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  1. Any 510 threaded tank should work. If I were you, I'd get a tank about the same size as the ello to make sure it fits.
  2. Now that you have one mod (your Smok Mag), tank, batteries, etc. You will want to start collecting back ups. Don't just trust that one will get you where you want to be. If you want to give up smoking and keep off the cigs, get another mod (or more), more batteries so you can switch them out fast, probably an external battery charger, definitely get yourself cases to store your unused batteries (NEVER put them in your pocket or store them without having them in a case unless you want to find yourself in the hospital and the newest news story about how a battery blew up in your pants). You will also want to get more coils in whatever resistance level that you prefer for your mod. They typically last about a week or sometimes more depending on your juice, but will need to be changed. And sometimes... you'll get a bad coil so you want back ups. Then, get back ups of your back ups. You can never have too many.
  3. Welcome to Vapor Talk! You've gotten a lot of very good advice from @Walt. I'll add a few things too, even though I'm not familiar with your mod. First, we call it 'juice' or 'eliquid', there isn't (or shouldn't be) any oil in the liquid you use to vape. If there is, I would dispose of it and get liquid that has VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), food grade flavoring, and nicotine (as Walt said, either regular nic or salt nic). Sometimes there's also food coloring but I tend to not go that route, I don't want anything more in my liquid than minimally possible. That said, since you're just starting out, I wouldn't buy any quantities of one flavor of e-liquid right now. The reason behind that train of thought is that you are just now quitting smoking. Your body is going through a lot of changes detoxifying from all the carcinogens that cigarettes contain. Your taste buds are changing too. What tastes good to you today in e-liquid form may not be as good to you tomorrow. When I first started, I went through flavors until I had well over 40 (that's probably on the low side as I went a little overboard experimenting) and switched around as my mood took me. If you're switching flavors, you'll want to have a different tank and coil to keep it in. Using the same coil for different flavors may wind up giving you a happy accident of a good flavor or it could be a disgusting mistake. There is a wick inside the coil that soaks up e-liquid. This wick will retain traces of the old flavor so you really want to have a different tank - it's easier this way to just change out tanks. Repeating Walt again, start with a low wattage level, you don't have to use what's advised, just start at something low and vape. If that's not doing it for you by giving you the flavor and vapor you want, turn it up just a few notches and vape. Repeat until you get a slight burnt taste. Back it down a bit. That's how you find your "sweet spot." As your coil ages, you may need the turn it up a bit. When you use your coil to heat up the e-liquid, the e-liquid will leave some gunk behind. The more build up you get, the more resistance it creates. The more resistance your coil has, the more power you'll need to heat the e-liquid to get the desired results. The darker, sweeter e-liquids will gunk up your coils faster. Vaping will dehydrate you so start drinking more water. Don't increase your liquid intake by drinking soda, coffee, tea, juice... whatever. Just plain water. You'll thank me later. Sorry for the long post, but I hope some of this will help. Good luck, and ask lots of questions. We've all been there, done that, and want to help new vapers get off cigarettes.
  4. When is the last time you charged it?
  5. Getting used to the nic salts took a little time, I've taken to adding a 3 nic custard to the mixed berries eliquid to smooth it out even more. The nice thing is that I take a few hits and then I'm good for quite some time. No more being stuck chain vaping to feel satisfied.
  6. Please stop inserting spammy links into your posts. If you persist, you may find yourself banned from the forum.
  7. With the world around us going nuts, I kind of like the pods that take me back to simpler times. No fussing with coils or settings, discrete housing, just take a new pod, some eliquid and a micro USB charger and I'm ready to go rather than USB charger, extra tank, eliquid, extra coils, tissues, and a few other things I need for my usual set up. I still use the iPower and Aspire Triton 2 at home but more often I use my GhoSTick for simplicity's sake. It's nice to have the option.
  8. How big is the battery on it, Walt?
  9. Sadly, the fear mongers will fail to read any of these conclusive studies and continue to spread misinformation. Still, it's nice to see that more studies are being performed and the same results are coming out. Maybe some day the mainstream news will pick up on it. One can dream... Thanks, Walt, for putting up this post.
  10. Man, but I wish I were a bot! That way I wouldn't be so freakin' tired all the time.
  11. Have you tried a differen't/new battery?
  12. Hi Kyle. I removed your email address from your post as that is not a safe practice. When or if someone replies to your post, you will receive a notification in your email so they don't have to email you directly.
  13. Nicely done, @Walt, and you didn't even need to put in any spammy links with your explanation!
  14. My advice is to not post gratuitous spammy links with your question. Thank you.
  15. Still vaping the FLaN, but I find that I chain vape it too much because it's so smooth. The berry mixes are acidic, and with the higher salt nic, I find I can take a few draws and I'm good for awhile.
  16. Routines are good. I like not having anything unexpected happen. What kinds of berries do you use?
  17. Nice to see you again, @Bebop! I'm vaping some mixed berries with a drizzle of custard today.
  18. On the pod systems I've tried lately, once the juice goes into the battery part, the rest is just toast. Time to throw it out and start with a new battery unit.
  19. And... the question of "what's wrong with this, and how do I fix it?" is implied, @Mark Be nice. For the OP, sorry, but I'm not familiar with your device. This forum is for regular vaping devices and nothing to do with things that use thick oil. If you google for some forums that deal specifically with that type of equipment, you'll likely get more help.
  20. Tam


    Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  21. Hi Micky, @Christopher should be with you shortly to work on the details.
  22. The FDA may also put a big dent in the vaping industry as well. Ah... the times we live in.
  23. Tam


    There is no such thing as a stupid question. Please feel free to ask anything! @Walt or @FXRich, one of you want to take this one?
  24. If you find something less than $10, then you've found a great clearance deal. Otherwise, it's a good bet that you'll pay a little more. Personally, squonking doesn't do it for me so no help here on recommendations. There are, however, many good tanks that are fairly cheap and work just as well - you just have to fill them. Do a search on the forum, the recs you get might make your head spin. If you don't find what you want, try starting another thread. Folks should give you their favorites.
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