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What Wick Should I Use? Let's Find Out!


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LOL Your Hired! biggrin.png

I would like to wait till I'm all done then I can sort it out the way I would like it posted. I'll start a link list for you. It will be one of those things you can do when you have time. I could just compile it into a PM post and then you only need to copy and paste the PM post. That would be the most simple IMO. biggrin.png I could add Earthlings graphs to it as well. smile.png I like this being a community effort!

You want all of this added to the first post here?

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I believe all of you just made my brain do a somersault. I use Koga cotton pads from my local B&M. I ordered some KGD from Sweet-Vapes about 3 weeks ago because I was about half way thru my cotton I had on hand.

Very Comp-rehensive test. Thanks Comp for being so thorough with testing. PBursado's test was simple and easy. Can't wait to see the final results.

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Thanks GeorgeF, I'll be posting the next results in a few days. Tam is going to help me get all these tests posted in the first post so they are all in one spot. I'm going to do a few and then post them so the board can see the results. Once I'm done Tam will post them all together in the first post I made with corrections and the new test results. The ones I have posted through out the thread will be moved to there as well. That way they won't be double posted and easier to view all at once. :D

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Because of the nature of this wicking material, I felt it necessary to add it on it's own. Please use this as a wicking material with caution. I'm having some issues with the ten second test. I will be adding it to the final post when I'm done testing these wicking materials.

Test Using 100% Cotton Peaches & Cream Yarn

Peaches & Cream Yarn was all the rage in late 2013 early 2014. One of the downfalls with it is that it must be boiled. Note that it is quite dirty. I keep all my wicking material in sealed ziplock bags. This is the dirt that accumulated on it while it was in the store and in it's manufacture. Besides the dirty appearance it is also whitened and processed with some nasty chemicals. If it is not boiled you may be putting things in your lungs that you do not want. You may ask, Then why do the test? It is simple. There are people that will still recommend this as wicking, and as you will see by the tests, it does wick fairly well. You should know the risks of some of these wicking choices that you can come across. Use At Your Own Risk!

Peaches & Cream Yarn can be purchased at Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, and other retail outlets


$8.99 to $16.49 Depending on where you buy it.

Magnified Peaches & Cream Yarn.


These wicks were added to VG, PG and a 50/50 blend all at the same time.

Test setup


After 5 min


VG Test Done 15min


PG Test Done 15min


50/50 Test Done 15min


Side By Side


Overall the wicking capability of this yarn are fairly good. Before using it however you should take into consideration the issues with this as a wicking material and the added time spent boiling it so it can be usable. Boiling it can't guarantee that it will remove all impurities. Use This At Your Own Risk!

Edited by Tam
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Thanks Crush!

Here is the solution for the 10 second test. It is very difficult to capture a ten second image and make them consistent. So, I'm going to do a quick 1min video of each wicking material using PG, VG and 50/50. These videos may be a little longer than 1 min, but they will all be at least 1 min. This will not only show the first 10seconds, but shows the absorption speed over time.

Here is my first example using PG and silica wicking.


PBusadro did a burn test as well. I had different results with some of my wicking material. Anyone up for a burn test? If I do one it will only be the ignition burn. I honestly do not want to take the time wicking a coil each time. LOL When Pbusardo did his, he used way more wick than a person would normally use in a coil. I will be doing mine with what I would normally wick a coil with.

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Great job Compenstine..... One of the most enjoyable posts i have read. I vote for it to be pinned.

Im curious if you ever weighed the wicks prior to and after dipping, or if you can include it one your next Mad Scientist Adventure?

Well vaping_jake I have some news on your request. Earthling and I were talking about this last night. I knew I had an old gram scale, but hadn't used it in many years and was not sure if it still worked. I got it out of storage and plugged it in and it works! This is a very old Mettler scale and needs dialed in, but it will measure to .01 grams so it should be accurate enough for this testing.


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I at least have it dialed into -0- now, I don't have any weights either so I'm not sure how accurate it is till I kind find something that I know the exact weight on. I know my Dad had some, but I think my brother has them when he took all the reloading equipment. I have some that have a 8 on them, just not sure if it 8 grams.

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Thats what I'm thinking too, I weighed the weight I have on the postage scale I have that goes to .1 oz and it weighed 1.4oz. I put it on the gram scale and it weighed 41.5 grams. 1.4oz to grams is 39.6893g, given that it was off by 1.8107g. Now that is provided that the weight is exactly 1.4oz. 1.81g is 0.0634931oz and being that small it is possible that it is close enough to do these tests.

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For a test I did the Selena brand that Earthling sent here are the results:

What I did was take the weight of the bottle then the weight of the bottle with 1ml of PG. I soaked the Selena in the PG for 1min and took a new weight. What made this really simple was the fact that one ml of PG is 1g so each 0.1g is = to 0.1ml.

The first test was done with a 10ml syringe. I decided to do a second test. I sucked up the remaining PG into a 3ml syringe and it was off so I used the same 3ml syringe and did a second test. The results were the same even though the weights were different by 0.1g

PG bottle

PG bottle + 1ml PG
First test 3.9

Second test 4.0

1ml PG
First test 1g

Second test 1.1g

1 min wick time

First test 3.6g

Second test 3.7

Selena soaked up
First test 0.3g

Second test 0.3g

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