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  1. Thanks Jeff, I had a feeling you would be the one that would respond first. =) My ProVari was lost/stolen last night. I have a Lambo to get me by for now but time to get another primary. I was about to pick up another ProV ari but wanted to check here just in case there was something else I should consider. I only use a tank when driving so it is not critical, i just saw it as part of a kit and wondered if it was worth it. Thanks for confirming what I already suspected. The ProVari has treated me very well every day for the past 3 years. If it wasn't for a hole in my pocket or a valet with sticky fingers I wouldn't even be thinking about it.
  2. Vape Veteran here that has not been keeping up with the latest greatest for the past 2 years. I have to pick up another mod for myself and want to know if there has been anything out there better than the ProVari, before I order another one? My requirements: Variable voltage/wattage 18650 compatible anything else is pretty much a bonus. My needs are really pretty simple. I am still thrilled with my ProVari, I just need to pick up another e-cig. Is Provari still the King or is there something else I should consider? I have been digging around this forum and it appears there are tons of options but probably nothing extraordinary. Also, is the ProVape Tank system (v2) worth picking up? Tanks were in early stages when I stopped following and they were leaky, dependent on cartomizers etc. It seems like they have gotten much better, based on the reviews.One of my favorites was one used for the precious that used 510 attys that fed from the bottom, any chance there are any of those types around? Anyone care to get a "Rip Van Winkle" up to speed. Thanks as always. (special greets to Chris/Jeff and Mark, presuming they are still enlightening those around here)
  3. I own a bunch of VV mods from Provari/The Precious on down and towards the lower end, my "kick around" model is the Lambo, I liked it so much for travelling I got a second one for my car. if you have batteries and chargers, $55 for the body is pretty reasonable, Starter kit is $80.00. They are chrome, sturdy and pretty good quality, I have been banging on them daily for over a year and they hold up. http://www.myvaporstore.com/Lambo_4_0_w_Resistance_Checker_s/92.htm
  4. 1) Never had a problem at Fenway Park, perhaps you should go to a "real" park to enjoy the game =) 2) those tickets really strip you of all your rights and protect the team, as I am sure you are aware. When it comes down to it, we like to think of stadiums/arenas/church etc as public places but you really have the same say in what you do as you would if you were in my living room. These are private areas. Of course, I would let you vape in my living room as long as you weren't wearing one of those ridiculous Yankee hats 3) The statue of sympathy for Boston has not yet elapsed and therefore it would be socially unacceptable of you to hate on the 'Sox for at least another 2 weeks. =)
  5. Security/TSA will ask about it 25% of the time, seems to happen more often in large cities. About once or twice a year (in 15-20 trips a year) they scan the device for whatever (takes an additional 3 minutes). This past year it seems like screening is very used to them by now. I put all my liquid/batteries/gear in a plastic bag and put in in the bin where you put your shoes, wallet, belt, etc. The thinkin is if it is in a bag and they question it, they search the whole bag. I am just "up front" about it because, well, there isnt any reason to conceal it. On a plane, I vape on every flight, I am discreet but not "hiding anything", have yet to have any staff say anything. I almost always fly United and while I started out using egos, I now just take my provari and people still don't say anything. a passenger asked about it once and I sait it was an inhaler device, which it is. =) Never had a problem and I think the worst that will happen is that you are asked to put it away. Flights are so over crowded and attendants are so stressed over other things that I think someone hitting an e-cig is low on their list. YMMV, etc. etc. but I fly regularly, at least once a month, and I have yet to have any issues. **I also hold it long enough so that none of the vapor is visible when I exhale. That is what I specifically mean by discreet.
  6. caffeine infused vapes sounds sexy on paper but I found them lacking in execution. 1) there really wasnt enough caffeine in any of the 3 that I tried/mixed that I actually felt. 2) the liquid was a bit difficult to work with, it didnt seem to produce as much vapor or cleanly as it seemed to flood alot and 3) it also seemed to clog up the atomizer quickly. Your experience may be different but after my experience I decided to concentrate on a great vape and a great cup of coffee instead.
  7. I make 75% of what I use but I also love VTalk juice and AVE (Bobas). In addition, I also really like http://www.mstsbakery.com/ The owner is a bit of a loon but her stuff is hand made to order and very good quality. It is not cheap liquid but the flavors are very well done. Blueberry Muffin and her coffees are all faves of mine. The other I really enjoy is http://www.vaperite.com/ The owner is a very good mixer and he is known for his "organics" line. Once again, high quality and the price is reasonable. Honey Horn Tobacco and Organic Bananas Foster are the stars of the show for me.
  8. I am curious as to how you are sure it was a bad mod? Perhaps you knew the victim?
  9. Having another torrid affair with my "on again/off again" love, Dulcis that is being dripped into a standard res 510 atty and delightfully caressed into a silky smooth vapor by my ProVari @4.6V.
  10. Another great point and the exact reason I have always limited myself to 60MG base. It really isnt that much less expensive for 100MG or at least not cheap enough to bring that into a home where I have 2 small kids and a wife I want to keep around. I think most DIYers have a healthy respect for what they are doing but just playing the percentages of human nature there are sure to be a few careless souls that are just asking for trouble. A few of my "practices": Always have an open door or window nearby Every element goes into a sink/basin/controlled area before removing caps of anything, including flavors Never take anything out of the control area until it is complete and sealed Wear gloves Wash area thoroughly (for me) only do it when nobody is in the house and I am not going to be distracted and walk away or forget what step I was on add the base first to the mixing container and put the base away before next step. I mix 200-300ML finished solution at a time so I am only mixing 2-3 times a year Being the tallest in my house, I am the only one who can reach any liquid/supplies without a step stool and the cabinet is locked. It may seem excessive to some but those steps are what I consider a "healthy respect" for the materials being used. I haven't messed up yet and I remind myself it is only a missed step away.
  11. Yup, Christopher, I can say I have been pricing PH meters since I listened to the interview. While I am pretty sure my nic is fine, I am going to be damn sure.
  12. Hate to be the baggie full of downers here but I am also not presuming that these batches were the only screwed up ones. I hope this doesn't come back to appear again as much as I hope this post isn't foreshadowing. Good point on the mislabeled issue. I am not sure if he used that with the 272 MG batch as an excuse but the some of the other reading were unorthodox strengths so I think your point holds up.
  13. The Provari is an excellent device, best I have ever used and that covers about 8 different mods. It will work with most anything but because of the design of the drip well on the top, it doesn't do well with tank systems that are designed to go over and past the atty connection as they do with an ego. The drip well keeps anything wide from going past the top of the connector. You could use a 501 adapter if you really wanted to. I had to use 2 to extend the 510 connection, it looked rather frankenstened and was not worth the hassle. The Map Tank and Vaporesensce tanks both work nicely.
  14. Very Scary, I have been DIY for coming up on 2 years and I feel naive that I never really thought enough about this to expect this to happen but it was likely inevitable. I have had a negative opinion about Gourmet Vapor but it had nothing to do with nic levels, I just thought it tasted terrible. I am grateful I found MFS and their nic performs the way I expect it to. However, regulation is desperately needed and I always believed it has have been. I listened to the interview that Brian linked and the owner of Box Elder spends too much time saying "I am a CEO" than actually addressing that there could be a problem.When the host asks a question, listen to the response and ask yourself if he answered the question. IMO? Glad you asked. Shady, Shady, Shady.
  15. I don't necessarily believe in all day vapes as I get pretty tired or desensitized to them, I prefer to use 2-3 flavors each day and Boba's is always in the rotation. I vape it most evenings. Simply one of the best juices I have tried. Awesome.
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