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  1. Hi Guys, Is the government banning vape industry in Canada, because I am looking to start a small vape startup, focusing exclusively on recreational and party going crowd. I wanted to create fruit flavored and mint flavored vape, that is true to it taste. In fact, I am trying to perfect my flavors, as we speak. It is a long process from now, and it might take at least a couple of months before I could introduce a test sample. During my extensive research, I found a (spammy link deleted) in Ontario, who's services includes product development, packaging and delivery services, just like an outsourcing service provider. I am looking at using their services, for my initial trials, and if all goes well, I might take their services for my market ready products. But my concern is that, I have never outsourced my service before. Can somebody help me guys. Any opinion on this regards, would be useful. Do you think I should do my flavor development in-house.
  2. Hi Guys, Does vaping have any side effects, that I need to know about. My buddy always uses Juul, and I don't know if it OK for him.
  3. Hi guys, I am Connie, Nice to meet you.
  4. Hi Guys, I was told my friends, that vaping products are going to be banned, in Canada. Is it true.

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