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  1. There are still studies being done on whether there are long-term side effects from vaping. The vast majority of what you are going to find in relation to any side effects are all considered anecdotal by scientific standards. From personal experience, the only side effects I have experienced are: easier time breathing, lack of craving analogs, healthy weight loss (because I can exercise without running out of breath), and I smell better. Those are just a few of the longer-term side effects I have experienced from vaping. There were some short-term side effects when I first started, such as coughing when I inhaled vapor. But it's a different substance than cigarette smoke and what ex-smoker didn't cough the first few times they inhaled cigarette smoke? As far as Juul, I don't know enough about the product to give an opinion. However, I wouldn't say it's any better or any worse than anything I use. In my opinion, it is one option among many to help a person quick smoking. Personal disclaimer - I DON'T recommend vaping if you never smoked. I think it should be used as a tool to quit or cut back on nicotine use from traditional tobacco, not as a way to get nicotine if you never used traditional tobacco.
  2. E-liquids can contain nicotine, but the nicotine is an additive and does not occur naturally in the other ingredients typically included in e-liquids, such as vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, distilled water and/or sweetener.
  3. I'll try to answer as best as I can and my answers/recommendations are based on United States information. The only mac compatible software for updating firmware that comes to mind is eScribe, which is used for updating the firmware on DNA chipsets. Something comparable (actually much better, in my opinion) to the smok alien 220w you have been using is any mod using a DNA 250 chip. As far as your specific requirements: escribe (Currently with US and International versions for mac, but again, for DNA chipsets only) Maybe not under $100, but you can find the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C for about $120. It can't jumpstart a car, operate a spaceship or function as a PS4 controller, but it is an excellent mod. Since it's just a mod, you can use just about any tank you can get your hands on. It uses 3x18650 rechargeable batteries. The Triade is solidly built. Mine is going on 3 years old and I've never had an issue with it so I've never had to take it apart. That being said, it does appear to be fairly easy to disassemble/reassemble.
  4. The Lemo Drop will be closer. It's just a shorter Lemo 1. Otherwise it's identical. In fact, before they released the Lemo Drop as a tank, Eleaf sold a "Drop" kit for the Lemo. Another suggestion would be a Russian 91%. I started digging through some of my older gear. You started vaping too late @Walt. There were lots of wonderful "toys" even as recently as a couple of years ago. Oh...and the KPT 3. I have 4 or 5 of those. Awesome little MTL tanks.
  5. Little late to the game, but not too late. Might I suggest a Lemo 1 (if you can find one)? This is an awesome, and in my opinion highly underrated, MTL RTA. Single coil deck that is really easy to build on. It's kind of a PITA to fill, (a needlepoint bottle is virtually a must), but with MTL you aren't burning through as much liquid. This was actually the second tank I ever bought and I still keep it in regular rotation. I should have hit up one of the local stores during their "going out of business" sale...they had about a dozen marked down to $5 a pop.
  6. A little late to chime in on this, but... In regards to TFV8 tanks, coils and SS: The tanks are SS. The coil housings are SS. The coils themselves are Kanthal. In regards to using TC with Kanthal, the Hohm Wrecker Gen 2 and the Hohm Slice can do TC with Kanthal with their proprietary chip. Not sure about the Hohm Wrecker Gen 1. I've been using a Hohm Slice since December and run it almost exclusively in TC with Kanthal coils. So far these are the only two (possibly three) mods I know of that will run Kanthal in TC.
  7. Short answer: No, don't assume that. The following is purely based on my experience. When a manufacturer uses something other than kanthal for the coils they provide in a kit, they generally specify what type of metal those coils are made of. When it comes to the TFV12, SMOKTech mentions "Stainless Steel". That is for the actual tank construction, not the coils. I haven't pulled the trigger on a TFV12 yet, so I don't know if there is something in the (most likely poorly written) user manual that specifies the coil material. In this scenario I would err on the side of caution and make the assumption the coils are kanthal. I could be wrong, but I have yet to see anything anywhere on the internet to prove me otherwise. Your best bet...use power mode with those coils, not temp control mode. When you are 100% sure of the material, then use temp control.
  8. It looks like you are using TCR mode of your gx350 (I'm assuming there is a TCR setting where you can dial in the specific setting for a specific type of wire) and that looks like the temp co-efficient for SS304 wire. If you are using SS304, then yes, that setting is good. If you aren't using SS304 then I can't recommend the proper setting. Your best bet would be to use the basic setting for whatever type of wire you are using (Ni for nickel, Ti for Titanium or SS for stainless steel). If it's kanthal, don't try to use it in TC mode.
