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  1. Downloading now Told you I'd be back on my game eventually!
  2. My sister lives in New Mexico and they use a swamp cooler in the summer time. LOADS more efficient than a regular exchange system that folks like us in the more humid areas are used to. Temps out there bump over 100 on a regular basis, sometimes over 110. But, there's nearly no moisture, so it doesn't feel that hot, and the swamp coolers really do shine. First time I visited them out there I was totally amazed. The condensation on the mustache was something I posted about awhile back Even though we're away from the winter dryness now, I still notice it from time to time. Also notice the cooling effect of the vapor when blowing it across my arms and hands when typing.
  3. Dude, I'm watching Mike on Channel 4 weather out of OKC. Not exactly sure where you're at, but dayum you guys are getting slammed again! My grandmother and 9 of my aunts and uncles live in Stillwater. So far they're safe, but Jesus Christ this is just insane. Check in with us, let us know you're safe.
  4. Thanks Nana. I'll be back in full swing soon on the forums, hopefully by the end of this week. Mother's Day this year was even busier than expected (which is a good thing) and now I'm drowning in paperwork. Once I get caught up on that and orient my new employees, I'll be golden. Freaking storm season... We're projected to have another bad day today like the one that destroyed Tektronik's roof. I only hope it's not as destructive and deadly as the last. But I'm slowly working my way through unread topics now... Tektronik: watch the weather again today man!
  5. I'm so backed up on my reading. Sorry Tektronic, and sorry folks. Dang man, that's some major hail damage there. Glad you and your fam are safe! But sorry you had so much repair to do. My wife's Civic got totalled in 06 from that stuff and we had some major repairs to do on the house. But, nothing like what you got. Nobody down in my area was seriously injured, though a house about 3 miles north from me was pretty much demolished. The lady inside was banged and battered, but nothing too major (one of the deputy's mother). Few other houses in a nearby town about 30 miles away destroyed, but again nobody seriously injured. Also one touched down about 5 miles south of us, fortunately it was out in a field so nothing got damaged but some trees and fences. We've dodged a bullet 2yrs in a row now. Last year was the worst of course, with 8 deaths just under a mile to the east of me. Crazy times. But you folks up in northern and central OK got the worst of it this year. We watched the news out of OKC all night long, and it was horrible. Some folks got very lucky though, we watched some rescue footage of a family when their garage got destroyed and landed on top of their storm shelter. Neighbors were able to dig them out and nobody was hurt, so that's great. Storm season hitting a little late this year.... I really thought we'd get away with having no tornadoes this time Again, glad you and your family are safe sir!
  6. I love the comments here. Honestly, look what this device is and what emotions it's envoking from us. It's expensive as hell in the PV world, that's no doubt. But it's also a break-away from what we're accustomed to. It has the blending of what we crave (flavor, throat hit, vapor, and nicotine), power / battery life, customizable experience, and also the connection with others in our community (via sharing customizable vaping profiles). So it definitely has a fusion of many different aspects of our life. Yes it's awesome. But at the same time, it steps on toes and crosses boundaries that we've not passed before. Will it be worth the very high cost? By the description, yes it will. And while I'll be the first to admit that I can be drawn in by sales tactics, I also know that the #1 most important piece of information I've EVER gathered about a product comes from reviews by people like me. I've always waited for information from people that are as OCD as me, and will most likely do the same here. But until that moment comes, I'll keep a special place in my mind for such a powerful and special device such as this I love the VaporTalk forum and also enjoy reading all the other PV forums, and I have a special place in my heart for VaporCast. All these different venues give me an outlet to people that enjoy vaping though I live in a place where it's nearly unheard of. Sharing vaping profiles gives me yet another outlet to learn, talk, and share with others.
  7. http://vaporcast.com/audio_files_smbl/VaporCast%20-%20episode%2024%20-%20Deerunk.mp3 or http://feeds.feedburner.com/vaporcast/podcast
  8. Ohhhh dang! Downloading now. I'll get back on that horse sometime
  9. DougP925, one of the mod developers, joined the discussion to speak more on the technical aspects. This one excerpt from his post has pretty much sealed the deal for me. Basically, you'll be getting full power up to the moment the system senses the batteries are dead and shuts them off... I likie.
