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  1. I have only ordered once from Alien Visions, but the 3 liquids I ordered are top quality VG. I ordered the Tbac blend, Havana, and Marley - all tobacco oriented flavors. I'm not into the straight tobacco flavors as much as other flavors but these here were quite tastey; solid consumer reviews as well. No problems with customer service; green light imo to give them a try.
  2. My Joker is going nowhere but in my hand. For the first week at least...
  3. So I'm sitting here at work using my Joker and I noticed the LED on the Joker has stopped working entirely, yet the rest of the device still functions correctly. The LED was working before I went to sleep last night with no problems. I am still getting great vapor and flavor; seems like there has been no voltage drop. I have taken the batteries out and reinserted them, tapped the device on my desk a few times and replaced the cartomiser. The only thing I have not tried is actually putting in fresh batteries... I will when I get home. Has anyone had this problem? Any quick fixes?
  4. Puresmoker Blueberry + ElectroJuice Lemon Drop = Electric Blueberry Lemon Drop YUM!
  5. I have a Tornado and an eGo, I have experienced a sticking battery button and a stuck on battery with these devices. First, the Tornado battery got stuck on and stayed stuck on (running continuously) with a LRA on it after I took a few hits off of it. The battery button was not stuck in the on position (pushed down), the button was in the off position (raised up) but the battery was still discharging power. Next thing, I hear a hissing coming from my LRA, getting louder and louder each fraction of a second, I removed the cartridge... BOOM! It blew up in my face, a few small drops of hot liquid shot out of it; wasn't cool Second, with the eGo, I pulled it out of my pocket to take a vape and the battery button was stuck on (pushed down), I pushed it a few times and it was still stuck. So I then began bashing it with a katana and ended up slicing my eGo into tiny little pieces during my outburst of outrageous insanity. No I'm just kidding. But I did have to smack the eGo on my hand to get the battery to turn off. I'm not sure how long the battery was running... anywhere from a couple seconds to a few minutes... Luckily I had a cartomizer on this time, it seemed as if the device suffered no damage at all, it worked just as well as before.
  6. Wow this is garbage. And for what reason exactly? Oh yeah big tobacco pulling the strings of government officials once again...
  7. Not that I have tried it, but by logical reasoning you can use a LRA on a 5v(+) device and have it work to an extent. Performance and saftey would be altered at this point, possibly leading the LRA to become unstable and blow up (yes they really do pop and blow up in your face at super high temperatures). I would find it highly likely to have LRAs go unstable on a 5v(+) device for I have had stability and regulatory problems with LRAs on 3.7v devices. My suggestion would be to not use LRAs on 5v(+) devices.
  8. Oh yeah I'm really liking #2. Nice job smy, waiting to see more!
  9. Is it "Get out of there" or "Get outta there"? "But sire we can't leave all this spice!?" "Damn the spice, GET OUT OF THERE!" LOL
  10. I currently use an eGo/Tornado and the Blu e cig was one of the first devices I used. For starters, let me tell you there is a monumental difference with these two electronic cigaretes. I'm not going to break this one down, but quality wise, the Blu e cig is a dried out turd sitting in my backyard and the eGo/Tornado is a mouth watering, moist, juicy steak topped with a seasoned buttery drizzle. (lol I crack myself up) The eGo/Tornado uses the same 510 atomisers as any other 510 unit. The 510 units, being the most popular and widely used devices out there, makes the eGo/Tornado an excellect universal choice. But here's a nice addition; the eGo/Tornado is capable of using Low Resistance Atomizers which simulate a higher voltage vaping experience, closer to 5v rather than the standard 510 3.7v. If you are considering picking one of these bad boys up, I highly recommend these units. Doh! Mark you robbed me! Haha
  11. I tried the same stuff, just in 12 mg. The sweet banana flavor is incredible, it really shines on higher voltages. The only thing is, the 12mg literally felt like I was vaping air. No throat hit what so ever (not necessarily a bad thing). What are you feeling with the 18mg jeff?
