nicotine mixed in VG. If you like thinner juices with more throat-hit... higher PG mixes, then get your Nicotine in PG or 50/50 mix. If you're mixing a juice that is 20% flavoring, and you use Nicotine mixed in pure PG, then you'll NEVER get your mixture higher than 30/70 PG/VG mix with 10mg Nicotine strength... it just won't be possible because the flavorings and Nicotine are PG based. If you go higher than 10mg Nicotine strength (using a 100mg/ml PG base), you'll lessen the VG % because you'll use more PG-based Nicotine. The MAX VG % you'll get (using zero Nicotine) is 80%. NOW... here's a kicker... All of the above is assuming you're using 100mg/ml (10%) Nicotine base. If you're using a weaker base, then you'll require more of the Nicotine base to reach your desired level of Nicotine strength. For example, 20% flavoring, and using a 6% Nicotine base (60mg/ml) in PG... your max VG % would be 63%. Make sense? Using a 36mg/ml stength Nicotine base... your max VG % would be 52.5% (with the final juice being only 10mg strength). If you're happy with 50/50 mixes, or even 40/60 mixes (max 20mg/ml Nicotine strength, using 10% Nicotine base), then you can use PG-based Nicotine, otherwise, obtain VG based Nicotine. Another thing to consider is the shelf-life... PG has a shelf-life of something like 10 years (although DOW chemicals says only 2 years, but they are in the business of SELLING IT)... VG has a shelf-life of about 5 years. Nicotine has a shelf-life of 2-years... all of these are non-refrigerated, dark containers. If you freeze or at least refrigerate your PG/VG/Nicotine, they will last MUCH longer. 10% Nicotine in PG base will have a shelf-life of between 6 and 8 years. The same in VG will last 3-4 years (again, non-refrigerated). So, if you want to buy Nicotine in bulk... PG will last longer than VG base, but if you freeze them in air-tight dark-colored containers, which are full to the rim (zero air in the bottle)... they will both last pretty much forever.
  23. Where I am in KY, we'll see 95-96% eclipse coverage... some of the towns south and west of me are nightmares already. People are driving down from as far north as Michigan and Ohio into the area for a better view... I have friends within the 100% area near Lake Barkley, and they said there are cars in town from as far away as Oklahoma and Michigan. I'll be viewing the eclipse from the comfort of my front porch 95-96% is good enough for me, lol
  24. The Smok Alien 220 is auto-ranging for your Wattage while in TC mode. This means that you set the temp and the circuitry will auto-apply the proper Wattage/Voltage to heat the coil to the proper temp (and keep it there). Start low... and turn up the temp a few degrees, vape, repeat... until you get the vape you want or until you get a very hot or burnt vape taste. If it is too hot or tastes burnt, back the temp down 10-20F and try again. Once you really burn cotton, the coil is shot and must be replaced, so don't overpower a coil on the first hit, and don't fire a coil before it has time to fully soak up the juice (first time fill). I have some juices that prefer 250F, and some that taste great at 420F, so you have to let your juice/tank/coil combo dictate what temp is best for it
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