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  1. Since it's a discontinued item the type and color you're looking for might not be possible to find. Even though it's a "dual coil" RTA, that doesn't mean you can't just build one coil and not do the other one. Just a thought.
  2. Vapor DNA has them in both black and silver. I've bought from them before with good results. https://www.vapordna.com/OBS-Crius-II-Dual-Coil-25mm-RTA-p/obscta.htm
  3. Thanks, @cany! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day, too. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  4. Moved to the CBD area. This is the only area on the forum where you can talk about this subject. The e-liquids are only for regular vaping. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Jeremy, while I understand you're in a hurry to get your problem solved, please do not put up multiple posts about the same thing in different places. I've merged the posts and moved them into the correct area so more people may be able to see it. Hopefully, someone will come along soon to give you the answers you seek. In the mean time I googled your issue and came up with this youtube video. I hope it's helpful.
  6. Tam


    Thank you for understanding. With vaping related topics please feel free to go nuts in all areas.
  7. Tam


    Hi Matt. This part of the forum is strictly for vaping related topics. We have a specific area for CBD related topics only. Please don't talk about CBD in the main forum areas. Thank you and welcome to Vapor Talk.
  8. First off I'd look into how much start up money you have, build a good sized inventory, know your state's laws on how to conduct business and taxes, get a warehouse to house your supplies, talk to banks that will be handling your money, find out which credit card vendor who will handle transactions for vaping supplies... that should keep you fairly busy to start. Did any of that help?
  9. Can you give us some details on what this tasted like?
  10. Not having the same kind of mod and tank you're using I can't give you any advice other than what I was able to Google: If your SMOK mod has a screen and it is all black, the most likely cause is that you have inadvertently entered ‘stealth mode’. This is easily rectified. If you are not in stealth mode then you may need to update the firmware or the screen may have been damaged. Deactivate stealth mode - You may have inadvertently entered stealth mode. You can deactivate stealth mode by pressing the fire button three times in quick succession. Update firmware - You can update the firmware for most advanced SMOK mods by plugging the mod into your PC and selecting the right upgrade tool from this list on SMOK’s website. Contact SMOK - If you are unsure how to update firmware or if you think your screen is broken, contact SMOK for support. Remember that your mod may still be under warranty. Might give these things a try?
  11. Moving this post to a more appropriate area for CBD topics.
  12. Tam


    Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  13. Vaping regular e-liquid shouldn't be a problem unless they're also looking into nicotine use. If you haven't had any weed in the past 30 days or more, haven't used anything with CBD or any other component of marijuana, you should have been fine.
  14. The best set up is the one that works best for you. Vaping is extremely subjective so what works well for one person may not for another. If you've found something that makes you happy, that's probably the one you should stick with.
  15. Is this for vaping CBD?
  16. Like you, @Bebop, I started with the eGo batteries, but the latest and greatest at the time was an eGo-T. Shortly after I got my first kit the eGo-C pass through came out and I upgraded. Then the Vision Spinner came out (very like an eGo Twist but with a slightly bigger capacity battery), and the rest is history of an empty bank account.
  17. Reading and researching before jumping in is a very good thing! Welcome to Vapor Talk.
  18. While the specific Ego-C may have been discontinued, you can still purchase many similar batteries that will work with your ProTanks. http://www.discountvapers.com/ego-batteries/ I've done business with this company before, and it's very reputable, in my opinion.
  19. Not familiar with your set up but one former member said he used bread ties (twisty ties), stripped the paper off and used that. He said it worked for him. Might be an idea? Yes, boil the medical cotton balls to use as wick. Let dry thoroughly before using. Good luck!
  20. You're in good hands with @Bebop giving you sound advice. He's good at troubleshooting issues. Hey, would you turn off the caps lock, though? You're among friends. No need to shout. Thank you.
  21. Like @cany said, it's not sucking that's the point of the "no smoking" suggestion. When you suck anything after having a tooth pulled you run the risk of getting a "dry socket" (pulling the blood clot out of the hole where the tooth used to be), and that is some of the worst pain you'll ever feel.
  22. I just merged your two identical posts into this one. You only need to post something once, please do not spam the forum with duplicate posts. Thank you.
  23. Dark, sweet eliquids tend to gunk up coils faster, as does vaping at higher wattages. Less sweet (like fruits), and lighter colored eliquids don't tend to go through coils as fast as they usually like lower temperatures.
  24. Weird. The link loaded just fine for me...
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