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Just because it's cool. there are cheaper ways to make a coil but I thought this was pretty sweet so I bought it!

I love 'em all! Cartomizers, atomizers, carto tanks, RBAs, clearomizers, glassomizers...you name it and I vape it! If it gives me problems, I just figure out why and correct it! In fact, if I could fi

Soon to be two of everything!

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Just bought a little more than I expected to get: Ego CE5 Replaceable Head Clearomizer

Individual Unit or Set?: Set with three Replaceable Coil Heads (1.8-2.4-2.8ohm) and a Ego Pass-through VV (Black) with a usb wall charger. I am hoping this will be worth it as I spent more than I was planning to spend.

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250ml unflavored 50/50 PG/VG

120ml 48mg 100%PG Unflavored e-Liquid Nicotine

30ml Butterscotch flavoring By Flavor West

30ml Gummy Bear flavoring by Flavor West

30ml Ecto Cooler flavoring By Flavor West

10ml Cotton Candy flavoring By Flavor West (used as sweetener)

8 15ml Dropper Bottle

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i know i'm late to the game on this one, but i finally got me a twist...

well, i guess technically it's a vision ... spinner [?] - 400mah (yeah ! they make them small now!)

i wanted to see what the whole deal is with having the knob. it's fun, i feel like i change voltage a lot more often since i have it.

overall i think i like it - glad to have another small pv in my collection

just ordered a vision spinner 1300mah. its should be delivered any min! madvapes said it was a bit fatter and a bit shorter than the 100mah twist. will post a review of it.

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Got some more flavors and nic. on the way from RTS Vapes, A couple of T2's and some Dekang juice from theveteranvaper, and a new VV eGo type PT/battery from somewhere else. It's been a long time since I ordered anything so I don't think this is too much.

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Lots of nice packages expected for everyone since my last visit here. Right on.

I've been saving my pennies for a new big RBA, either the Foggatti or the AC9, but then Jim the DID-man tailor made the new 18650 DId (out in Dec) complete with matching mod to make it look Hybrid but we can still take it apart and use however we dang well need or want to atm. Soooo, with excitement brewed in my heart for upcoming purchases and with a fever to save even more pennies, ....

I blew it....

and am now expecting VapeMail from...

TheGreen... a BAM!!!!... from his prized blemished collection. :)

MadVapes... Spinner!!... .love my Twist but can't read it like we can the Spinners

RTDVapors.. batteries... for my BAM!!

now I need to really hustle and get those funds built back up or I'll lose out on my new hyDID. I'm collecting old sneakers and aluminum cans to selll on eBay if anyone has any extras they need to get rid of lol.

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Sure Vapes:

Boge Mix'n'Match Cartos - 5 Box (3Ω & 2Ω) - $23

Boge F16 Cartomizer Tank (Clear) (My first carto tank) - $5.95

3.5ml eGo DCT Cone - Chrome - $2.49

Total: $31.44 (free shipping)


Boge F-16

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update on my 1300mah vision spinner... i received it noon monday and it didnt die till end of day thursday! was hitting it pretty hard too. thats 4 freaking days of vape. while yes i have two other batts in my arsenal and was hitting those due to different flavor. i was sitting on that spinner for a majority. i have it on a full charge for today (took awhile to charge....) and cant wait to see if i can keep it alive for 5 days! lol

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Just ordered this from ecblend: 1 x AN&O Orange Cream 100% VG - eLiquid Flavor

(Select Bottle Size: 15 ml $6.95, Nic Strength: 24 mg - Strong, Base Mix 100% VG: 0% PG / ***100% VG***, Add Sweetener AN&O: Add Enhanced Sweetener)

1 x Blunt Tip Needle Cap

1 x Tank Replacement Cartomizer - SmokTech - Dual Coil

(Unit Size: Single Unit, Select Resistance (ohm): 2.5 ohm, Select Color: Stainless Steel)

AN&O is All Natural and Organic the mix is actually suppose to turn out in 60/40 thickness but I guess I shall see as this is the first time I have ordered the AN&O. Hope this cartomizer has a notch unlike one of them I ordered last time. But I guess it is no big deal as they credited it to my account to get a replacement.

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just recently got two VG jouces from myfreedomsmokes.com

juicy peach- tastes exactly like these gummy ring peach flavored cndies I used to buy in canada as a kid. very sweet and candied peach tasting. I thouroughly enjoy it.

watermelon- tastes like similar to a watermelon jolly rancher. candied watermelon flavor and a little tart. not a particularly stron flavor which makes it great for an all day vape

and just got two 5 packs of boge cartos in the mail today. all i vape are VG juices so I had the ****tiest time trying to fill these and when I finally did fill them the vapor production was okay with much airier hits than I would like and they seem to dry up really fast. not too satisfied with them. ::dissapointment::

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My new eVic just arrived :D

Will be posting up a video review in a couple of days ;)

I guess being one-upped by "The Godfather" ain't too bad. :wallbash: Where'd you get it?

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A POLDIAC from MMVapors! Can't wait to see it let alone use it! Beautiful mod!!! There are so many beautiful options to choose from, it was difficult cementing a decision. But I finally settled on the Polished SS body with Polished Brass Clothes, Slotted shirt. Should be gorgeous!!

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