  9. Se stai solo cercando il tubo vero e proprio allora consiglio il Dotmod Petri Lite. Non sono completamente sicuro del tasso di cambio tra l'euro e la sterlina britannica o dollaro americano, ma se Google fosse corretto, dovresti essere in grado di ottenere uno di questi per circa 120€. --------- The OP was asking about recommendations for a good quality mech mod for about 120 euros. I recommended the Dotmod Petri Lite. Not only is Google your friend, so is Google translate
  10. I'm currently on night shift. I have some time on my hands tonight and I needed something to keep my mind occupied in order to stay awake. This article and the study it cites were a good way to do just that. As a result of the digging I did, I'm going to go against the grain and play "Devil's Advocate" where this article is concerned. It is shoddy and misleading journalism, at best. The very first sentence of the article was inaccurate: "A recent study published in the journal of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis revealed that e-cigarettes do not cause cancer, unlike tobacco." No, it didn't reveal that. What the study revealed is that the nicotine contained in the aerosols from e-cigarettes did not appear to promote growth in tumor cells. I could have told you that without conducting the study. In fact, any number of people around here could have come to the same conclusion. It has been widely known for a very long time that nicotine is not a cancer causing agent. Therefore logic tells us that nicotine will not promote growth in cancer cells. From the study: Results from this study suggest that e-cigarettes may have reduced tumor promoter activity compared to conventional cigarettes and therefore may provide a safer alternative to cigarettes. Suggest. May have reduced. May provide. The authors/researchers were very careful not to state anything along the lines of "e-cigarettes do not cause cancer". However; the purpose of the study wasn't to determine that the nicotine in e-cigs doesn't cause cancer, as the author apparently wants us to believe. The actual purpose of the study was to essentially determine the usefulness of the Bhas 42 assay in further studies. Essentially, this was a study of a study method. Toward the end of article the author points out the FDA continues to warn about potential health risks from e-cigs. That's true. The FDA does warn about potential health risks. Yet the author's own title of the article: VAPING found to be vastly safer than smoking cigarettes, yet the FDA ridiculously claims they pose identical risks to health - is grossly inaccurate and misleading. No, the FDA does NOT claim e-cigarettes pose the identical risks posed by cigarettes. They FDA warns (as opposed to claims) of potential health risks (as opposed to known health risks) and they openly state their concern that some of the products may contain ingredients that are toxic. That's actually true. Some of the ingredients found in some liquids are toxic in high enough doses. Even water is toxic in high enough doses. While the FDA, in my opinion, has way over-stepped their boundaries where the deeming regulations are concerned, they are very careful not to make the claims the author asserts they make. Yes, there needs to be some oversight. No, that oversight should not include hardware. That oversight should be limited to the actual items that contain the potentially - POTENTIALLY - toxic ingredients. Sorry for my rant. Just getting a little tired of seeing so many articles by "journalists" that either say the same thing over and over or, as is the case with this particular article, don't provide accurate details. Do they not understand that the inaccuracies will actually do more harm than good? Hopefully some legal beagle out there realizes that and is smart enough to separate the treasure (good articles) from the trash.
  11. In a nutshell, yes, I'm concerned about the long-term effects of vaping. And in a nutshell, I would rather be inhaling 4 or 5 or 6 vaporized liquids/chemicals with relatively unknown effects that are FDA approved than inhaling 7000+ carcinogens that are KNOWN to have adverse effects on health (and are also FDA approved, by the way). I'm curious about where you got your information about the toxicity of PG, thoughh. There are several old and inaccurate studies still floating around (and still being cited as 'gospel' by the fear mongering media) concerning PG. The conditions used during those studies were unrealistic.
