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  1. My goto is my provari with the 2.0 Dc in a smoketech tank filled with BWB espresso. Will hopefully soon be filled with Dulcis.
  2. My main pv is a Provari and I love everything about it. But, I bought a lavatube as well. It doesn't come close to vaping like the provari. The quality, feel and vape doesn't compare. You really do get what you pay for. I sold my lavatube and am ordering my 2nd provari this week. Maybe if I hadn't had a provari to compare it to I might have liked it more.
  3. my cartos start getting harder to draw by the 4-5th day of using it. Sooner if your juice is thicker. To keep that just new carto feel I change out to a new carto every other day. They are cheap enough for me to do that.
  4. I took the bait and preordered one from ecigwizard.com in the UK. I just got the mod itself-shipping included was 70.00. Hopefully it will get here safetly. I bought it as a cheaper backup for my Provari. Suppose to ship by dec. 10 maybe sooner.
  5. I purchased my first boxmod a week ago and in less than that it stopped working altogether-after blowing 3 attomizers. They exchanged it for a new one and this one only holds a charge 4 hours and then takes another 4 to recharge. I am using the batts that were recomended by the seller-14500-900 mah. It is also going thru attomizers like crazy. I am using regular joy 510 attys. One last problem is it leaks like a seive. I enjoy the 5v but is my boxmod experience the norm? I got it to try HV vaping before spending more money to get a joker or chuck and it has served that purpose. I am planning on buying a bigger mod soon. Any advice on my frustrating boxmod?
  6. I have to recomend tastyvapor.com their prices are reasonable and you can acually taste their juice. awesomevapor.com has great juice too and its all on sale right now. My latest good find was at freedomsmokeusa.com they offer the sample sizes to try first which was nice. Good luck on your hunt. Of course, I cannot leave out vaportalks dulcis as it is always a daily vape. Jenn
  7. I second what nana says. I too am uing the Ego-lr atty-and drip tip combo-Awesome Vaping exp.
  8. Today am vaping on Tasty Vapors coffee/dairy/carmel-yummy
  9. Great decision- I started with a 510 than on to the Ego and love not having to carry extra batts. I get 8-10 hours from my Ego and I use it as a pacifier. Next you will have to try the low resistance attys and the new 510 cartos. There is always something new for us to try.
  10. I have both an ego and tornado version and the 510 cartos work great with both.
  11. Ijust got my first TW lr attys and am disappointed. They work but the draw is tight and the vapor production is similar to a regular atty. They do not come close to the vaping experience I get when using an nhaler lr atty. I thought I would take advantage of TW sale on the attys but am letdown. I will order all future lr attys from Nhaler-even though they cost slightly more-its worth the extra cost to obtain that vaping sweetspot the attys provide.
  12. I am still really liking using them. I just wish they had some TH to go with all the plumes of vapor and abundant taste. The first time I use a carto its great, but after refilling the performance drops off. Not sure how many refills you could realistically get before the quality drops off too significantly to suit me. They are great to use while driving. I am going to travel next week and plan on these getting me by those days instead of messing with trying to drip on the run.How many times on avg. are you guys refilling each carto before tossing it out.
  13. I just had an odd experience using my low res atty. I have had been using it about 1 week. It had been getting really hot all afternoon, so I was making sure to let it cool between hits. I inhaled and felt like a firecracker went off in my mouth. Luckily I using the drip tip, which stays on the atty very tight. If I had been using one of the looser cartcaps I am afraid it may have blown it into my throat. Waited 30 minutes and tried it again-and within 2 hits it poofed again, I was afraid to try it anymore and just tossed it. I really love these attys but am now a little wary of ordering a new one. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  14. These are beautiful. You are one talented guy!
  15. I wanted to try the kr808 cartomizers to compare with the newer 510carto. I ordered the blank carto and filled it with juice. Got the 510 adapter so it would fit. But, there is almost no airflow. Cannot get anything more than a puff of vapor and thats really having to toke it hard. I have tried 2 cartos and its the same. Could my adapter be messed up or is this airflow problem just the norm with this type of carto?
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