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  1. Are you using the pulse mechanical squonk box...if so you should have some amount of knowledge around ohms law...is your build exceeding your amperage limit....a hot Battery is NOT good...do not continue to use the device of the battery keeps getting hot. Maybe go back to your build and check your resistance...batteries can be dangerous in the wrong hands.... Be very cautious of this device until you figure out what is happening
  2. You may need to take it apart...try to remove add much residue juice....give the coil a good blow out... Pot it all back together.....which vape pen is it
  3. You will drop a lung if you vape that Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  4. Diy strawberry cream Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  5. Basically make sure your build can handle your amps output...**** tonne of info on YouTube mate Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  6. Thanks mate....much appreciated...
  7. Yes your absolutely right Walt....to much power...I thing from memory I was firing at 70w maybe higher....I will try the bulls again at 40w.... Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  8. Hey guys, im wondering if anybody has had any experience importing Nic into Queensland Australia, i had a guy tell me today that there is no chance at all of it getting through, i also had a another guy tell me that if you generally order a litre and under at a time, its not an issue.....Damn im so devastated.... has anyone some light to shed on this.....all i know is my package shows this......im praying it makes it through, would be great to hear from somebody...cheers....
  9. thanks mate, appreciate the feedback, my day just turned from good to bad real quickly, can you maybe tell me anything at all regarding importing nic into Australia.... i just had some guy tell me that i cant import into QLD Queensland Australia....???? is this true, not sue that you would know the question to that one...might try asking around..... but yes i have also completed my first build on my first RDA... i picked up the ICON by Vandy Vapes, so the build itself turned out really well, but i ended up falling short regarding resistance.... i finished up with a dual coil ohming out at .3 not near enough vapour production lots of spitting and burning smells going on, i used the steamengine website.....when i see someone on youtube throw a 24ga kanthal coil together with like 7 or 8 wraps their ohming out at .15 why would mine be different...????
  10. Thx Walt.......super helpful mate so if im sporting the TFV8 cloudbeast at the moment....is that a clearomizer....????
  11. yeah i try to stick close to home Australia is housing some really good suppliers now..... i can get most of my gear this side of the pacific.....other than NIC
  12. brilliant....a tutorial store.......lol thankyou
  13. will do bhonshell are they online suppliers....???
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