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 Well, looks like today's the day.  April 18, 2913 a friend loaned me one of his rigs to try.  4 hours later at the agreed on meeting spot I gave it back to him.  The next day I went out and bought myself a double set ...... 650 batteries and CE4 tanks.  That day I wrote the date on the pack I had just opened, dropped it in the console and after 50+ years of cigarettes, I started vaping.  Haven't looked back.  Within the first 6 months i started diy'ing my own juice.  Eventually i worked myself to 0 nic.  Been there for over a year, now.  Almost got sucked into the "bigger 'n better'n shiny stuff" end of vaping till I realized that's not why i started vaping in the first place.  Biggest setup I worked up to was a nautilus sitting on a 40W Eleaf.  Lately, till a couple weeks ago, I was back at the basic level with a t3 sitting on a 1100 batt.  Caught a cold that migrated to my chest, so everything got put away for a few days.  A couple days grew day by day ....... been vape free for the past 3 weeks, so now seems like as good  a time as any to give everything up for good.  Gotta say it feels very liberating walking out and only checking for keys instead of everything else I used to carry around.  

So, if you're vaping to quit smoking, I wish you good luck.  Just keep that goal in mind and know that it is possible.  And, yep that pack is still riding around in my console with the same number of cigs it had in it back in 2013.  It's become a conversation piece.  Maybe I'll memorialize it in a block of Lucite.

So...... Happy Trails everyone.  Color me gone.   

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