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What Wick Should I Use? Let's Find Out!


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Selena Organic Cotton Puff Size M

Found on Amazon



Free Shipping with Prime


2 3/8 x 1 7/8

Selena Compared to Muji and KGD


Edge Muji onTop KJD Middle Selena on Bottom


Inside the Selena Pad


Selena Test Results

This is a wick test of Selena Organic Cotton Pads. These wicks were dropped at the same time in these bottles. The bottles have the exact same amount of VG PG and 5o/50 blend with red food coloring added.


After 10min in the VG PG 50/50


Test ended after 15min in the VG


Test ended after 15min in the PG


Test ended after 15min in the 50/50


Side by Side


As you can see there is almost no difference between the PG and 50/50 wicking. Selena is also very close to both KGD and Muji in wicking.

My conclusion is that they are KGD and Muji and Selena are so close to equal in wicking fluid that either would be a good choice.

Comparing Wicking of PG Only with KGD and Muji

This was a single test for 15min to see how they compare in wicking.


Amount Absorbed During Wicking


As you can see the Selena wicked higher that the KGD and Muji. yet did not wick as much fluid. My thought is that this is a difference in the thickness of the pads.

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FYI - You can use U.S. coins for weights to calibrate your scales. Here's a link to each coin's specs, including their weight in grams. BTW, a nickel weighs 5 grams exactly. thumbup.gif

Thanks Rixter. I will give that a test and see how close it is. I have a nickle right here on my desk too. biggrin.png Just check it to a Nickle and it is .01 off at 4.99. Close enough for me. smile.png

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Looks like I'm getting in on this on a little late but I do have a question. First of all, thank you for the info Comp. This is a very interesting and thorough study. My question is does a wick have a"break in" period where it wicks better as time goes by? I'm using Koga brand organic cotton and dripping Boss Reserve which I'm pretty sure is a 50/50 mix. When I got my RDA a week ago the guy at the shop walked me through building my first coil. I was probably redripping about every 10-15 pulls which is about 1 cigarette's worth. Now, a full week later I'm not having to drip for at least 30 minutes to an hour. I'm not losing juice due to leaking or anything. It stays thoroughly saturated for a really long time. My coil could use a dry burn but I really don't want to sacrifice this wick. It's working so well. Think I'll vape it almost dry then try to get it out without destroying it or the coil and try a dry burn.

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My suggestion? dont break it until its broke.... I had a great wick/coil running in my RDA... thought the same as you ended up breaking a coil. Never have gotten it to run as good as it was. probably al in my head, but the taste and vapor warmth are different now and the flavor isnt the same. If its working good I would keep running it.

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The coil was definitely gunked up so I just dry burned it and replaced the cotton. I think with the original build the cotton was in there really tight. It doesn't seem like I got the cotton in there as tight as it was originally. I've since learned though how to take advantage of the drip well instead of just dripping straight on the cotton so that's probably why I can vape longer without redripping.

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Been re visiting this project. I wanted to condense each material into its own video. I have been looking into video editing software and settled on MS Movie maker. It is free and does the job.  I have been wanting to start making my videos a little more professional and less Blah. LOL Before I start doing more of the wick testing videos like this, let me know what you think. I want to add the weights at the end, but have not got that far yet. Yes I know it is kinda like watching paint dry. I could add music to the video but want to stay away from copyright issues.



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Pretty cool!  I know absolutely nothing about video editing.  I think you are correct music would make it livelier.  I feel like you could find some good public domain music out there.  It would be cool if you could split screen all 4 at the same time with a timer at the bottom. (of course I also think it would be cool if I had a new truck, house, and my debts paid off...lol) I know this might require more time, effort, and money... If you could show them all at the same time it would be a dramatic effect, and would cut the time down on the video.


All that being said, it looks great!  It is far better than I could do with my resources!  I can't wait for the finished product!

Edited by jasonculp
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It took some Google searching and found an add-on for WMM 6.0 that will allow a split screen. Then found a way to mix 2 spit screens to make 4 screens in one video for free. ;) Working on it right now. :yes


The trouble with the free music is it kinda sucks. I'll look some more though. I use a free clip for the intro.

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Yes I can edit Wave or MP3. Sounds good. I can send you the intro and exit if you want to do something just for them or at least the time length. :) That way you have a length to work with. I can always make the intro longer, but I like the short a sweet style. ;)

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Wow Jason you got me working hard on that suggestion. It took me all night and most of the day. :D Between 1 of the plug-ins not loading correctly and then not saving, I have it done. Yes I need to add as well that Bebop did not do the music in the intro. I was testing the credits for the final cut. When I have the final one created his music will be there and the two videos I have uploaded to this point will be deleted.


So Thank You Jason, I think it was worth the extra effort. :D It cut the video down to 1 min. 26 sec.


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I am sorry!  I do like it though.  You can definitely see that Peaches and creme is very slow to wick unless it is PG!  I wish I had the time to try to learn video editing, but I am just covered up.  It looks like it takes quite a bit of skill!


Good Job!

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Here is the video for the Silica. I like the way the 4 view turned out on this one and will be editing the Peaches and Cream so it matches. For this one I used the original video capture and not a cut I had done after. I think looks a whole lot better.


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