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    Christopher got a reaction from juniormint in First Day   
    That's great! Yup I hear this time and time again. Smokers are always skeptical because nothing really worked for us way back when. Then they try the ecig and think holy crap, this thing really does work!

    Keep it up, you'll be smoke free in no time. Then will come the day when someone asks "hey can I bum a smoke off of you?" and you can proudly say "sorry I don't smoke" It's even better if your using your ecig because they look at you as if your crazy.
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    Christopher got a reaction from KansasVaper in Usb Pass Thru   
    It's from China lol. Its crap only because it probably will only last about a couple months or so. It works like an automatic battery does. (or is it manual that you have?) Most are automatic and if liquid gets into the passthrough it will die the same way the auto bats do.

    They also tend to have a 3 seconds cut off. Though I have not tried the 510 passthrough so please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Christopher got a reaction from kalpoon in Sb400 Has Been Vetoed!   
    For those of you that have not heard that fight was worth it! I received this in my email today


    Please email Arnold and give him a big thank you! People always forgot to say thank you, then make sure he knows we appreciate what he did!


    Again guys thank you for all your support, this is our first big win! :D

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    Christopher got a reaction from 618bdown in Anyone Know If Blu Cigs Is Good Company?   
    Let me first say I have never tried Blu myself. That said most of the comments I hear about blu are negative. There are also LOTS of people who have issue with back ordering. Blu still allows sales on their site even though they don't have the items in stock.
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    Christopher reacted to TheMachinist in Vapor King Conversion   
    I think i got it figured out now.

    The threads are 8x.75mm.
    They are the same as the kr808d-1, nebula, zeus AND the 901's
    I contacted electronic-ash.com about fitting 901 atomizers & carts on Vapor King Batteries
    since they sell the 901 & the kr808d-1 & this is what they said:

    Quote " I am told that the Vapor King battery will work on the 901 parts, the thread
    are the same pattern. People have been known to do this because the KR808D
    batt is larger and lasts longer. "

    So, it looks like i'm good to go.
    Appreciate the help though.

    Side note:
    I read in another thread that the 901 batts dont work too good with cartomizers
    dont remember why or which thread but something to keep in mind.
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    Christopher got a reaction from KBB in So Who Does #2 Work For?   
    Actually it is considered both a poison and a drug. The problem is, some suppliers where (and still are) selling ecigs as a safer alternative. (Smoking Everywhere for example) Although I'm sure we can all agree that there is enough information out there to prove that ecigs are safer than traditional cigarettes, there have been no official studies done on the ecigs itself here in the United States. So legally they cannot sell it as a safer alliterative. It would take about 5 years in a few billion dollars to make that happen.

    If they do sell it has a safer alternative, guess what? FDA waves their big wang and say "uh uh, no bueno" and pulls the product.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Genet1c in Passthrough   
    Looks cool, what exactly are you hooking the ecig up to?
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    Christopher reacted to mustk1ll20 in This Place Seems A Little Dead So...   
    i made this box as i got a little annoyed when i was out and my 901 battery would start to die. i use 3 1.5 volt double A energizer batteries in it which can be found almost anywhere. it gives a good consistent vapor and if my batteries die while im out i stop and get more. or i can use my rechargeable double A's. i also made a smaller one the uses a single double a 3.7 volt trustfire battery. let me know what you guys think!

    BTW im new to this mod business and just learned how to solder so be gentle!

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    Christopher got a reaction from mustk1ll20 in Awesome Vapor   
    Awesome Vapor.com

    Supplier: Awesome Vapor
    Website: http://www.awesomevapor.com/

    Products Offered by supplier:


    Discount and Coupon Codes:

    No coupon codes at the moment

    Email Response Time

    Arno usually responds quite quickly to all emails. He is patient and easy to talk to, if you have questions, Arno's your guy.

    Products Ordered:

    DSE901 with 35MG Coffee Flavor

    The following product was sent free of charge

    510 atomizers and batteries

    Processing Time:
    Usually 24-48 hours

    Shipping Time:

    Shipping time is fast. Items where shipped and arrived in 2 days. Products where packed well and items arrived safely.

    Dead On Arrival?:

    All items arrived in working order. We have used the DSE901 for over 5 weeks now and it's still going strong. No problems with chargers or batteries. The 510 works amazing as always. We noticed the switch on Awesome Vapor's 510 batteries are a little higher than the rest, Vapor Talk staff all agree this us much more comfortable in the hand. I wish all my 510 manual battery had the same button height.


    Have you ever been to a small town that has a restaurant that fast good chains just can't touch? It has that "Mommas style cooking" that larger restaurants just can't provide? Well that's Arno from Awesome Vapor. His site may not have the latest greatest high tech look but Arno has quickly become one of our favorite suppliers, his positive attitude, fast shipping and attention to detail is what really keeps us coming back. I'm not usually personal about my certifications however I recently had a bad week while out in Las Vegas, my wife was hurt during the trip and of course as luck would have it my 510 atomizers went dead. Both of them. When it rains it pours! So I did the unthinkable, I was stressed out and picked up a pack of analogs (I didn't have spare parts and there was no place in Vegas I was aware of that sold ecigs) When Arno found out I had purchased a pack of Analogs he quickly got a hold of me and sent out what he deemed a "care package." Which included 2 new 510 atomizers as well as a few new batteries, not only did he send these items free of charges but he overnighted the package. Now keep in mind this was well after his website had already been certified, so there was no other reason to send the items other than Arno's good heart. It's just the way he is. (I get emails and comments about Arno all the time) Vapor Talk whole heartedly certifies Awesome Vapor!

    Video Review

    We are WAY overdue for Arno's video review. Please note that Sean and I got a little backed up on work and hope to have Awesome Vapor's video review out by the end of this month. Thanks for you patience!
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    Christopher got a reaction from Sean in High Bridge / Low Bridge   
    All of my atomizers are low bridge so I couldn't say personally. However my good friend had a couple high bridge atomizers and both of them broke (the bottom detached from the top) The high bridge seemed to create more vapor, but they didn't last long enough to get the burnt taste.

    It personally wouldn't matter for me as I pop the white part off and dry smoke.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Sean in High Bridge / Low Bridge   
    Sounds like those are just crap atomizers. If they are the high bridge with SLB serial number, you may as well just trash them. Everyone I've talked to has had issues.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Sean in How Many Drips In Your 510?   
    Just curious how many drips do you drop in your 510? I usually drop about 2-3 tops, but I'm starting to get a weird taste. Probably the biggest thing I hate about ecigs is the damn taste that appears after a little while.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Sean in Guess Who's Back!?   
    Holy crap roll out the red carpet. Jeez. Do you tape a picture of yourself to your dashboard too? Kidding bro good to have you back.

    And thanks for the shout out, there is still quite a bit of work to be done on the site, but it should be done by the end of this week and most of the erros will be fixed. PAIN in my *** let me tell you...
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