  12. Oooh reading this thread is making my mouth water... So many tastey flavors being discussed here The Creme de Menthe from ElectroJuice is delicioso! SO many exquisit flavors to choose from it's mind boggling...
  13. A wall outlet powered pass-through at 8 VOLTS? Did I read that right?? I'm in, I'm sold, I want one! Nah not quite but that is damn impressive. I would be willing to snag one of these bad boys if they are really made out to what they're supposed to be... but this is as epic as it gets with e cigs so far; 3 bills on one device? Yikes! Better have the power of two Jokers used simutaneously lol
  14. Best I can recommend is what jeff suggested. Either test it with tools or see how long the charge lasts with time. I have heard of this problem with a handful of people... Yet to come across it myself although I have an fresh eGo kit in the mail; we'll see.
  15. More recently I got into a debate, more like an argument with a cafeteria worker (no authority) about use of my PV inside the cafeteria. This lady was so blind and ignorant to what an electronic cigarette was it was beyond rediculous. We went back and forth until she said "Oh I see that "smoke" soming from your mouth and it's lingering towards the food." LOL no. I told her the hands you are using to handle the food (no gloves) are at least 5x as unsanitary as the vapor coming from my mouth. She had nothing to say after that other than a few curse words and disrespectful remarks... Some people think they can take authority into their own hands..! vigilante in my cafeteria!! lol I take advantage of vaping everywhere I see a sign like this Oh how I love vaping! Nice pic storm.
  16. Do you have one special flavor or do you love them all? *This is a public poll*
  17. All this needs is an audio boost. 5/5 Great job Smy.
  18. To make this simple, the best e liquid I have ever tried is a secret mixture of: Puresmoker Blueberry Electro Juice Lemon Drop I add a few of my touches, mix it up and that makes for an outrageous Blueberry Lemon Drop e liquid.
  19. I have to agree with you Joe and Burn... When I read that, I was thinking Vaprlife should have simply replied to his questions which were all legitimately based... I mean cmon, you are dealing with a frusterated customer who may not present himself in the most professional manner, sending an email out of frustration (lack of respectful revision). I'm not saying I agree with how this went down on either side, but both sides could have taken steps to handle this situation in a better manner i.e. professionally answering the mans questions about repairs and warranties; removing the putdowns by the customer. This whole thing is out of hand and I AM NOT TAKING SIDES HERE, I agree with and understand both sides of the argument and they are both legitimate causes.
  20. Check out how you stack up to everyone else's voltage level! (Exclude LRAs as higher voltage, they are considered 3.7v here)
  21. I have a Tornado with the USB charger and my batteries (4) never take more than 2 hours to charge. I also charged all 4 of my batteries for 8+ hours initially (not for certain if that makes a difference). If one of your batteries charges to green and the other doesn't, it sounds like a battery problem. Check and see how long both batteries last on a 2 hour charge and see if the problem persists.
  22. A few quick facts you can throw at them: -Electronic Cigarettes holds the highest success/failure ratio of any smoking alternative (as well as staying clean off cigarettes for good). -It has not been concluded/fully proven that Electronic Cigarettes contain carcinogens or harmful toxins/chemicals. -On average, use of an Electronic Cigarette over analogs can save over $1200 annually (ranging well above $3000). -Cigarettes kill 5.4 million people worldwide annually, every 6.5 seconds a smoker or ex smoker dies. -Cigarettes will kill over 1,000,000,000 people in the 21st century if smoking trends continue. -Electronic Cigarettes have the potential to eliminate Lung Cancer up to 90% (90% of Lung Cancer is caused from cigarette smoking) which lung cancer is the #2 killer in the US. -50% of all cigarette smokers die from their addiction. -On average, cigarette smokers die 15 years earlier than nonsmokers. -There have been 0 reported deaths directly relating to Electronic Cigarettes. Make a few of your own comparisons and some of this info here can go a long ways. Also, if your friends want to watch a video has a great explanation and positive word.
  23. Holy friggin moly. That flashlight is beastly, so is its price tag! "Modification Overkill"
  24. That's a shame you had to hot patch your nic fix with analogs for that short period of time. Glad to have you back.
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