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"Whats your Favorite Fadora Flavor" Contest


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I haven't done the drawing yet. My printer broke down and I can not print postage. Been working all weekend trying to fix it. :wallbash:

The post office will be happy to print postage for you :lol:
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Ok, So I did the drawing just understand that I will ship the winners flavor out when I get this printer issue fixed. I apologize for the delay in this contest. I feel bad that I can't mail it right away, but I am working on getting my problem fixed soon.

And the winner is.....

List Randomizer

There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Mirage
  2. VapeMama
  3. Glocknug
  4. Mplough
  5. cany
  6. Adversarious1
  7. drizzt
  8. shen_long86
  9. TugBoat

Timestamp: 2015-06-30 02:39:26 UTC, IP:

Congrats Mirage you are the winner! :animier:


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Thanks Bebop :)

I'm working on a old laser jet 5 I have here. I hope to get a decent page between the 2 I have. I think the toner is low and the other full cartage it leaving bad stripes on the page. LOL I just can't seem to win for loosing. I don't expect to be down long so have your order ready. :D LOL. I have one other printer here that I can't seem to find the power cord for, but that may be an option as well.

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Wow!!! Thanks everyone. And a big thank you to Comp for the contest!!!

Comp, I sent you a DM with my new mailing addy...My phone is screwing up bad so let me know that you got it please. Thanks again everyone!!!

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Yeap got it. Also Mplough has some toner Cartridges that fit my old Laser 5 and is trading me for them so it won't be long. I love this community! I think it is sad that a HP Laser printer from the 90's still works and this all-in-one HP only lasted 2 years.... :huh:

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