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  1. I’ve found that I can power it at the lower wattage and still get a very good hit. The clouds will be smaller. Just try it at lower settings and see if it satisfies. Lower Watts, longer life.
  2. One day I’ll get my **** together. Until then...Cory the Nube still plays.
  3. My man Walt always guiding toward the truth! Yeah......shame. I even watched a video on the piece itself. But it was a previous version. The posts and air flow was wanly. So I was avoiding the air flow without using basic god damn judgement. I’m a dumb dumb. We are full of clouds now. No fires. A little emotional scars. But I’ll live.
  4. The top curl is black. Am I out of luck?
  5. So I’m going step by step and I go to fire. I didn’t clip a underneath the posts. When it read the ohms it was .4. Beautiful. I fired and the straggle piece was the only piece to fire out of everything. It was on the base of the RDA. You can see the discoloration of the RDA. Am I screwed here? I’ve tried it a few times and nothing reads to the OHM meter. I put my baby beast on and it reads like a charm. I ****** up. Day one.
  6. @Bebop. Thank you very much. The MOD is a SMOK Alien 220W (why I needed that much who knows) with a 4 post RDA from Cartel (a little different set up on the deck), and the batteries 2500MAH, 30A, and 3.7v. I think I’m pretty good on Amps. I pull around 11.5 now with .4 OHM at like 45-50 Watts.
  7. Great input. Thank you. I’ve grasped that. I watched a few more videos dumbed down a bit and it made sense. Thanks again
  8. Not sure. But I found him. He has a wealth of info. Thanks you guys. I’m waiting on my RDA to show up. I think I should have started with something more basic. I’ve got a Cartel coming that is apparently very similar to the Drop. Hope I’ll get the hang of it.
  9. I’ve got my first RDA coming in the mail. I already had my wire delivered. They are round 24 GA Kanther. I don’t have the option of popping down to the vape shop as I’m stationed overseas and it’s a chore to find one. When you do the language barrier is an issue. Anyway. I’ve got a Cartel coming which apparently is a rip off of the drop. All the videos I’ve seen use either fat coil wires or woven like an alien. Am I going to be okay using standard single kanther? And using two coils is a bit confusing now as well. Im thinking I want to mimic my .4 OHM im used to. Is this even possible?
  10. The link won’t load. Something with the URL. What’s his name ? Oh battery mooch. I’ll look him up that way. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone. I’m new to this world. I’m using the 220w Alien with a baby beast atomizer. The batteries I’ve bought and most of the ones I’ve seen say 3.7 V. When I vape at the low end wattage (50w) for the .4 OHM coil my voltage is 4.619. If I drop it to 30w then I get a reading of 3.593 volts. I’m assuming the batteries say 3.7 to indicate the safe level. By using the suggested watts for the coil I’m going above that. But when looking for different batteries I noticed most are 3.7. Leading me to think that this is okay. But I don’t want to use it dangerously. Help.
  12. That’s good news. I’m a newbie for sure. Wouldn’t want to use mixed equipment and cause some damage to me or the gear. Appreciate the feedback.
  13. Do you mean you have been smoking for 10 years? If so just avoid cigarettes. Buy numerous juices to keep it fun. The variety helps distract. And don’t drink alcohol. That’s a tough one.
  14. I’m fairly new to vaping. I’m very happy with my Alien Mod and baby beast tank at this point. But I’m sure I’ll be moving into builds in a short time. Can I still use my Alien MOd with a RDA/RTA atomizer? I think it’s about 220 Watts.
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