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  1. So there is a bunch of threads on mod suggestions, but I have a feature I'm looking for that I didn't quite find anywhere online. I currently own smok alien 220w and it has been working great for almost 3 years now. It started acting up a couple days ago so I thought I would try to update the firmware... But I have a mac. Now I could set up a VM, but I don't have a valid windows account, so I don't really want to go through all that work. I was thinking of buying the Smok Mag Mod, but since I wouldn't be able to update the firmware on my mac, I'm curious if there are any good reliable mods out there that have Mac driver compatibility? what I'm looking for: Mac compatible drivers Under $100 (might be willing to go up to $150 if it has some cool features like it can also jumpstart a car, operate a space ship or function as a PS4 controller) Tanks and coils can be found at vape shops. replaceable batteries Not too difficult to disassemble (had to resolder the fire button on my smok, which was pretty easy to get into)

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