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  1. Hey all, been a while. I got the email from vt about all this, I clicked the link and fell asleep after 5 min of reading. I think they do that crap on purpose, adding a lot of unneeded jargon until your sense of give a crap wanes. I take it as a personal challeng though, tonight I plan on trying to digest the fda's crap sandwich we are being fed or fall asleep. Either way it's a win, havnt been sleeping well lately.
  2. ill end up buying one...lol just a month ago I got the kbox for a lot of my friends as well as myself, I couldn't resist the sale price my local b&m had on them.
  3. I just got one in my vape box. it leaks pretty bad using the prebuilt .3ohm coil but the flavor is very good imho.
  4. it looks cheap but slick in the same sentence.
  5. remember you can always add, you cant take it out but you can try like hell to dilute it. all my flavorings are tfa and most of which I enjoy at 10% per volume, though I do like my flavor weaker and not so much in your face. for me I like to add less flavoring for dripping and add more for tanks. just my two cents
  6. load up my nautilus and ill strap shoes on my feet
  7. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, congrats!!!! down in the south we usually have a fish fry to celebrate but I would think you would take offence to that
  8. CRECENT CITY CLOUDS makes a high vg juice that's pretty good. id suggest their flavor "thoth" its like a banana nut bread. Iv used it in my nautilus before and it vapes fairly well but you will go through coils more often. always let a new coil soak up some juice before vaping especially when using high vg juice
  9. One shop I go to e-cig and vapor lounge is never foggy but they will blow some clouds in there, they have a fantastic ventilation system. other shops iv gone to like vapor right there is no ventilation going on. I kinda like it either way. I like it when its foggy outside or inside or not at all
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