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  1. I definitely advise against this. You shouldn't even be handling 100% pure nicotine if you aren't a trained chemist. Ingestion of pure nicotine can and will kill you. I recommend you purchase nicotine that has been premixed with pg or vg, whatever is your favorite. Use that as a base and start from there. Hope you're still alive and vaping! Not sure how old this thread is...
  2. Great feedback everyone! Really appreciate it!
  3. Hello All, I'm collecting data in regards to people's personal preferences when it comes to the specific Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin ratio in their E-Liquid Mixes. I've created a 1 question, very simple and to the point, survey in order to adequately gather this information. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LWG867C Any and all survey completions are much appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. I am also new here! Just joined up today. I was wondering if there are any restrictions to posting surveys on this forum? The survey I made is about PG/VG and people's specific preferences. It's a 1 question survey, will take 30 seconds to complete, for personal use only. I'm just trying to gauge what people are vaping for future projects. I will not post the survey here, as I do not know the rules yet on that subject. Any and all feedback is more than welcome. Much appreciated
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