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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Do you snore less now?   
    Well, you have gotten a little more huggable lol

    Sent using the Vapor Talk App • May we meet upon the level & part upon the square.

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    Christopher reacted to Walt in Almost at 0mg   
    Then make it so my friend. 
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    Christopher reacted to Jeffb in Do you snore less now?   
    I would have to go back to what I weighed in Jr High to be considered at the proper weight. Aint gonna happen cuz I love In N Out too much 
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    Christopher got a reaction from Jeffb in Do you snore less now?   
    Well, you have gotten a little more huggable lol

    Sent using the Vapor Talk App • May we meet upon the level & part upon the square.

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    Christopher got a reaction from gadget in Vapor Talk T Shirts Now in Stock   
    Vapor Talk T Shirts are finally in stock (and moving!). 
    This Vapor Talk Short Sleeve T shirt is built from a hefty six-ounce 100% cotton jersey fabric for natural comfort. Durable double-needle tailoring distinguishes this solid shirt from your average “bargain” tee. For additional shape retention, the neck and shoulders are fully fabric taped.
    The shirt is “classic” fit and doesn’t run tight.
    Chest Size: Small 34-36″ Medium 38-40″ Large 42-44″ Extra Large: 46-48″ Pick up yours here: https://www.vaportalk.com/us/shop/vapor-talk-short-sleeve-t-shirt/
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    Christopher reacted to Earthling789 in Kangertech Juppi Review   
    Our friends at Health Cabin sent me a white Kangertech Juppi for review a couple weeks ago, and I think I've used it enough to post up an informed review...
     Stock photo... I've not taken one with my camera, sorry...
    First up, I like the size and recessed-tank design.  It is very compact and fits nicely in your hand and pocket.  The top-fill makes it very easy to keep it topped-off without having to work so hard to remove the whole tank (which isn't difficult, but isn't easy either, if you have large hands).  Keeping it's 3ml tank topped-off is a chore... it does burn through juice quite rapidly due to the large cotton area and large coil design, but it does produce great clouds and flavor!
    The unit takes a single 18650 battery, which is something I do like... for me, it is more convenient to replace a battery quickly, rather than wait for it to recharge, or be tethered to a charging cable while I'm using it.
    The kit does come with mod, tank, charging cable, and spare o-rings for the tank... but no spare cotton or spare coil.... this is a bad thing in my opinion.  Even the top-tanks and older subtank minis came with spare cotton and extra coils.  I would think ALL starter-kits should and would come with at least one extra coil and some spare cotton, considering the design requirement of this tank?
    The coil design is unique as it is just a coil... a long coil in a casing to keep its shape, and you have to wrap a piece of flat cotton (Japanese cotton or cotton-bacon) around it, then slide it into the center tube.  The design is simple, but very prone to leaking if you don't get the cotton just right or fully seat the coil unit.  I found that out the hard way during the first week :(  Another drawback to the design is that it does not like high PG juices, and even 50/50 over-wicks to the point of leaking if you don't use it for a day or two.  It's sweet-spot for juice is 60% VG or higher, and works very well with max-VG juices.  I've had the unit for 2-weeks, and am on my 3rd piece of cotton, but the coil is holding up very well to my "clear" sweet-tart juice in 40/60 PG/VG.
    The unit itself is 75W TC, and has settings for Ni, Ti, SS, and TCR in standard temp ranges (200-600F / 100/300C), and seems to work well using a Toptank Nano with Ni or 316L-SS coil.  The TCR mode using Kanthal coils is a bit strange... it ramps up slow, then blasts you with warm vapor which is hotter than the temp on the dial, but it is tolerable if you dial it down.
    Two major nit-picks on the device... ONE, the coil (and paperwork) do not indicate what it is made of, but I was able to determine through trial-and-error and a bit of research, that the included coil is 316-L Stainless Steel, and it works very well on the SS setting for TC.  The second gripe is the position of the fire-button (see picture above)... it's on the side of the unit's battery compartment, not the edge!  It is also very small and difficult to hold comfortably with large hands.  I find myself holding it awkwardly to use my finger or thumb to fire it, or just palming it like squeezing a ball, hoping it fires... it is NOT a great design placement for the button... much like the old MVP 2.0... 
    Overall, I like the design characteristics of the device... small, protected tank, robust TC function, top-fill, unique tank/coil design... but it would not be my first choice for a "starter kit".  Price is the biggest drawback, when you can get a 75W Platinum Toptank Mini kit for $20 cheaper... HealthCabin has them listed at $70.  Another drawback is the coils... none of my local shops have Juppi coils in-stock, and they are also not available from every online retailer, even ones that sell a Juppi.  It is very prone to leaking until you figure out the quirks of wicking (not a beginner skill-set), requires higher VG juices (which not everyone has), and is awkward to hold/use for larger hands.  I think this device is better suited for experienced users with smaller hands, and that is proven in the fact that my 5'2" fiance says she has little problems using it   So, she will be the primary user of it... just as soon as I finish this bottle of yummy juice  
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    Christopher reacted to VapingVagabond in PG/VG Ratio Preference   
