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  1. I also mainly direct drip when I can, but the cartomizer world has changed me a bit. I will gladly fill a cart when all I have to do is fill the rubber cover and squeeze the juice up. A single filled carto lasts me for a few hours and at only $10 for a 5 pack seems the easiest way to go. Also one thing to mention.... even with dripping you should be getting more than a few puffs before that burnt taste. Have you ever tried removing the wick? ****KEEP IN MIND**** if you remove the wick you can no longer use cart's with that atomizer BUT if you are getting a burnt taste that often the wick is burnt and there's no real way to get away from that. So my oppinion would be 1. Cartomizers 2. Blue Foam 3. Get that nasty wick out and drip Or any combo of each that makes life easier!!!
  2. Looks like im a little late to reply, but i've tried quite a few of the DV flavorings so if your curious shoot me a reply!
  3. hmmm, looks like i found someone to design an e-cig supply box and maybe even a mod! lol
  4. My tornado/Ego had the same issue and it took a little flick on the button to get it to go back. My battery did eventually fail due to being dropped and I took it apart to try to see what may have been causing it to fail. Seems to me that the plastic button that is more or less a cover for the LED was getting snagged. I'd assume that with repeated use the part thats sticking should eventually wear down. RE Totally Wicked, i've ordered from them quite a bit and always seems to get great service. Their Tornado is the same as the Ego just re branded (not a knock off).
  5. Still trying to come up with a nice classy one...... any other requests?
  6. 1280 x 720 Click here 1024 x 768 Click Here 800 x 600 Click Here
  7. Thanks man! The white bottles in front are from Juicy Vapor. I love the style of them but they can be a pain because you cant see when your running out. A neat tip for the LorAnn's...... if any of you have a Hobby Lobby near you they sell LorAnn and also have these 5 packs of dropper tips for them. WELL worth the few dollars they charge for a 5 pack!
  8. Another one! 1280 x 720 Click Here 1024 x 768 Click Here 800 x 600 Click Here
  9. Any requests? Heading off to work in a bit, but should be able to get to a few tonight!
  10. Not a ton but just enough to keep me content.......for now......
  11. Desktop #2 1280 x 720 Click here 1024 x 768 Click here 800 x 600 Click here
  12. Hey everyone, just having some fun making some backgrounds with a Vapor talk theme. Figured since I was messing with them that I might as well put them out there for anyone to use. I am uploading them in some of the most common formats, but if there is a format you want on a future background or have a requested look just pop a reply on the thread! All files are BMP 32 bit format and uploaded to photobucket. 1280 x 720 Click here 1024 x 768 Click here 800 x 600 Click here After opening simply right click and chose "Save image as" to download. More to come and i'll post them right to this thread. Admin feel free to move is this is posted in the wrong area. Thanks everyone!
  13. Oh sorry guys, DV is Decadent vapors. The DV flavorings are some of the best I have tried so far, all natural food grade concentrates and they are available through Totally Wicked.
  14. Banana Nut Bread 5ml 18 drops DV coconut 24 drops DV apple pie 25 drops Banana flav e-liquid (i happen to use dekang) 33 remaining drops you ca tailor between PG VG and your nicotine for desired strength
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