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  1. Yes, the harshness could change from flavor to flavor. An apple pie flavor would be less harsh, a strawberry and cream would be less harsh, any of the bakery flavors like pancakes, birthday cake, pies, banana bread, etc. They would all be smoother with a low PG eliquid. Anything with a cream base would also be more mellow. That said, anything with high citrus (like lemon), menthol, mint, cinnamon (candy-like not the bakery cinnamon), would be harsher to vape. Like Cany said, lower your watts. Try something like 10 watts and vape. If that doesn't give you the flavor and vapor you like, turn it up just a little and try again. Keep doing this a few watts at a time until you get a slight burnt taste or a harsh vape. Turn it down a little until it gets better for you. Each juice has its own "sweet spot" where everything is juuuust right. This is how you find it.
  2. The acidity in the lemon flavor can also make a juice "harsh" when vaped.
  3. Moved this post to General Vaping Discussion area. Also deleting all the other duplicate posts. Please only post your question once, do not spam the forum. Thank you.
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    Not quite sure what you're asking here. The Osub TC 40W, but according to specs, the Osub will go to a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.6 ohm. The Osub itself is a mod or the power portion of the device. The tank comes with the following coils: One 0.4 ohm and one 0.5 ohm Helmet-CLP fused Clapton Dual Core coils, and one 0.85 ohm Helmet-CLP Single Clapton Core. Is that the information you were looking for?
  5. We all mostly call is Slowtech around here. While the prices are low with free shipping, you usually have to wait a lot longer for the stuff to get to you. If you don't mind the wait and can get by without whatever you ordered, it's usually a good place to buy gear. EBay is a place we mostly warn people about due to too many knock offs being sold there masquerading as original name brand items. It's buyer beware, especially for mods and batteries. If you're getting things like wraps and drip tips, it's a great place to shop.
  6. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with this tank. Have you checked out some of the reviews on Youtube? Most are good about mentioning the airflow on tanks. Just a thought.
  7. I love spending your money, too, @Walt. NO! Do not send me stuff!!! I have more back ups and stuff and more stuff that it's piling up faster than I can pay it forward. The people I help stop smoking in my area are very well stocked and then some. One of these days I'll pull out all of the stuff I have and put it into a pile and reorganize to figure out what I have and what goes with what...
  8. Any time, @Jarhead. We're here to help if you have questions. There may be times when you get more answers than you wanted... and threads get derailed around here. Just a warni... Hey, @Walt, since the Vapor Talk store no longer carries third party goods, another vendor you might like to check out is Discount Vapers. They have millions of things to spend your money on and excellent customer service! They just helped me buy 20 boxes of 5-pack coils tonight.
  9. I love my Nitecore 4 bay charger. Yep, good idea to use an external charger whenever possible. Safer is better.
  10. Good for you! The "wicks" that you speak of are included inside the 0.4 ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core and the 0.15 ohm Octuple core. These two coils (or "cores" as identified here), are already pre-built heating coils with wicks included inside.
  11. My bad, @Walt! I put the decimal point in the wrong place. That should've read 0.15 ohm and not .015 as I typed. Thanks for the assist. I knew you'd steer them in the right direction. :D
  12. https://www.vapordna.com/SMOK-Veneno-225W-TC-and-TFV8-Baby-Light-Edition-p/smvene.htm Scroll down until you see "product includes" and it looks like it has everything you need to get you started except eliquid and two 18650 batteries. You'll want to make sure the batteries you purchase can handle loads that a .04 and .015 ohm coil demands. If we can get @Walt over here, he'll be able to better steer you in the right direction.
  13. But look at all the fresh air you have... and the view!
  14. You don't like your truck? Leaving anything charging unattended, especially in the cold or hot like your truck, is only an accident waiting to happen. I would only use an AC adapter and plug it in at your house to charge. Do not put it on to charge and then go to bed leaving it alone. Since you leave it charging in your truck it could be that it's not getting a full charge, your charger isn't working right, or it could be you have a bad mod. Batteries really shouldn't be left in any kind of extreme temperature condition. What wattage are you using it? If you're using it at 50W, that will also drain the battery faster than if you have it set at 10W. This would also make a different on what resistance the coil in your tank is. I'm a mouth to lung vaper and like a cooler vape so I use a 1.8 ohm coil. With this resistance, I only use 7.8W - 8.4W (as the coil gets used the resistance goes up slightly therefore I need more power as it gets older). With this low wattage I only need to charge my battery once a week - I rotate between two and three tank/battery units. Does that make sense? We stress getting back up around here. Once you get the back ups, get back ups of your back ups. Then, get back ups for those. You can never have too many. I've gone through four back ups of battery, tank, coil... in one instance due to various reasons -- nearly all of us have at some point. When that happens, you'll be glad you listened and got the back ups or you'll wind up going, "They said to get back ups and I wish now that I did..." We see this all the time.
  15. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  16. The Cleito is a 22 mm tank and it will work just fine with the Eleaf iStick 50W mod. I have over a dozen iStick 50W and all of them have built in internal batteries, none of the come out.
  17. Welcome to Vapor Talk. I, too, am a fan of the Eleaf iPower 80W, it's a solid mod and, at 5000 mAh, it seems to last forever.
  18. Sorry, but there really is no such thing as "Which one is better" or "which one is the best." It all depends on which one works be the best for what you like, how you vape, and what works best for your lifestyle. Vaping is so subjective, that what works well for one person will be nothing but trouble and terrible vapes for another. Only you will know what's best for you.
  19. Way back in the day when vaping was fairly new and much less complicated than it is now, the amount of nicotine in an eliquid was equated to different strengths of cigarettes. For example, 24 mg of nicotine was roughly the equivalent to a pack of Marlboro Reds (shorts). 12 mg was similar to a pack of Marlboro Lights... and so on. Today, we have sub-ohm coils, voltage vs. wattage vs. temperature control, etc. The sub-ohm alone, without adding in how coils and tanks are so much more efficient in nicotine delivery, totally skew the old way of figuring out the nicotine per pack per tankful ratio. Sorry, but I haven't heard anything that helps figure it now these days with today's equipment.
  20. I hope you didn't spend too much on this broken mod, it's probably the reason why he was selling it in the first place. Please don't post duplicates of the same post, I took the liberty of deleting the other one.
  21. Tam


    Always start low (around 10W or 14W), vape a few times. If that doesn't give you a satisfactory flavor and/or vapor, turn it up a few and vape again. Keep doing this until you get a harsh vape or it tastes slightly burnt. Turn it down a little and that should be the sweet spot for that coil and juice. There is no "best temp" for everyone, it's whatever is "best" for you. Vaping is very subjective and very personal. What works for someone else may not work for you. We call it "vaping" and not "smoke," if something is "smoking," that means your temperature is set too high and something is burning.
  22. Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  23. Please do not spam this forum by posting this multiple times. I've deleted the other two instances. Thank you.
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