    Copy that, my apologies.
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    Christopher got a reaction from VapingVagabond in PG/VG Ratio Preference   
    Only a single bump per day please
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    Christopher reacted to Tam in Do you snore less now?   
    Yes, I make far fewer mistakes when I sleep now compared to when I smoked.   
    All joking aside, when I smoked and was very, very tired, I was told I snored quite a bit. Now that I vape, it's pretty rare that I snore at all. My sleep is much more restful now too.
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    Christopher got a reaction from VapingVagabond in PG/VG Ratio Preference   
    One survey question approved  
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    Christopher got a reaction from Walt in Pins and needles wakes me in the night   
    That had crossed my mind as well. I sometimes wake up with pins and needles in my arms but it's almost always attributed to sleeping on my arm. The proof is usually the giant mark left on my face lol And a good point about the dreams, I recall when I first stopped smoking I slept much heavier than previously. Many of us back then used to think the e liquid was causing dreams. What it's probably more likely is that our breathing was improving and we might finally have been getting better sleep and thus hitting a proper rem cycle. (I used to snore pretty bad too which has since become less of an issue these days). 
    I agree though, probably a long shot but at least worth mentioning. 
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    Christopher reacted to FXRich in Pins and needles wakes me in the night   
    Have a relative that had what you described, but they had pins and needles in their legs and feet. he didn't vape. but it turned out he was diabetic.
    Not saying that is the problem, but high VG juice is said to raise your blood sugar, and if you are borderline diabetic it could cause problems. Maybe you should get it checked out.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Is the coil junk?   
    The liquid that's usually in the atomizer, is normally zero nicotine, unflavored e liquid. They started doing it years ago when users would put an atomizer on without adding e liquid. (this was back when the devices were simple). These days however, it doesn't do much to help if someone forgets to add eliquid. 
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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Is the coil junk?   
    Sometimes it can be a bad coil but it's usually (there are other factors) one of two things. One, you didn't let the coil sit long enough to soak up liquid (that doesn't sound like what happened). The other issue is that the device you purchased is new and often is set on the highest wattage. The wattage on the device may have been too high for the coil and thus burning it out. (Sounds more likely to be the case). 
    Generally speaking, when you use a new device you should always start the wattage low and slowly work up. (start at 8 watts and go from there). At some point, it will start to taste "off" and you can pull back the wattage a little. Then you have your sweet spot. 
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    Christopher got a reaction from Walt in Milky clouds   
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    Christopher got a reaction from Vapelife1200 in Milky clouds   
    Most people refer to them now as "drop in coil tanks" though the names sort of change each year it seems like. Clearomizers are generally more like the CE4's. (At least that's what comes to my mind when I think of a clearo). 
    TVF8's can produce some pretty hefty clouds and is a sub ohm unit, but rather than build your own coil, you "drop" a coil in and go. it's a convenience thing. (Like me, I use drop in coils because while making your own coils is the way to go, I just love the convenience of drop in coils) 
    Another benifit to building your own coils is that it's cheaper however, please, for the love of vaping, look into battery safety. We've shied away from rebuildables not because they aren't awesome but we've had some....situations in which  users were getting ahead of themselves. (Ridiculously low ohms, mixed with the wrong battery type, on a mechanical mod = a bad situation) 
    We have a good rebuildable community here on the forum (see the rebuildable categories). Everyone is super helpful, it's always better to pester and ask than to be sorry  
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    Christopher got a reaction from gadget in FDA pushes "Deeming Regulations" to 2022.   
    That is correct. That's been the case since last year (though not too many vendors are actually following the rule). 
    What this does is give vendors (and vapers at least) some breathing room over the next few years and potentially even some time to lobby against certain aspects of PMTA. (Though honestly, I feel it's probably here to stay). I know of a few large vendors who had exit strategies in place for next year. At least for now, those are sidelined.
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    Christopher got a reaction from gadget in Milky clouds   
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    Christopher reacted to cany in Milky clouds   
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    Christopher reacted to cany in Milky clouds   
    I stuck my foot into coil building with an RDA Clouds/flavor were good But theres some subohm tanks with OCC coils/Rba decks that blow a dripper away My opinion and we all know whats there worth I like my dripper for tasting new mixes Other than that I like a tank full of juice
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    Christopher got a reaction from gadget in Mech Mod Safety Resistance Chart   
    Came across this little gem today 