  10. For me, if this mod lives up to the hype it would be a very sensible purchase. I say that not owning any high voltage portable device. The only high voltage device i own is a VaprLife passthrough (and the car adapter to use with it). Besides the fact that the "vaping power profile" is customizable, the fact that the voltage is variable would be worth it to me. I was *this* close to buying a joker, but the OCD in me said to wait until there has been at least one month of reviews on it. And even with the announcement of the Pulse, I'm still tempted to spring for a joker. But the wifey bought me a playstation3 a week ago for our anniversary, so now I've also got the fever for a 46" panasonic plasma so that we can watch blue ray movies. (sigh) Too bad an extra $grand$ won't suddenly materialize in my bank account!
  11. *****EDIT: Cisco didn't actually make the screwdriver, it was Trog. Apologies for my misinformation***** Thus far the only way to keep track of the Pulse's development is to keep track of it on his thread at Vaper's Forum. To those not familiar with Cisco (and of course I'm not personally familiar with him, just his history, writings, and apperances on VaporCast) he's commonly known as the godfather of mod-PVs. Not that making the first mod was his idea, nor did he actually come out with the first mod. But he was one of the first. The Laser Pointer Mod and the ScrewDriver mod are essentially his. And he was also one of the first to make detailed tutorials. And this will be his first mod that he's making commercially. Nowadays tutorials are a dime a dozen, but that wasn't the case in the twilight years of vaping. In any case, I know for a fact that this type of mod is a step in the right direction. The more we distance vaping from smoking the better off we will be. Smoking never had electronics, pulse width modulation, or firmware Like every purchase I make, I won't be the first one. I'll wait for a few reviews first. But even with that said, I still plan on making a Nuck's FistPack.
  12. Well it looks like Cisco has done it again. Except this time, he's going super high tech and bringing together a team of coders. The Pulse mod sounds like it's going to be the next big breakthrough in PVs. I honestly thought it was a joke until I got to around page 5 of the thread. I dislike posting links to other forums here, but I feel it necessary this time. The full description and thread can be found here: http://www.vapersforum.com/showthread.php?t=15615 The Pulse is microprocessor controlled PV, pulsing power to the atomizer at variable voltages. Pulse width modulation is something I've not ventured into yet in my DIY hobby projects, but there are tons of benefits. I just never thought about it being used to power an atomizer Here is quote from Cisco outlining the abilities: Thus far he says it will be available later this summer around June/July, and hasn't fully estimated the purchase price yet. The only hint in that regard is that he said it will definitely *not* be under $200. I personally don't expect to see it for much less than $300 considering what this beast can do.
  13. @Twinnie - no I've not seen any video tutorials on refilling a 510 carto. I've seen some on different methods of refilling the KR808 carto though, and the process is essentially the same. Here are a few I found on a quick youtube search: Battery thread-dripping method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F6BUIGr2DI Syringe method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpnxZuJEiRo Condom filling method: I use the condom filling method personally. It's relatively quick and very easy, except I push down the mouthpiece into the condom rather than the battery thread end and I go much much slower. Also, I've stopped filling mine with as much juice as I used to. Now I stick with a single fill of a little more than 3/4 of a full condom. About 4/5s full I'd say. Yes they totally rock at 5v. Love them on my passthrough! But I don't have a 6v device to compare them to yet. I can imagine them getting very hot at 6v b/c at 5v, it's pretty warm.
  14. Drat! Scott beat me again When work gets less hectic I'll be back on my game. So don't get used to it! BTW: Thanks for the shoutout sir.
  15. Thanks for the thoughts there Dave and also the additional info. Disaster preparedness has really been on my mind a lot lately. Last year I got pretty freaky about it and read everything I could get my hands on (including bomb-shelter info) but I've resisted the urge to jump in with both feet. Also thanks for the tip on water. Food is easy: there are tons of long-term storage foods available. But I never really looked into the water thing. I will now! I've not yet tried regular alkaline batteries in a PV though I've got plenty of spare boxes (and atty connectors) to wire up and plenty of batteries. Once the dust has cleared from the mother's-day rush here at work, I'll have time to play with it. I'll be fairly vacant from the forums this week and next. We triple (or more) our staffing during the mother's day rush and I'm on 70hr work weeks now
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