  12. I just received a Templar AIO kit by Vapor Talk in the mail yesterday. Since setting it up I have been vaping on it exclusively. Here are my first impressions. Packaging: Very nice box art. It is definitely representative of the Vapor Talk brand. If I hadn’t already seen photos of the device I would have been tearing into the box in anticipation of checking out the contents. Instead, I tore into the box in anticipation of actually getting my hands on what was inside. The contents: It’s no frills. You get the mod, 2 coils, the standard USB charging cable and a manual that is easier to understand than most I have seen. The mod: Very simple to set up and operate. The hinged cover for the charging port (located on the bottom of the device) easily swings out of the way and has a magnet to keep it in place when the cover is in the ‘closed’ position. The top comes off easily, even with the child proof design. I had no trouble screwing a coil on and filling the reservoir/tank couldn’t have been simpler. The appearance is sleek, fits well in my hand and appears to be constructed well. There do appear to be a couple of minor differences and/or omissions between the manual and the device. The manual says the charging light will flash 4 times to indicate a successful connection. I connected the device to 6 different ports with two different charging cables and each time I got a solid red light. This was after the initial “charging” because the fact the light didn’t flash 4 times was actually brought to my attention after the fact. The device also must have been mostly charged because the charging light went from red to green in a matter of minutes. The other omission I noticed from the manual is the battery mAh rating. It isn’t listed in the manual but is listed on the VT website – 1000 mAh. Operation: Charge it, 5 clicks to turn on, press the fire button, inhale and enjoy. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Experience: Overall it will serve as a very capable backup for me. I have been using it exclusively for close to 24 hours as of this writing and other than the fact that I might need to step up the nicotine it has served its purpose. I normally vape 3mg between .1 and .2 ohms, so going to .5 ohm just isn’t giving me the same “hit” I’m used to. I have done everything from short 1-2 second drags to longer 8-10 second drags. Casual hits every few minutes to chain vaping. The tank does get warm when chain vaping. I will admit that I was actually hoping it would serve as a nice little stealth vaping device, but with .5 ohm coils and the way I do DTL hits, that just isn’t going to happen for me. It might be a little stealthier if I up my PG, as the juice I have in it right now is a 10/90 PG/VG ratio, but even if I switch to a 50/50 or even a 60/40 I think I’m going to be producing quite a bit of vapor simply based on the way I vape. The airflow does not appear to be adjustable. That’s fine and doesn’t take away from the operation of the device; it’s just tighter than my personal preference. Appears to vaporize the liquid and utilize the battery very efficiently. I am still on the original 2ml of liquid I put in the tank, though I’m definitely getting toward the bottom end of that. By comparison, I would have easily gone through 6-9ml of liquid with one of my normal setups with the amount of vaping I have done and I would have easily drained 2 2500 mAh batteries, though I have no idea how close to drained the battery is. At 1000 mAh I would have though I'd have had to charge it a couple of times by now, but I'm still on the original charge.
  13. I'm taking the survey now. Funny thing about all the pictures...none of them has created an craving, urge, desire or need to vape, but some of them have caused a craving for red vines, created an urge to use a pencil to write this response by hand and an inexplicable desire to pick my nose.
  14. @Walt, What size core and what size wrap did you use?
  15. Honestly, if you shop around, wire is cheap. There's really no reason to go a year with a set of coils. I'm probably in the minority when it comes to how frequently I change the coils in my RDA's - every time I change the wick. But building coils is something I enjoy. Sometimes I get a day, sometimes I get a week. It depends on what type of juice I'm vaping and it depends on whether I'm testing multiple flavors when it comes down to how frequently I make the decision to change the coils.
  16. Just got this in from VT - The Templar AIO kit (along with a sampler of VT Black Label Crown Jewels). Thanks to @Christopher!! Charged up. Filled up. Being vaped as I write this. First impressions to come later this weekend.
  17. That's because people are ignorant.
  18. Let's hope so. With my luck, as soon as I say something like that I'd end up doing something so dumb it would make the first thing look pale in comparison.
  19. If memory serves me correctly, the Griffin has an adjustable pin. Just use a screwdriver to back the pin out a bit. Try a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn and put it on your mod. If it fires, problem solved. If it doesn't, back it out another 1/4 to 1/2 turn and try again. If you get to the point where you have backed the pin out 1-2mm and it still isn't firing, then it is likely not the atty but an issue with the mod.
  20. Just came across this information via the Not Blowing Smoke Facebook page. While I'm filing this under the "cautiously optimistic" folder like so many other currently developing scenarios associated with the FDA, at least this one appears to be something done with good intentions. In short, this is something posted on the FDA website regarding battery safety. Good information for newer vapers and a good refresher for seasoned veterans.
  21. No problem. I'd rather provide the information so newer vapers can form their own opinions on different things than ignore concerns and see someone go back to analogs.
  22. It's entirely possible that is a particle from the actual coil. You can read this information that was posted and pinned here about ceramic coils. Feel free to form your own opinion, but it was because of this article (and a little bit of my own research subsequent to reading it) that I refuse to use ceramic coils for the time being.
  23. @Earthling789's recommendations are spot on. If you are still unsure about which batteries would be best, there is a guy named John Muchow who has done very extensive testing on different brands of batteries. He goes by "Mooch" on one of the other forums, but he also does a battery blog on Phil Busardo's site.
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