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    Christopher reacted to Walt in Milky clouds   
    Yowzers!!!  lol. 
    All of the above?
    1.  Wattage  In general more wattage vaporizes more juice.  Wattage is limited by the coil used.  Too much wattage and flavor starts fading.  Way too much wattage and cotton burns.  In general the lower the resistance the more wattage that can be applied.  Along with this is the configuration of the coil.  More exotic builds have more surface area and can wick or retain more liquid.  Also in general the more liquid retained by the coil the more wattage that can be applied. 
    2.  Airflow  In general the more airflow the more vaporized juice being carried from the coils.  Also the more airflow the more wattage that can be used as the coils are being "cooled". 
    3.  VG  Yes VG produces the most cloud.  PG however is your flavor transport. 
    4.  RDA vs Subohm  There are some beastly (pun intended) sub ohm tanks out there that produce a lot of vapor.  An RBA (RTA or RDA)  gives the user control of the coil used.  There are a lot of folks that have become very good at building RBA's and can produce some monster clouds far beyond that of a premade sub ohm tank.  That's a process.  Get an inexpensive RDA (they are easier to wick) and try your hand at building.  If you find the activity to be fun go for it.  I can be tedious.  Some folks just don't care for the activity. 
    5.  Voodoo  I haven't vaped long enough to attain this level.  Some folks here have vaped and built a long time and have found combinations of all of the above that just work well.  So with that I'll turn it over to the masters. 
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    Christopher reacted to VapingVagabond in Newbie here   
    I am also new here! Just joined up today. I was wondering if there are any restrictions to posting surveys on this forum? The survey I made is about PG/VG and people's specific preferences. It's a 1 question survey, will take 30 seconds to complete, for personal use only. I'm just trying to gauge what people are vaping for future projects. 
    I will not post the survey here, as I do not know the rules yet on that subject.
    Any and all feedback is more than welcome.
    Much appreciated
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    Christopher got a reaction from Walt in Good news for vaping, (I hope)   
    whoah so my email box was filling up this morning. This is turning out to be quite a big deal. This pushes the shutdown date from August next year until well into 2022. This is big news actually. We just a big conference call last week about handling the August 2018 deadline. Talk about throwing a wrench into the mix. 
    Not to steal FX's thunder I might create a new thread and push out to the social networks with more info. 
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    Christopher reacted to cany in hi peeps   
    If your looking for an online Vape store, Vapor talk has an awesome store and great customer service
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